DPM Podcast: Rules For Remote Leadership (with Wayne Turmel)

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Leadership the Admiral's way

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Entitled "You have to lead from everywhere", it's a good read for those interested in how an experienced manager with a leadershipNearly 10 years on, it doesn't get old -- or obsolete: In the November 2010 issue of the Harvard Business Review, there is an interview with Admiral Thad Allen, the retired Coast Guard commandant and the former "National Incident Commander" for the Gulf oil spill of 2010.

Gambling leadership

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To exert leadership, do we layer a propensity to gamble on top of the usual uncertainty that goes along with projects? Every [leader] is a gambler Admiral John McCain (the senator's father) Admiral Halsey's air commander, WW II in the Pacific. And, so what do we make of that idea?* Is it additive, or compounding? As a gambler, should we expect certain rules to apply. as in poker? risk decision Risk Management

Virtual Leadership [Book Review]

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That’s why I was keen to read Virtual Leadership by Penny Pullan, and I was lucky enough to get an advance copy before it hit the shelves. What Is Virtual Leadership? Virtual leadership is defined as: Being able to engage people from afar to produce results together.

J.Q. Adams on leadership

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Apart from that distinction he had a pithy thought on leadership, which I pass along hither: If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." Read in the library at Square Peg Consulting about these books I've leadership QuotationsAdams was the 6th president of the United States -- a one-term guy who lost to populist A. Jackson in the election of 1828.

Giveaway Winner: Virtual Leadership

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Monica has won a copy of Virtual Leadership: Practical Strategies for Getting the Best Out of Virtual Work and Virtual Teams * which is now on it’s way across the ocean. Congratulations to Monica from St. Paul Minnesota in the USA!

Business Leadership for IT Projects [Book Review]

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Before I’d got far reading Gary Lloyd’s Business Leadership for IT Projects I realised he was offering a critical assessment on the Standish report on project failure – thankfully. Business Leadership for IT Projects is a book about project sponsorship, but you’d not know it from reading it.

Leadership without impulse

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leadershipPoint: Impulsive and unpredictable are some leader's styles. Such keeps managers -- who revere plans -- off guard and even defensive, but it wreaks havoc on strategy (ever changing) and metrics (rebaselining at every turn). Of course, your competitors may also be constantly off guard. In some businesses (start-ups, sports) and some military situations (See: General George Patton), "impulsive.

The Basics of Leadership

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The post The Basics of Leadership appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. When you first step out in front of a team it’s natural to feel apprehensive. Nervous even. And it’s with good cause. Truth is, in. Features General

LEAD: Your Four Project Leadership Priorities

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When you are in a Project Leadership role, you will have a lot to do. They look to you for leadership and guidance. But, with so many responsibilities, it can be hard to know what are your leadership priorities? Your Leadership Priority is to LEAD.

Servant Leadership – It Works


Why Servant Leadership Works. Magazine, is a big fan of servant leadership, based upon what his decades of research on what he calls “high-performing” companies – Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods, Best Buy, UPS, and more. Successful leadership is built around the behaviors that leaders model for their subordinates. Its stock had dropped from $34 to $13, and it needed a major infusion of new leadership and new strategies if it was to survive. The copier was out of toner.


Stepping Into Project Management

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4 Practical Ways to Demonstrate Project Leadership Skills

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This applies to both project managers and team members; after all, leadership is a choice. Regardless of your position, you can practice leadership skills at any stage of a project.

?5 Project Leadership Lessons from the NFL

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Read on for 5 project leadership lessons from the NFL. In the sporting world, it is often said you’re ‘only as good as your last game’, meaning you are defined by your results. What can a project manager learn from this? Are you only as good as your last project?

The Four Essentials of Project Team Leadership

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Team Leadership itself is not hard. In this article, I want to hone down to the four essentials of project team leadership. The Four Essentials of Project Team Leadership. Leadership isn’t something you are born with, like brown eyes.

Survey - How Certified is Your PMO and How Effective is the PMO Leadership?

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2) Who's leading your PMO and how effective is that leadership and the PMO in general? How Certified and is Your PMO or PM Infrastructure and How Effective is the Leadership? Let's have a little fun and do a new survey. This time I'd like to look at two things.

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Virtual Leadership: Interview With Author Penny Pullan

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In this video I interview author Penny Pullan about her new book, Virtual Leadership: Practical Strategies for Getting the Best Out of Virtual Work and Virtual Teams , which is out this year.

Do We Need ‘Agile’ Leadership?

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Yesterday Adriana Girdler and I presented Timeless Leadership at the Toronto Agile Tour. Our intent was to show that everything we need to know about leadership has already been invented, we just need to stop and look around once in a while instead of jumping on the next agile fad.

How to Get the Best from Your Project Team with Situational Leadership

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Situational Leadership is a simple and compelling idea. If you want to get the best from someone, choose a leadership style that suits the situation. You’ll have the skills to give people the leadership they will want, need, and value. Four Situational Leadership Styles.

Could Emotional Intelligence Be The Most Impactful Leadership Skill?

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?Situational Leadership: 3 Easy Ways to Adapt Your Approach

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The journey to successful collaborative project leadership has so far included key leadership strategies for project managers and suggestions for positive team dynamics. Another important leadership technique is adapting to the current situation.

11 Leadership Qualities of a Great Project Manager?

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Leadership is an essential and critical skill that can determine the magnitude of an individual’s achievements within their career. To be a successful and productive project manager, however, the qualities of leadership that are required can be very different from other fields of work.

