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Managing collaboration in virtual project teams


Due to global workshare many projects are performed through teams scattered all over the world.

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What Is Strategy?

Arras People

Most CEOs are aware of the importance of formulating a strategic plan within their business. But what exactly is strategy?

Agile In The Agency. Is It Possible?

The Digital Project Manager

Managing agile projects in an agency setting can be challenging, but with the following processes, it can be done. As a Project Manager, you have. The post Agile In The Agency. Is It Possible? appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. General

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Managing Sustainable Development Projects Sustainably, an Example.

Green Project Management

We just posted a media release to announce a partnership with Village Green Global, who will sponsor a series of initiatives in the Russel Island, Solomon Islands.

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Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs.

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Portfolio Management Best Practices : Doing the Right Way

Imagine this scenario: you are a president of a particular project management division under a certain company. You do your own routine every day once you step inside your office. Employees are doing their jobs, but for some reason, they are not completed on time, changes have to be made every second, and the plan is a flop. The obvious is right under your nose. What are the causes of project failure? Why do projects still fail despite careful planning?

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How to Facilitate a Successful Project Launch

Project Risk Coach

What does it take to facilitate a successful project launch? Let’s look at two scenarios, one that results in potential failure and one destined for success.

2017 17

My Interview and Book Review at Project Bliss is Live!

Practicing IT Project Manager

Leigh Espy and I had a great time, talking for over an hour last week. The original plan was to do an interview over Skype, but we had technical difficulties so we switched to a regular phone call. I was worn out from getting up at 4:30 AM for a conference call, and I was getting somewhat incoherent.

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The Most Difficult Part of Pulling Together the Project Team

Gina Abudi PM

Responses to a Poll Question and a Client Story. A poll question1 asked of 700 project managers, project team leads, and program directors regarding their opinion of the most difficult part of pulling together a project team, delivered the following responses: Option. Number of Responses. Finding the right internal resources (mix of skills, availability). [.]. The post The Most Difficult Part of Pulling Together the Project Team appeared first on Gina Abudi.

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Top 5 Project Management Report Templates

These FREE most popular templates will help you perform your role more efficiently.

Flawless Communication With Your Clients and Team – Best Collaboration Software!


It is commonly known that the key to success is cooperation. The same can be applied equally to the life in general as well as a life of a company. But how to initiate the process? A perfect solution is collaboration software. Using the right tools to work together helps teams to make improvements in […]. Project Management Asana catchapp collaboration collaboration software communication igloo moxtra Podio redbooth slack team communication TimeCamp timecamp integrations

Encountering PMO Failures and How to Combat Them

Accomplishing tasks are one of the important goals of a project that are usually time-sensitive and otherwise somehow complicated. Large organizations have their own Project Management Office ( PMO ) that covers this area; organizing the best practices and methodologies of doing tasks and achieving them. These PMO practices and processes are sold to CIO for executive support in order to ensure that such practices are amended. This arrangement is wrong altogether. Why so?

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New PM Articles for the Week of April 10 – 16

Practicing IT Project Manager

New project management articles published on the web during the week of April 3 – 9. And this week’s video: Kerry Goyette tells us that our employees are already motivated—the key to success is unleashing the power of their motivation. Just 17 minutes, safe for work. Must read!

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7 Steps to Build a Continuous Improvement Culture


After World War II, new theories about quality began to be implemented. Many of these ideas were brought to Japan and embraced by the country as it rebuilt in the years after the war. These ideas would ultimately change manufacturing and the world. Continuous improvement” was one of these ideas.

7 project management tips

How to manage projects within a fragmented workforce

5 Genuine Advantages of Remote Working!


Last week we prepared a list of resources to help you find an ideal remote location job – hope you liked it. Today I want to share my thoughts about working remotely. They may sound quite subjective, but instead of other tips for remote workers, they’re coming from my heart and my experience.

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The Magic 7 Project Portfolio Management Process Steps

Countless business articles have provided you viable information regarding project portfolio management , accompanied by its objective, the roles of the portfolio manager, and the benefits of the project portfolio management as a whole. But how does one exactly execute project portfolio management? There are the basic ways to steer it to the right direction, but is there a definitive step to it? The answer is yes.

Integrated product teams

Musings on Project Management

The US DoD has had the concept of the Integrated Product Team (IPT) for a couple of decades. If you search "Crosstalk, the journal of defense software engineering", you'll find zillions of articles that reference the IPT. And, if you search, you'll also find a wealth of material. As the agile folks go about with multi-functional and persistent teams, they'll find that's an idea. dod Project Management

How Mobile Project Management Can Improve Jobsite Efficiency


Construction sites are infinitely complicated places that require multiple projects working at once to deliver the project on time and under budget.

