Communication Management Techniques Every PM Should Know

Communication is the foundation of every good relationship, friendship or partnership. Without good communication, things can become overcomplicated. It’s a timeless illustration of a communication breakdown—now imagine that happening over a year-long project.

The Twins – Communications Management and Stakeholder Management


The following true story was shared in one of my classes by a senior manager from a global corporation in South Korea. The manager’s team had worked over six months and was gearing up for a firmware release with a specific set of features. Communication vs. Communications.

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Communication Management Plan

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A road map to guide project communication management efforts: Communication is probably one of the most important factors for project success. The communication management plan is a guide for the communication management efforts of the project.

Communications Management Plan - Guide to Project Communications


Introduction to Project Communication Plan It is commonly accepted that a project manager spends up to 80% of his/her time communicating. With so much time invested in communications, it is probably reasonable not to leave this aspect of the project to chance, don’t you agree?

How to Get Project Communications Management Right… Every Time

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We hear that 'Project Management is 80 percent Communication' a lot. And this puts Project Communications Management at the heart of your PM practice. The post How to Get Project Communications Management Right… Every Time appeared first on OnlinePMCourses. Project Communication Management Communication

Communications Management: PMP Study Guide (PMBOK 6th Edition)


Project Communications Management is the process of planning, collecting, storing, and updating project information. This article is part of a PMP Study Guide that summarizes the Communications Management Knowledge Area. Plan Communications Management.

Be the eye of the storm for your team members

Kiron Bondale

While many project managers might not have direct reporting responsibilities over their team members, we are still in a leadership role and likely have more daily interactions with these folks than their people managers.

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How to Build a Great Project Communications Plan | Video

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If your project does not have a good enough Communications Plan, people won't know as much as they want to know. The post How to Build a Great Project Communications Plan | Video appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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How to Improve Your Project Communication

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In my project management workshops, I ask this question, "What are the top causes of project failure?" Nine times out of ten, I hear the answer—poor communication. Hence, let's look at how to improve your project communication. What happens when poor communication exists?

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Delphi Technique In Project Management (How to + Example)

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But that is not what a project manager does. In project management, you never use a tool or a technique as is. I also want to get an opinion from a Project Manager who implemented it already. So, I talked with a department manager. Delphi Technique in Project Management.

2018 212

10 Ways to Improve Your Project Presentations

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As a project manager, you will sometimes be asked to make presentations to a board, to a senior leader team, an external vendor, or to your organization. The presenter used humorous clips from the Road Runner Cartoons to illustrate risk management principles.

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37 Practical Ways to Improve Your Project Communication

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Are you looking for ways to improve your project communication? Most project managers know that 90% of their time is spent in communicating – hearing, speaking, and seeking to understand. Great project managers are first great communicators.

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Five Ways to Improve Project Communication

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Communication is the vehicle for successful projects. From the beginning to the end of a project, the project manager and team must plan, execute, and deliver the required products and services while interacting with stakeholders. Project managers are not lone rangers.

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PM Formulas: Understanding the Math of Project Management

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Project Management is a structured discipline. The post PM Formulas: Understanding the Math of Project Management appeared first on OnlinePMCourses. The basics are rigorous and logical. So, in this article, I round-up of all the PM formulas you need to know.

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How to Communicate Risks

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How do you communicate risks? Some project managers rarely mention risks; others bore people to tears with too much information. Ninety percent of a project manager’s job is communication. And one of the most important things to communicate is your risks.

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Six Data Points Needed to Create a Great Project Communication Plan


Even before children learn to walk, they start to communicate. Human beings have the inherent gift of communication. But, what is there to plan in communication? Which aspects of project management take up the most substantial parts of your day?

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Five Bad Communication Habits to Avoid

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When I teach project management, I often ask, “What are the top contributors to challenged or failed projects?” Without exception, I hear—poor communication. Project managers understand the importance. Communicating only once. Communicating to everyone the same way.

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Five Bad Communication Habits to Avoid

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When I teach project management, I often ask, “What are the top contributors to challenged or failed projects?” Without exception, I hear—poor communication. Project managers understand the importance. Communicating only once. Communicating to everyone the same way.

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How to Become a Better Communicator

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Project managers spend a large part of each day communicating—facilitating meetings, emailing stakeholders, responding to texts, writing reports, and having one-on-one conversations. We are so busy, we rarely take the time to think about the effectiveness of our communication.

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Are we marketing the right metrics?

Kiron Bondale

This situation brought to mind the challenges we face when communicating delivery metrics as part of an agile transformation. And mid-level managers need to walk this talk in their daily interactions with their teams.

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Perception Is Not Always Equal

Project Smart

Without the right perception, as project managers, we too might have a false sense of reality. As project managers, then, we need to be aware that our perception of an issue or a risk or a goal or a milestone or a requirement may differ somewhat from others on the project.

