Operations, Finance, and Accounting for the Development of Software

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A Scrum of people works very well when doing Scrum , but operations, finance, and accounting are not the same as writing software for money. A Scrum of cost accountants, planner, finance, and operations people is called Chaos. It's common to hear, projects are overhead, we just need to get the value to the customer as fast as possible. This seems to be a lament from agile developers. Anything getting in the way of them coding is seen as an impediment. . Here's a little story.

Thoughts on Suggestions That Violate Principles of Finance, Probability, and Statistics

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The on-going discussions that Decisions can be made in the absence of estimates reminds me of this concept. .

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Getting Financial and Clinical Professionals Working Together On Healthcare Projects


best practices Blog collaboration Leadership Project Management work culture celoxis clinical professionals collboration finance finance professionals healthcare patient welfare project managementHealthcare continues to evolve worldwide under the pressure of lowering costs while maintaining or, even, increasing quality. The relationship between the two is like a “tug of war” between cost and benefit, which every healthcare establishment must face on a daily basis.

What Makes a Good Manager?


There are those hated by the people, and yet able to hoist the company’s finances to the levels that seemed to be far beyond its […]. Use the Force Oh, if we only knew. The truth is, there does not exist one “golden rule” for being a great manager.

Five Professions That Make Great Project Co-ordinators

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Finance. With a good foundation in finance – the other aspects of project co-ordination – like planning, documentation management, reporting and so on will come with basic training and on-the-job experience.

7 Crucial tips for Managing Remote Teams

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You might have a finance expert, a marketing person and someone from the customer organisation. Are you struggling to manage a remote team? Maybe you just need a bit of help to focus on what’s really important. This infographic on the crucial areas for successful remote teams might help. Number 6 for me is the most important. For more tips on building trust in teams, have a look at this article on how transparency really makes a difference to trust.

Quote of the Day

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But do this within establish governance frameworks, principles of microeconomics of decision making and managerial finance. Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own. Bruce Lee.

What Can a Project Manager Do Next? The Project Manager Career Ladder

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You need to understand risk and finances, and evaluate projects based on ROI. You’d also oversee budgeting and work with Finance and stakeholders to determine budget forecasts and projections for the year.

Making Better Business Decisions with Continuous Planning

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First, you need to open up a dialogue between the business functions – including finance, the PMO, and other lines-of-business. Adapt to change: When operations and finance have access to the same information, they can be flexible when it comes to change, not sidelined.

Member of PMI? Now What?

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It can also mean pursuing more generic business skill areas like finance, legal and commercial, business planning, even pursuing further education with a MBA. I’ve recently become a member of PMI and successfully achieved my PMP.

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Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

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All project work is uncertain. This uncertainty comes in two forms - Aleatory and Epistemic. Aleatory Uncertainty is irreducible, Epistemic uncertainty is reducible. More can be found on this in Both Aleatory and Epistemic Uncertainty Create Risk. . But now what to do about it.

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Tips for taking over an active project

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Check the financial health of the project with your finance partners to ensure the books are in good shape. I’ve written previously about the need for a project manager to proactively plan for a smooth transition if someone else will be assuming the role on one of their projects.

Project Management Keywords in CVs

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We all know how ‘modern’ recruitment works in the UK. Keywords. Keywords are king. They have to be. Recruitment systems that hold hundreds and thousands of CVs have to be filtered in some way. It’s just like Googling.

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A Reminder of the Pseudo-Science of #NoEstimates

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Defies the principles of managerial finance in the presence of uncertainty. When you hear. NoEstimates is a hashtag for the topic of exploring alternatives for making decisions in software development. That is, ways to make decisions with "No Estimates". Think about the conjecture.

10 Top Tips to Make You a Successful Contractor

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Though you might feel confident in your own ability to manage your finances, it is more than likely that hiring an accountant will reduce your chances of being faced with an HMRC tax investigation.

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Misquotes of Deming

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The antithesis of the rogue agilist currently populating the #NoEstimates community, spending other people's money (which I doubt takes place on anything but de minimis projects) with no consideration for the principles of managerial finance. . It's common to misquote famous quotes.

Is Retraining an Option for Project Managers?

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For the project practitioners that want to move sector, they will often choose sectors that might be more open to them i.e., moving from finance to retail say. The other day I was having a chat with a Project Manager who was considering their career options. They were a bit fed up with their current job and organisation and felt they were at a careers crossroad. They didn’t know what they wanted to do – anything, everything, nothing.

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Agile project management: A beginner's guide

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Agile is also used in industries like marketing and advertising, construction, education and finance. If you're new to project management and the agile methodology, the answers to these 10 questions will arm you with the information you need to get started. And if you're a project management veteran, these frequently asked agile questions are a good refresher. What is agile?