Positive Leadership In Project Management

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In this podcast, Elise Stevens speaks with experienced project and program manager Kate Morris about the art of positive leadership. The post Positive Leadership In Project Management appeared first on Fix My Project Chaos.

Leadership Lessons

Herding Cats

Developing Leadership Skills. Get rid of unnecessary middle layers of authority, direct leadership is more effective in emergency situations. Thoughts on Leadership from Shackleton . Leadership is a fine thing, but it has its penalties. There is an article in the current edition of The Newyorker about a solitary journey across Antarctica, by Henry Worsley.

How Emotional Intelligence Is Important In Leadership?


Emotional Intelligence and Leadership. Possessing emotional intelligence is significant towards successful team relationships because—let’s face it—do you think a manager that gives an earful to his or her subordinates epitomizes great leadership ? Emotional intelligence has five key domains and is crucial in leadership , as well as they help a person grow and develop as an effective leader. . Cet article How Emotional Intelligence Is Important In Leadership?

?15 Ways to Cultivate Your Project Leadership Style

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If you are a new Project Manager, you really should think about leadership. But even if you know how to navigate the project management terrain very well, you will need to do so with a leadership style that works for you and also works for collaborative project management.

How to Build Your Personal Leadership Brand in 5 Steps

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Your personal leadership brand is no different. Developing and sharing your leadership brand lets your team and colleagues know who you are, what you stand for, and how you work. Read on to learn how to create your own personal leadership brand for project and career success. ​ Think about your most recent purchase. Did you choose a particular brand over another?

How Millennials are Changing the Leadership Paradigm


A lot is being discussed about millennial leadership styles and rightly so; after all the next decade is going to see a lot of millennials move into leadership positions. Blog collaboration Leadership Project Management work culture celoxis leadership millennials Online project management tool project leadership project management web based project management softwareLet’s face it, Millennials are taking over the world.

Virtuous Leadership

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There are no ways to behave that will ensure successful leadership. Over the years I've had the pleasure of meeting a few really good project managers and the misfortune of meeting a lot of poor project managers. The Way A poor project manager tries to behave in what he think is the ‘right way’ for a project manager to behave. He acts as if busy but never seem to achieve anything.

Lessons in Leadership: John Wooden


Sport is a great place to turn when looking for examples of great leadership. But there was more to his leadership than just the trophies. One of the… The post Lessons in Leadership: John Wooden appeared first on BrightWork. BrightWork Leadership TeamworkYou think of the legendary coaches who led their teams to tremendous success.

Leadership Styles and Their Corresponding Definitions You Need to Know


There are many ways on how the manager and higher-ups implement leadership in their team or subordinates. These leadership styles have been around for a long time and become one of the major foundations of team dynamics. Kennedy —all these people possess distinct types of leadership and stirred various reactions from their followers. Below are the most common leadership styles and their definitions as well as their respective advantages and disadvantages. Leadership

5 Inspiring Leadership Lessons from Legendary Leaders


He was surprised to see him go in … best practices Blog collaboration Customer Experience design thinking Leadership productivity Project Management work culture celoxis elon musk jeff bezos leadership lessons Online project managment oprah winfrey organizational culture project management richard branson sheryl sandberg steve jobs web based project management softwareI recently heard about an incident from a friend.

50 Inspirational Quotes About Leadership


These quotes about leadership will give you just the boost you’re looking for. The art of communication is the language of leadership.” “Ninety percent of leadership is the ability to communicate something people want.” “Earn your leadership every day.”

Leadership Styles and Project Management


So what exactly is the role of the project leader and how can we link leadership to performance? Project leadership is about leading the project in the context of the wider business and aligned with organizational strategy. There are, of course, a variety of different styles in leadership, for different contexts and approaches. Daniel Goleman’s Leadership That Gets Results, a landmark 2000 Harvard Business Review study is an authoritative source on leadership styles.

Three Traits of Leadership That Cannot be Taught


With automation leading the narrative at the workplace, it is important for companies to not get too caught up in it and retain the core aspects of organizational fabric, namely leadership. One has to have certain ingrained qualities or leadership which can be further developed through training and mentoring. Blog Leadership PPM Project Management Trends work culture best practices celoxis leadership project leadership project management

Shared Leadership: Understanding the benefits of this organizational model and how it works


For a long time, leadership models based themselves on mottos such as “One must lead, and the others, obey.” ” This kind of model is all about leadership being focused on a single person, with companies as strict hierarchies. Leadership

Positive leadership in project management

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In this podcast, Elise Stevens speaks with experienced project and program manager Kate Morris about the art of positive leadership. The post Positive leadership in project management appeared first on Fix My Project Chaos.

?How to Improve Your Project Leadership with Coaching and Mentoring

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​ Coaching and mentoring drive results, increase commitment to a project, and improve employee performance. Learn when and how to use these approaches. Read the full article

Multinational Leadership: How to Successfully Lead Offshore Projects

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What are the most relevant challenges of leadership in multinational leadership? Challenge your Multinational Leadership Style. Many of the best practices and leadership approaches and styles need to be reviewed beforehand. Case Study #1: Leadership Style in India.

Leadership and motivation: 3 exercises to bring out your best


Joanna Barsh and Johanne Lavoie, who both work with the consultancy McKinsey, have released a book called Centered Leadership: Leading with […]. The post Leadership and motivation: 3 exercises to bring out your best appeared first on For Managers | Personal Development Hacks. LeadershipThere are some foolproof tips for people who want to become good leaders (and since you’re reading this…), but others aren’t quite so clear.