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How to do customer acquisition the right way in 2024


12 customer acquisition channels How to create a winning customer acquisition strategy in 2024 1. Whether it’s articles on insightful topics or thought leadership opinion pieces, content is a great way to offer value to customers while subtly promoting your products and services. Identify your ideal customer 2. Content marketing.

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Self-management is Nuanced

On the other hand, others may dismiss self-management altogether, replacing it with micromanaging techniques such as leadership assigning particular tasks to particular developers. Self-management doesn’t mean developers can do whatever they want, and it doesn’t mean leadership should micromanage the Scrum team, either.


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In I.T. Together: How and Why to Lead Blame-Free I.T. Projects

Project Accelerator News

Threats were made of placing the team in special measures, micro-monitoring performance and even talent dismissal. In an attempt to protect their operation, the leadership had almost suffocated it. About a year ago, a change of leadership allowed a rethink. Team A will have repeatable lessons and a scalable success story.

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Scrum Anti-Patterns GPT

Setting up the Session for the Scrum Anti-Patterns GPT Disclaimer: I ran the session on the Scrum Anti-Patterns GPT on Sunday, February 25, 2024, from 11:05 am CET to 12:25 pm CET on the model GPT-4. Who Needs to Be Involved: Leadership and Management : Senior leadership must champion the change, providing the necessary support and resources.

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3 Continuous Improvement Strategies to Boost Your Project Management Skills

Project Pulse Journal

In project management, continuous improvement focuses on refining all aspects of the project management processes —from planning and executing to monitoring, controlling and closing—to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability. Focus on areas like agile methodologies, risk management, and leadership.

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Webinar Recap: Want To Be A PMI-ACP? The Primary Steps to Take


Under his leadership, over 100 professionals have earned the Agile Certified Practitioner, ACP certification, and many have written their detailed success stories. So you have master in Scrum, or master in Kanban or like a professional in Lean. Then from February 2021, you have 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024. So from 2021, till 2024.

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