Tue.Feb 20, 2024

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Can You Become a Scrum Master With No Experience?


In this Responsive Advisors Lightning Round, we unravel the mysteries of transitioning into a Scrum Master role, leveraging volunteer opportunities, and recognizing the value of inherent skills over traditional experience. Discover how to build your portfolio, tell compelling stories of impact, and find your footing in the world of Scrum. Whether you're aiming to navigate your first Product role or seeking to enhance your Scrum Accountability, this discussion offers invaluable insights into maki

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What is a RAID Log?

Project Risk Coach

The RAID log serves as a central repository for documenting, monitoring, and managing critical project elements throughout the project lifecycle. It helps in ensuring that potential problems are identified, prioritized, and addressed promptly, facilitating better communication among project stakeholders and contributing to the overall success of the project.


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Embracing Sustainability: A Universal Responsibility Across Professions

Green Project Management

Since GPM launched 15 years ago, the landscape of sustainability has undergone a remarkable transformation. Back then, sustainability was often relegated to a niche corner at conferences, viewed through the lens of “trends” and “the future” – a promising yet distant consideration. Those days, however, are now firmly in the rearview mirror.

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Resource ?alendar in Project Management: What Is It And How to Create One?

GanttPRO Project Management

Companies across various industries, project managers, and individuals apply a resource calendar as a strategic work management tool. They understand that neglecting resource management can lead to overloading, frequent project […] The post Resource Сalendar in Project Management: What Is It And How to Create One? first appeared on GanttPRO Project Management Blog.

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Understand Digital Debt, Form a Team, Set Goals, and Plan Roadmap for Transformation

Understanding digital debt is crucial before digital transformation. Assemble a team to assess internal operations, market pressures, and digital debt's impact. Define future digital vision with measurable goals. Refine hypotheses and conduct market analysis. Develop a roadmap for transformation with defined projects, cost estimates, and governance.

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Beyond the Black Box: Understanding and Interpreting Generative AI Output for Project Management With Ruchi Gupta Monday, March 18 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT

International Institute for Learning

International Institute for Learning, Inc. IIL is a global leader in training, consulting, coaching and customized course development, and is proud to be the educational provider of choice for thousands of for many top global companies. IIL's core competencies include Project, Program and Portfolio Management, Business Analysis, Microsoft® Project and Project Server, Lean Six Sigma, PRINCE2®, ITIL®, Agile, Leadership and Interpersonal Skills, Corporate Consciousness and Sustainability.

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The Financial Implications of a Bad Business Name


What’s in a name? The answer is an awful lot. Choosing a great business name can instantly lodge you in the minds of the right people whether it’s clients, customers, or potential employees. In terms of business finances, however, choosing a bad name can have several implications. While a poorly chosen name can lead to various consequences, here are some very specific financial implications.

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