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Using Generative AI to Drive Corporate Impact

TechEmpower - Project Management

Generative AI is revolutionizing how corporations operate by enhancing efficiency and innovation across various functions. Focusing on generative AI applications in a select few corporate functions can contribute to a significant portion of the technology's overall impact.

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Leadership Today Means Leading with Human Values in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

International Institute for Learning

Food for thought: observing this reaction, why did we as a collective not delineate potential risks resulting from the inevitable advancement of this kind of intelligent system and immediately build risk management frameworks to prepare us for the possible questions and harms of the future?


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2024 Events for Project Managers, Business Leaders, and Industry Professionals

Epicflow Blog

In the present-day dynamic business environment, you should stay on top of all recent trends and be ready to implement innovations in your work. The participants will learn how healthcare providers overcome resource constraints and deliver new developments.

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Skills Mismatch | What Is It & How to Bridge the Gap


Skills obsolescence While technology has been advancing at a rapid rate since Y2K, the past year or two has seen a ridiculously rapid increase, with new technologies like generative AI and machine learning (seemingly) dominating everything from business to our personal lives.

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20 Key Qualities of a Good Employee & How to Test Them


Why it’s important In industries like finance, healthcare, life sciences, or engineering, among others, a missed coma or an omitted instruction can turn into a major mishap, making attention to detail top among the good qualities of a great employee. Detail-oriented workers are thorough, precise, and accurate in their work.