How do YOU define project failure?

Kiron Bondale

An early project management lesson learned is that it is a good practice to start with the end in mind, especially when it comes to defining what done looks like. So why spend time only defining what project success is?

How to Actually Define Risk Categories

Project Risk Coach

Let’s look at how to actually define risk categories and how they can help Tom (and you). How to Define Risk Categories. One effective method for defining your risk categories is the Affinity Map method. The post How to Actually Define Risk Categories appeared first on.

Defining PM

Musings on Project Management

I've never been too keen on the conventional definition of project management, though it is the "coin of the realm" so to speak on that point. Nonetheless, I'm more closer to the action with my definition, I think. And, so here it is mapped to the conventional definition: Normal 0. false false false. EN-US Project Management

Defining PM

Musings on Project Management

I've never been too keen on the typical book answer to "what is project management?" It seems it misses a more realistic statement of properties. So, I'm all about narrative, backlog, WIP etc, whereas the conventional definition is about initiating, executing, conrolling, etc. I made the comparison in this table. You can judge for yourself. agile Project Management

Connecting Analytics to Strategy - Keeping Your Corporate Objective In Sight

Speaker: Tom Evans, Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer, 280 Group

Data analytics has transformed the way many product managers approach product enhancements, creating strong demand for product managers with skills and expertise in defining and analyzing product metrics to make more valuable product decisions.

Define Roles and Responsibilities Early on in the Project

Gina Abudi PM

It is important for project managers to define roles and responsibilities early on in the project to avoid confusion and resource issues later on. The post Define Roles and Responsibilities Early on in the Project appeared first on Gina Abudi. While there will always be individuals who roll on and off projects, some key project personnel should be committed to the project from the beginning and have the time to fulfill [.].

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How To Meet Deadlines Without Micromanaging

The Digital Project Manager

One of the most defining things about the role of a project manager is that. The post How To Meet Deadlines Without Micromanaging appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Leadership & Team Management Topics

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Why Our Project Management Tools Don’t Matter

The Digital Project Manager

As project managers, it’s easy to fall in love with one tool and let it define the way we manage projects. Perhaps in the rush. The post Why Our Project Management Tools Don’t Matter appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Features General

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7 Hidden Dangers Of Project Management (Why Even Well-Planned Projects Sometimes Fail)

Girl's Guide to PM

Despite your efforts to clearly define the scope, time and resources necessary to successfully complete the projects, things simply don’t always go according to plan. I’m pleased to be bringing you this post today, written by Maja Mrsic and sponsored by Active Collab.

Agile at Scale – Outcome Driven (or Broken)

Tyner Blain

At the end of the day, it depends on how you define agility, or more precisely how you define “self-directed.” In support of that long term goal you may define a handful of strategic initiatives.

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DPM Podcast: Building & Scaling Project Management Teams (with Brian Kessman)

The Digital Project Manager

They cover everything from defining the purpose, getting the right people, establishing the right partnerships, setting in place the right processes and monitoring the PMO's performance. Ben Aston chats with Brian Kessman about the best ways to build and scale a project management team, particularly within in agency.

Quote of the Day

Herding Cats

Only when those Capabilities are defined, can technical and operational requirements be defined. You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around - Steve Jobs.

Progressively Elaborated Users

Tyner Blain

Firstly, as Rich defines, you assist in the “you are not your user” pattern. Understanding your users is critical to developing good products. A “complete” understanding is sometimes required, and always comes at a cost.

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Does your company recognize “Here, there be (project) dragons”?

Kiron Bondale

But what about the chaos zone – what defines its boundaries? Without having the boundaries for the chaos zone defined, it would be easy for a company to invest in a project whose failure could result in catastrophic organizational consequences.

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Resolved vs Closed: Definitions Vary, Necessity Doesn’t


Regardless of what you choose, clearly define each status and how they fit into your team’s workflow at a project’s start. In task management, marking issues ‘ resolved’ and ‘ closed’ is common practice.

Minimum Valuable Problem

Tyner Blain

Defining and building a good minimum viable product is much harder than it sounds. The same is true about defining a minimum viable product. Gojko’s approach helps me very quickly define what it means to my user to solve his or her problem.

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Top 13 Project Management Methodologies and Styles


Project managers will have a well-defined description of the project’s duration. As an iterative project management style, scrum features various “sessions” sometimes defined as “sprints” which generally last for 30 days.

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Identifying and Managing your Project Stakeholders


While a project may impact many people, key project stakeholders stand out for a few common reasons: They have the decision making power to define the course of the project. They have the power to define what success means for the project.

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4 Tips for Avoiding Bad Project Management Habits


Define what your deliverables will be and what the finished project should look like by the end. Team and individual responsibilities will need to be clearly defined to prevent any redundancies or gaps as well as establish accountability throughout the process.

