Strategy Execution on #pmchat

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On Friday 14th October at 5pm UK time (12pm ET), I’ll be hosting #pmchat for an hour alongside Deanne Earle on Strategy Execution and Portfolio Management.

Challenging the C-Level Executives

The Lazy Project Manager

To that end the author offers some focused workshops, keynote presentations and insightful supporting education to help organisations achieve the success in strategic change that they desire, and to help C-level executives understand the challenge and benefit from the opportunity.

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How to Actually Make and Execute Better Decisions

Project Risk Coach

However, we may discover flaws in our decisions when we execute the decisions. The post How to Actually Make and Execute Better Decisions appeared first on. 2=Planning 3=Execution

The 3 Steps to Take When Failure is Not an Option: Getting to Impeccable Business Execution

Girl's Guide to PM

Well, in today’s business world, 99% business execution is no longer good enough. Here’s how you can use the same techniques used by the Thunderbirds, and taught by Afterburner to elite corporate teams to achieve incredibly ambitious standards of business execution : Define “Impeccable”.

The Executive-Project Manager Gap

Troubled and Failing Project

Where could I start—bureaucracy, draconian process, poor executive sponsorship, disengaged leaders? Then the maelstrom started and it went directly to the gap between the executives and projects managers. It was such an innocuous question, "Working on an article; what is the biggest problem you see with project governance at orgs? Can you comment?" Can I comment? Really? That is like cheese to a mouse.

How to Get Buy-In for a New Project Management Tool From Your Executive Team


If you’ve found a new project management tool that you’re confident will solve all of your team’s problems and deliver project success, you’re going to have to sell the idea to your Executive Team. In business, change comes with a price.

How to Improve the Performance of Your Project Teams

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Develop and execute a training plan. 3=Execution Project Resource ManagementEver watched what happens when a new team is formed? Maybe you’ve seen a new team of little league baseball players, a music group, a civic group, or a business team.

Do You Make These Quality Management Mistakes?

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In the quality assurance process, the project manager and team ensure that the quality plan is actually being executed. 2=Planning 3=Execution 4=Control Project Quality ManagementLast week, I talked about How to Develop a Quality Management Plan.

How Do You Respond to Project Conflicts?

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3=Execution Project Resource ManagementProject managers, team members, and other stakeholders have disagreements, some heated, some not. What’s important is how you respond to project conflicts? Conflicts can be beneficial if handled in an open, transparent manner.

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37 Practical Ways to Improve Your Project Communication

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Develop and execute a communications plan. 2=Planning 3=Execution Project Communications ManagementAre you looking for ways to improve your project communication? You’re not alone.

How to Manage a Project Like No Other

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1=Initiation 2=Planning 3=Execution 4=ControlLife is filled with new adventures and experiences. Remember the first time you rode a bike, climbed a tree, or took a job. New adventures are exciting, but they can be filled with great uncertainty.

The What, Why, and How of Project Requirements

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2=Planning 3=Execution Business Analyst requirementsLearn technical skills to accelerate your projects through requirements development How big of a deal are project requirements?

5 Things New Team Members Want to Know

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3=Execution teamGot any new team members? Tom replaced Bill as a developer at the midpoint of a software development project for an insurance company.

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How to Facilitate the Resolution of Conflicting Ideas

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1=Initiation 3=Execution stakeholdersHave you ever encountered conflicting ideas when facilitating change within a department, business unit, or across an organization? Do you often see resistance to your change efforts?

How to Recognize and Reward Your Project Teams

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As you execute the program, ask for feedback from your team members. 3=Execution Project Resource ManagementPeople grow tired of working for unappreciative organizations. If it goes on long enough, the top performers get frustrated and leave.

Work Performance Data, Work Performance Information, and Work Performance Reports

Deep Fried Brain

Commonly Confused Concepts Executing Monitoring and Controlling PMBOK Process Groups Study NotesIn 2009, I did a series of posts on Work Performance Information, Work Performance Measurements and Performance Reports, highlighting how the PMBOK® Guide, Fourth Edition was utterly confusing.

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Vision Without Execution Is Hallucination [Video]

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The post Vision Without Execution Is Hallucination [Video] appeared first on If you can’t see this video in your RSS reader or email, then click here. What tips do you have to help project managers explain the WHY of their projects?

Should a sponsor be able to delegate?

Ron Rosenhead

Strategies for Project Sponsorship Performance management report for project sponsors- must do… project sponsorship delegation project executive project management project managers project sponsorThis was a question that set me thinking. However, let me give you some background.

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Agile at Scale – Outcome Driven (or Broken)

Tyner Blain

At scale, if you are not driving your execution through a focus on outcomes, I don’t believe you are actually faster – you’re only different. They share an understanding of their ability to execute against the design.