Project Management Processes - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This free eBook will help you to identify the appropriate project management process to apply at any point in your own project.

How to Recognize and Reward Your Project Teams

Project Risk Coach

People grow tired of working for unappreciative organizations. If it goes on long enough, the top performers get frustrated and leave. Therefore, it’s important to develop a culture of appreciation. But rewards and recognition can be tricky. People are motivated in different ways.

Waterfall project management- A tutorial


Waterfall project management method was published by Winston W. Royce, a software scientist working for the software division of Lockheed Corporation’ in 1970. Waterfall is sometimes also referred to as traditional project management method, but in this paper we will use Waterfall exclusively.

Agile and stage gates

Musings on Project Management

One of my Agile Project Management students asked me about stage gates and agile. My first response was this: Agile is not a gated methodology, primarily because scope is viewed as emergent, and thus the idea of pre-determined gate criteria is inconsistent with progressive elaboration and emergence. Agile does embrace structured releases; you could put a criteria around a release and use. agile

6 Reasons You’re Not Improving From Project Failure

They say that you can learn a lesson from mistakes or failures. But some people never learn and thus end up making the same blunder over and over again. Project failures are not just about the failure of projects or failure to conserve resources. It also means not learning or the unwillingness of learning from mistakes, current and past ones. Thus, your performance and the project itself become a failure as well. The factors for project failure are deeper than you think.

Project Manager's Guide to Getting Things Done

9 tips on how to manage your team’s workload.

Project managers, do you agree? Your job is boring?

Ron Rosenhead

According to an article in the Independent newspaper ‘the world’s most boring jobs’ have been revealed. Emolument, an employment specialist has surveyed 1,300 professionals in 14 different sectors and project management did not do well! It was the second most boring job!

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Inspiring Women in Project Management: Karen Chovan

Girl's Guide to PM

Today I’m interviewing Karen Chovan, MASc, PEng, PMP, who has dedicated her career to helping others deliver clean, lean and green approaches to project and programme management.

System Engineering FAQ

Musings on Project Management

A lot of PMs know they need systems engineering, or think they might, but aren't sure who these folks are or what they do. Here's my FAQ I used when I was a Director for systems engineering for an aerospace and communications firm (And, I tried to make this not to stuffy!) What is this thing called system engineering? What is system engineering? Here's the way NASA defines it: " system engineering

The Project Manager’s Guide To Managing Subject Matter Experts


It can feel like the ultimate catch-22 for a project manager; you need a subject matter expert (SME) to make up for your own lack of expertise on a topic, but this same deficiency of knowledge on your end can cause quite the division. In addition to that, SMEs can be quite rigid in their approach and opinions to their topic of expertise, which can be difficult for project managers in mitigating deadlines.

Secrets of an Elite Project Manager

Fast track your way to the top by learning the secrets of the trade from three top project management experts.

Rules and Regulations

The Tao of Project Management

Poor project managers go in for fancy theories, which end up distracting the team from what is happening and saps their energy. Where rules and regulations are applied to the work of the team it breeds dissatisfaction. The project team will start to split into fractions and infighting will start to develop between them. The wise project manager must know when to stop. On the other hand, where there are no fancy theories or prejudices to split the team into fractions, there will be harmony.

Time Tracking Woes? Blame Your Tool, Not Your Team


As a project manager, you clearly see the benefits of time tracking. It allows you to monitor the cost of projects, accurately bill customers, and forecast future project timelines. But getting your team to feel the same appreciation for timesheets? Well, that can be a challenge.

#NoEstimates Book - Chapter 1 Summation

Herding Cats

I posted some comments on the #NoEstimates book awhile back. I have a break this week and would like to sum up Chapter 1. Chapter 1 Introduction. Why estimates don't work - Carmen is assigned a project that will make or break the company. Carmen has never managed a project this size. This is a classic example used in the book of making seriously bad management decisions. . Why would the manager assign Carmen that project?

Project Management Communication Tools [Book Review]

Girl's Guide to PM

When Bill Dow asked if I wanted to review his book on project management communication tools, I jumped at the opportunity. Now I need to apologise that it’s taken so long. Why has it taken me so long? Because it’s a giant book that I can’t carry on the train with me.

Agile Adoption: Decreasing Time to Market

This Refcard is focused on helping you evaluate and choose the practices for your team or organization when getting to market faster is of prime importance.