Sat.Nov 26, 2022

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Step-by-Step Guide: Install, Set-up and Run MS Project 2019/2021 with Agile Features (Online Desktop Client)

Management Yogi

Summary: MS Project has full in-built Agile features available for the Online Desktop Client version. When customers purchase my courses of Mastering MS Project Agile and/or Certified Hybrid-Agile Master Professional (CHAMP) courses, the first question that comes up is: how to see these features in MS Project? In fact, many struggle to install and hence can't use the Agile and Hybrid-Agile.

Agile 52
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A leadership doctrine

Musings on Project Management

When applying the principle of "calculated risk", leaders should pick subordinates with the intellectual subtlety to evalutate strategic and operational problems in their full context. They should be given the latitude to judge just how much risk is appropriate given the value of the objective and the balance of resources. Paraphrased from the writings of historian Craig L.

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[VLOG] Scrum Master, An Accountability. Not A Job Title

What's good this week awesome people? Have you ever seen how the Scrum Master been misperceived in your company? From my experience, the Scrum Master has been misperceived as an entry level role that only operates within the team level. Other top three misperceptions about the Scrum Master that I have seen so far are: The Scrum Master is the developer's personal secretary.