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57 AI in Project Management Statistics

Rebel’s Guide to PM

The global market for AI for project management is expected to grow to US$5.7bn by 2028 at a CAGR of 17.3%. 65% of experts see AI as a catalyst for implementing advanced project management strategies. 28% of project professionals say lack of a clear strategy is the main barrier to adopting AI tools at work.

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4 Trends That Will Transform Project Management


Teams will need to build trust, schedule more virtual meetings to keep lines of communication open, get the right tools, build better onboarding strategies, and make time for semi-regular in-person meetups. Related: The Skills Project Managers Will Need in 2025. Are there pros and cons to remote project management ? Absolutely.


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Skills Mismatch | What Is It & How to Bridge the Gap


The World Economic Forum’s predictions of the most important skills throughout 2028. Addressing this requires strategies like enhancing access to education, offering training opportunities, and fostering a culture of lifelong learning.

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The Best 6 Tools For The Maintenance Of A Positive Remote Work Culture


Upwork has predicted that the percentage of people working remotely is expected to rise to 73% by 2028. 5 Best Strategies to Manage Multiple Projects in 2021. Making sure that all the team members are working efficiently and there is no lag in the work progress are some of the things a manager has to take care of.

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