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Generative AI for Project Managers (PMI Course Review)

Rebel’s Guide to PM

If you’ve been on LinkedIn recently, you’ve probably seen someone in your network sharing that they have earned the Generative AI Overview for Project Managers badge by completing a PMI training course. Navigate to the store once you are logged in and search for the Generative AI course. Is the course worth your time?

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From Hype to Reality: Integrating Generative AI into Your Project Management Workflow

The IIL Blog

The buzz around generative AI is undeniable. The project management landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, with generative AI emerging as a game-changer. Generative AI isn’t here to replace you, the seasoned project manager/coach. Generative AI thrives on data. Register here.


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Generative AI and Project Management in 2024: Three Themes to Watch


The advent and rapid maturation of generative AI is accelerating this shift and changing it in ways that seemed impossible just three years ago. Our CTO, Ludo Hauduc, the recent SVP for AI Infrastructure at Meta, just gave a talk to project managers at Boeing about the impacts of AI on Project Management.

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How to Use Generative AI and LLMs to Improve Search

TechEmpower - Project Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI), and particularly Large Language Models (LLMs), have significantly transformed the search engine as we’ve known it. With Generative AI and LLMs, new avenues for improving operational efficiency and user satisfaction are emerging every day.

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Review Generative AI framework for HM Government

Henny Portman

Generative AI has the potential to unlock significant productivity benefits. It is based on a set of ten principles which should be borne in mind in all generative AI projects. Ten principles You know what generative AI is and what its limitations are. You know how to keep generative AI tools secure.

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The Revolution is Here: Generative AI and Project Management


But in the wake of generative AI technology, we’re on the brink of a transformative change in how projects are managed. Vendors who dismiss generative AI as just another flash-in-the-pan will see their customers run for the exits toward more sophisticated and user-friendly solutions.

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Generative AI – The End of Empty Textboxes

TechEmpower - Project Management

TechEmpower can help In the era of LLMs and Generative AI, empty textboxes are a product mistake. A solid LLM integration can transform the way they interact with your platform. It can empower them to express their ideas more effectively and confidently, no matter what they’re writing.