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Give me ‘C’

The Lazy Project Manager

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Top 13 Project Management Methodologies and Styles


While the time needed to complete the project and the cost of the project are constants, the project scope can be adjusted as it is being executed. Getting your team organized around a project is often easier said than done.

Does your organization truly support project management?

Kiron Bondale

Project management maturity is also not realized just by having good project sponsorship as the same report indicates that three out of five projects have engaged executive sponsors. The path to an executive role should include the engaged sponsorship of at least one successful initiative.

Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities: What does a PM Really Do?

Project Bliss

I explained that I work with my project team to create and execute solutions to solve a customer’s problem. Project managers can play a part in changing the world through executing projects. The job title of “project manager” is pretty common these days.

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Product Management Synapses

Tyner Blain

You might be a product manager if looking at a poorly executed graphic design on packaging leads you down the path of thinking about how your company’s strategy ultimately manifests in the work being done by a member of your team today.

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The Potential of Agile

Tyner Blain

When an executive, too far removed from what makes creating products hard thinks of “agile” as a silver bullet it becomes difficult to manage expectations. It is precisely that potential which inspires not-yet-informed executives to learn about how agile could help them.

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The Best Free Project Management Resources


It provides free project management content worth considering: MIT ’s System Project Management Course introduces management principles, tools, and methods to plan and execute successful project management. The numbers don’t lie: Managing complicated projects is a tough task.

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Agile vs Waterfall Methodology: What’s the Difference?

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In a waterfall approach all planning is done up front, and then the team executes according to the plan. A project manager leads the effort and works closely with the team to plan and execute the project. Agile is a popular term these days, and you likely hear it a lot.


Minimum Valuable Problem

Tyner Blain

I dropped the term first in a meeting with executives yesterday (as of when I’m typing) explaining that our product is focused on completely addressing the minimum valuable problem, and got some head nods but no direct commentary.]

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Major Programme Management Conference – Win a Ticket

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There is good line up of distinguished speakers on the varied agenda: Brendan Bechtel, Chief Executive Officer of Bechtel. Andrew Wolstenholme, OBE, FREng, Chief Executive Officer of Crossrail. We have two free tickets to giveaway for Saïd Business School, University of Oxford’s Oxford Major Programme Management Conference 2016 which takes place on the Friday 11th November. The theme for the conference is: ‘Legacy of Major Programmes: Making Good on our Promises’.

Agile Project Management Methodology Explained


Project team, which is the group that executes the project. The fourth step is to plan and execute each sprint. T he ultimate purpose of agile project management is to quickly respond to customer needs and market changes.

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Overcoming Annual Planning with Adaptability

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For the PMO, this means executives expect adaptability, not predictability. In fact, many executives are more comfortable with shortened planning horizons rather than long, multi-year plans. Empowering the PMO to Be the Change-Maker. Is your PMO cultivating a blame-free culture?

How to Manage Expectations on Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

It’s critical to manage expectations from the outset of the project and throughout project execution. I will outline five ways to manage expectations on your projects: planning, execution, communication, under-promising, and personal expectations. Project Execution.

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A PM’s Guide to Agile Software Development

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Traditional waterfall planning and execution can lock down budgets and team resources on a set plan that might not deliver value for 18 months. Allowing for Change: As you execute a software project, you will likely run into unexpected changes.


Have You Left Anything Out of Your Project Plan?

Project Risk Coach

Define how you will plan, execute, and control scope. Define how you will plan, execute, and control the schedule. Define how you will plan, execute, and control the budget. Define how you will plan, execute, and control quality.

Agile For Oil and Gas - mixing lifecycle models


After determining an area to explore, the execution of a seismic survey might involve mobilizing a large workforce of several hundred people and scheduling constrained equipment. If so should we be focussing our efforts on executive education not organizational transformation?

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“When will this Software Project Ever Be Done?”


I recently attended a keynote from Sue Gardner, she was the executive director for WikiPedia as it rapidly grew from 8 to 200 engineers. Does this question sound familiar? If you get asked it regularly then you may be part of the mainstream transformation from software projects to products.

Product Owner Manager – Alone Together

Tyner Blain

A depth of insight and excellence at execution. Product owners and product managers. Two roles, often done by one person.

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When Outsourcing Makes Sense


The flaw in this plan comes in the execution of it when it becomes apparent that software development projects typically entail more than just the development of software.

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How PMOs can balance time, cost and quality

Moira Alexander

If 88 percent of C-suite executives agree that project alignment with strategy is vital to organizational success, why are only 56 percent of projects meeting strategic objectives? Furthermore, in a report titled “The High Cost of Low Performance,” the Project Management Institute (PMI) states 61 percent of firms acknowledge they often struggle to bridge the gap between strategy and day-to-day implementation.

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Six things you should do when kicking off a project

Susanne Madsen

Make sure you know which decision-makers sits on the steering committee and that they meet on a regular basis to provide executive guidance to your project. When you get allocated a new project, don’t just start executing the work straight away.

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