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High Profile Projects: How to Lead a Project with a Massive Public Profile

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Advice for Project Managers PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership Project Communication Management Stakeholder Engagement Communication Governance stakeholder engagementHigh profile projects carry more risk than those that get less attention. It is not that things are more likely to go wrong. But it's the profile and attention that can amplify the consequences of mistakes. And high profile projects tend also to be the subject of more speculation, gossip, and rumor.

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Giant Guide to Project Reporting [How to do it well]

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And, for some project managers, they are nothing but a chore. I have always seen it as a valuable opportunity to understand my project, communicate with my stakeholders, and access decision-makers. Communication.

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How to Run a Really Great Project Meeting

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You’re a Project Manager. I do know one senior manager who retrained his team to arrive on time, by locking the door just before starting. Projects and Prokject managers tend to maintain a far greater level of focus.

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Communication Skills for Project Managers | The Best Books

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A large part of your job as a Project Manager is communication; arguably the largest part. It’s essential that you develop excellent communication skills. There is no better context than Project Management in which to learn, practice and hone your communication skills.

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5 Effective Communication Methods You Need to Know

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What communication methods can you use? You can send an email to her and your management in a copy about the defect. Adequately selected communication method can position you as a leader. How does Communication Works? Effective Communications Methods.

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Good Customer Service: How to Keep Your Client and Stakeholders Happy

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Project Managers can learn from all sorts of places. ‘Customer Relationship and Satisfaction’ is explicitly a part of the Strategic and Business Management Competency of the PMI’s Talent Triangle. Communication. Communication. disrespectful communication.

2018 95

How to Calculate Communication Channels?


Whether you lead a project, own the product delivery, or involved as a subject matter expert, you are all in the communication business. In this business, effective communication is the most important success factor. Let’s get into the details of the communication channel.

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Want to get ahead at work? Stop doing these 10 things

Healthy communication is the backbone of a team. While working on your daily and weekly plans, you will learn a very valuable skill – time management. Communication Management Project ManagementWhether you are a freelancer or work for an organization, achieving desired productivity isn’t easy and becomes an issue sooner or later. And, the worst part no one knows the reason why. It seems that there are a lot of factors.

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The Top 20 Stakeholder Analysis Techniques All PMs Should Know

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In Project Management, there is nothing more important than understanding your project's stakeholders. And Stakeholder Analysis is is how we do it. The post The Top 20 Stakeholder Analysis Techniques All PMs Should Know appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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How to Create Reusable Project Management Templates (Asset)

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Almost all project management resources on the Web provide “project management templates” to download. How to Create Reusable Project Management Template? Quite often a lot of asset ends up in the bin of “For the sake of project management.”.

Beginner’s Guide to Project Management Process


For Beginners, it is important to understand essential elements of Project Management. Who is the Project Manager? A project Manager should own the following skills to succeed: Technical Skills (Knowledge of Subject matter, need not be an expert). What is Project Management?

A Beginner’s Guide to Project Status Reporting

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PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management Project Communication Management Reporting statusIt isn't enough to deliver your project. You also need to let people know. That means learning the basics of tracking progress and project status reporting.

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The Daily Stand-Up Meeting: Best Practice

Project Management Essentials

The stand-up is an efficient and effective way to communicate. The meeting can be used for managing projects or operations from Finance to HR to IT. Stand-up meetings can enable self-managing teams. It is amazing how much can be communicated when the timer is running.

Communication: The Essential Ingredient for Good Project Management

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Or as a certified PMP, you might have guessed that I would say that processes and procedures are the essentials for managing projects and people. Communication management Project Management communication project management You might expect that, as a Technology guy, I would say that tools are the essential ingredient (And I have certainly written plenty about tools!).

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PMP® Aspirant’s Definitive Guide to PMP Exam Changes 2019


It is an effort to equip project managers with today’s modern project environment. So, now the question is what modern project management is? Based on research by PMI®, the following are some highlights to see how project management profession has progressed: 1.

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Visual Communication for Better Project Results

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Communication is a vital part of Project Management. To be a better PM, you need to communicate more effectively. And nothing beats visual communication. The post Visual Communication for Better Project Results appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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PMP interview Questions


What is a baseline, how is it use while creating project management plan? Is project manager involved in the creation of a project charter? How many knowledge Areas are there in Project Management. What are project management methodologies? What Is Triple Constraint Triangle In Project Management? How is it different from Scope Management Plan? What is the difference between project management and project operational/ Business As Usual (BAU) activities?

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Challenging Communication Tips for Better Project Communication | Video

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Project Management is 80 percent communication. What we fear is the challenging communication that comes with pressure, emotions, bad news, and high stakes. The post Challenging Communication Tips for Better Project Communication | Video appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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The Annual Performance Review – is it Time for a Change?

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All managers (Project Managers, department heads, Executives) in most organizations have a responsibility to provide feedback to their staff members. Best Practice Communication management Professional Development staff change management HR project management resource managementOver the years I have found that many people view this as an agonizing task and some completely ignore performing this key process.

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