Fri.Nov 17, 2023

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What Is a Service-Level Agreement? (Example & Templates Included)

A service level agreement, often abbreviated as SLA, is used in IT and professional services to define what a vendor is expected to do. It’s part of the contract between any technology vendor and sets up what will be levied upon them if the agreement isn’t upheld. First, let’s explore the definition of an SLA in greater detail, including the different types of service agreements and why they’re so important.

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Creating a Product Wall (3/7) - Market and Domain Information

Join the Mastering Agility Discord community! This article continues from the Product Wall introduction article. These series are co-written with Ryan Brook based on our upcoming book. You can download our free Product Wall Mural template here. Now we have covered the general overview of the entire Product Wall, we break it down piece by piece. In this article, we explain the Market and Domain Information section.


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How Knowing Your PM’s Favourite Rom-Com and BA’s Dog’s Name Could Help Optimise IT Project Success!

Project Accelerator News

Isn’t it beautiful when an IT Project team execute and implement with total cohesion from top to bottom? When colleagues become team-mates, and when leaders understand who they are leading, I think a team becomes almost unbeatable. LESSONS FROM A LEGEND The passing of the legendary footballer Sir Bobby Charlton, which is fairly fresh news as I write, reminded me of this timely leadership lesson.

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Value of a Scrum Master in Agile Teams

Navigating the complex landscape of Agile project management requires more than just a map and a compass; it demands a guide who is both knowledgeable and adaptable. In the realm of software development and product innovation, the Scrum Master emerges as this pivotal guide. The role is often misunderstood, pigeonholed as a mere facilitator or an Agile aficionado.

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The Project Clinic: Assessing Project Health, Planning, and Execution

Speaker: Ketan Jahagirdar

Picture your projects as patients, each with its own unique rhythm and pulse, thriving under your care 🥼 🩺 Step into the role of an innovative project doctor in our upcoming webinar! This session is your guide to evaluating the health of your projects through Waterfall and Agile practices like Scrum and Kanban. We’ll explore the vital signs of project success through the lens of the “iron triangle” metrics, unveiling how deliverables translate into measurable outputs.

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How to Use Gamification in Recruitment to Engage Candidates


Is your talent pool running dry? Do you offer amazing perks and cool positions but have difficulty filling them because your hiring process is long, boring, or difficult? Perhaps the problem is in your process. To get top talent, you need to go beyond the ordinary and offer something exceptional to your job applicants — you need gamification in recruiting.