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The Potential of Agile

Tyner Blain

Quality should be defined from the outside in, just like your product. When you define quality as “how many bugs there are” you are thinking too small. The pop-culture concept of a silver bullet – a simple solution to a hard problem – is a dangerous idea.

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Have You Left Anything Out of Your Project Plan?

Project Risk Coach

As I define my baselines and plans, I strive for clarity, brevity, and simplicity. Define how you will identify, define, combine, unify, and coordinate the project processes and activities. Define how you will plan, execute, and control scope.

Project Team: Role & Skill Assessment

Project Health Check

The first step of this is to have defined roles within your project or preferably your wider organisation. These roles need to have clearly defined roles and responsibilities, tasks which are expected to be completed, and criteria which they are assessed on.

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Avoiding project change analysis denial of service!

Kiron Bondale

Wikipedia defines a denial-of-service attack as “ a cyber-attack where the perpetrator seeks to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users, such as to temporarily or indefinitely interrupt or suspend services of a host connected to the Internet.

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5 Tips for Project Management


Define the project. The first step will be to define your project. Define milestones. These should be clearly defined from the start as well. Your new project is in its starting blocks, waiting on your desk or still something you have in mind?

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Quote of the Day

Herding Cats

There are many well-defined processes within the cost estimating discipline. Cost estimation is part science, part art. There is also a subjective element to cost estimating that makes the discipline an art (NASA, 2004

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The Value of Project Management in the Ministry: How Pastor Terrell Monger Uses Project Management in his Church

Project Bliss

We define roles of individuals that are on specific teams. When you think of using project management skills, there are some industries that come to mind first.

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The Best Free Project Management Resources


How to define effective project management. Prioritize your work by defining a budget, setting a scheduled due date, and getting ready to take action! But neither all the best content in the world nor the most well-defined execution process is enough to guarantee your team’s success.

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Agile Project Management Methodology Explained


In this article, we will explain what agile project management is, define its process, tell you why agile might be right for your next project, and finally a few downfalls of this methodology.

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What’s To Like About AgilePM?

Arras People

It recognises that projects have a lifecycle and need to be investigated as to their strategic fit and a business case developed that defines the benefits and value that the deliverables will provide. What it does have that PRINCE2 doesn’t are roles defined for delivering the requirements.

2016 169

PRINCE2 Principles: Manage by exception

Project Health Check

We do this via “Work Packages”, self-contained items of work which are clearly defined and self contained. The identification should be because of the breaching of a tolerance as defined in the plan (stage/project).

These 3 Toxic Personalities Make Project Managers Crazy


While critical thinking, questioning, and even conflict can be healthy for a team, what defines this type is the underlying anger. Are You One of Them? If you've ever led a project, you know that it takes more than high quality project management software to get things done.

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Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities: What does a PM Really Do?

Project Bliss

Defining the project scope. Clearly defining the scope will help your team focus and ensure that you and the customer have the same understanding of what will be included in the solution. If you want to know what success looks like for your project, you need to define what that means.

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What are your sprint goals?

Kiron Bondale

But this prioritization might not be sufficient to generate a desirable level of energy and focus from the team, so why not define specific goals as one of the team’s standing agenda items for a sprint planning ceremony?

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5 Tips for an Effective Agile Product Roadmap


Remember, the roadmap is about capturing goals, logically deriving features, and defining metrics and expected timelines. While many teams struggle to decide if a product roadmap is even necessary when working in an Agile context , we can assure you that it absolutely is.

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Kanbanize your personal development resolutions for 2018!

Kiron Bondale

The new year is a time for making resolutions and most people’s lists are likely to include some behavior-related ones (e.g. I resolve to eat only one dessert with dinner!) as well as some goal-oriented ones (e.g.

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Scrum Master vs Project Manager: What’s the Difference?

Project Bliss

Here’s information on the Project Manager roles and responsibilities listed in this post : Define project scope. Are you considering a career move? . Perhaps you’re considering Project Management because it uses many skills you already have. But wait.


The real problem?

Musings on Project Management

"I cannot define the real problem, therefore I suspect no real problem, but I'm not sure there's no real problem" Richard Feynman, Theoretical physicist Read in the library at Square Peg Consulting about these books I've written Buy them at any online book retailer!

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Project Health Check

The term sigma comes from the statistical concept of standard deviation of the normal distribution; if points are normally scattered about a mean then one sigma is defined such that it would capture 68% of data points, 2 sigma would capture 95%, 3 sigma 99.7%

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Good Enough

Tyner Blain

Many people mis-define product in MVP to mean experiment. There are three perspectives on how we approach defining good enough when making decisions about investment in our products. But no one provides us with any tools for articulating how to define “good enough.”

2014 187

Encryption is not Binary

Tyner Blain

It just depends on what context in which you are defining the scope of the problem you wish to solve. When we’re defining an MVP, we need to make sure we satisfice the user. The degree to which you need to solve a particular problem is defined by your users.

2016 140