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Agile Project Management Methods for Corporate IT Projects

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This definition for single scrum teams needs to come in contact with Corporate Governance, managerial finance, decision making in the presence of uncertainty when spending the firms money that has impacts beyond the team and their natural desire to control their own destiny.


Advice – Downturn in the Oil & Gas Industry

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or finance. “ I’ve been working in the Oil and Gas industry for a while as a cost engineer but I’m concerned about the downturn in the industry. Any advice on how to make a move away from this industry?”

How to avoid a Project

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Owned by Director & CEO Alex Marson, the organisation works with large FTSE 250 clients including some of the biggest companies in the world in the Asset Management, Professional Services, Software, Automotive, Finance and Pharmaceutical industry.

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Why Johnny Still Cannot Estimate

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He doesn't know how - He doesn't understand how estimates fit into the process of business and managerial finance of product or service development. He looks for existing examples and just sees bad examples. . He doesn't understand why estimates are needed - He doesn't understand the impact on the business for not knowing how long, how much, and what will be produced for the time and money.

What To Do When Your Team Doesn’t Believe The Project Schedule

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You’ve just got one day for budget approval,” said Claire from Finance. This is an extract from Project Pain Reliever. I contributed this chapter (and another one) to the book. This one is about ensuring everyone buys into the project schedule. The One-Man Plan: A Story.

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Principles of Cost and Schedule Estimating

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Microeconomics of decision making with Managerial Finance and Behavioral Economics are all part of credible business management processes when spending other people's money.

Tax Planning for PM Contractors in 2016

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Changes to the personal finance policy and legislation will continue throughout the year, therefore it is important that you are clued up on what is to come. Getting ahead and planning your tax in 2016 is vital, especially in an environment that is constantly evolving. We’ve taken a look at some of the most important areas of taxation in 2016 and the changes that you need to know about. Changes to dividend taxation.

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The Case for Project Portfolio Management

Jez Lister

Portfolio Management Variables: Demand, Capability (inc Finance) & Risk. The term portfolio management is borrowed from the world of finance and the analogue is a good one. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) has gained widespread interest from many organisations over recent years.

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Professionalise Project Management

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Owned by Director & CEO Alex Marson, the organisation works with large FTSE 250 clients including some of the biggest companies in the world in the Asset Management, Professional Services, Software, Automotive, Finance and Pharmaceutical industry.

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3 Team Techniques to Improve Cost Estimates

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The group identified several items that Jane had not thought of including facilities, the cost to interface the policy admin system to a third party, contingency reserves, and here’s one – financing cost (including interest charges).

Decision Making in the Presence of Uncertainty

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Herding Cats: Thoughts on Suggestions That Violate Principles of Finance, Probability, and Statistics. There's another rash of Twitter posters supporting the conjecture that decisions can be made about how to spend other people's money without estimating the impact and outcome of that decision. This is a core premise of #NoEstimates from the Original Poster. Here's a starting point to learn that simply not true . Theory of Decision under Uncertainty, Itzhak Gilboa, July 2008.

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The Origins of Scrum and Empirical Closed Loop Control

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Anyone suggesting otherwise either hasn't the knowledge of closed loop control systems or is try to sell you something that violates the principles of closed loop control, microeconomics of decision making, or managerial finance. I came across a couple of interesting tweets over the weekend.

The 3 Steps to Take When Failure is Not an Option: Getting to Impeccable Business Execution

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His experiences in executive leadership within the military and at Afterburner have helped him accelerate business execution performance for Fortune 100 companies within all industries including tech, pharmaceuticals, finance, retail apparel and several NFL teams.

How To Take Over An Existing Project [Free Checklist]

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Action if the answer is No: Back to the PMO or your Finance team. Consider this. You’ve recently taken over a project that has already started. Your handover hasn’t been that great.

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Decisions Without Estimates?

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Let's look at each of these from the point of view of Managerial Finance and Economics of Decision Making the presence of Uncertainty. There is a posted question at an agile conference. Can you make a decision without an estimate?

Business Acumen for Project Managers [Free Checklist]

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Action: Talk to Finance about how best to manage your project budget. ‘Business acumen’ is one of those skills that you see on role profiles for jobs. It’s also something mentioned in the standards for professional project management bodies.

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Plotting a Course for Work and Resource Management Success

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She is an accomplished marketing professional in both B2B/B2C across the Technology, Media, Finance, and Professional Services sectors. In this guest blog, Esther from Planview talks about a new whitepaper focused on resource management in VUCA environments – digital transformation.

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Can You Make a Decision in Presence of Uncertainty Without Estimating?

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From the business side, the final principle is Managerial Finance. These three principles Value at Risk, MicroEconomics of Decision Making, and Managerial Finance appear to be ignored by the NE advocates when they start with the conjecture that “decisions can be made with estimates,” and continue on with “estimates are a waste of developers time, they should be coding not estimating.”. The answer to this question starts with a simple principle based notion.

A View from the Top

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Owned by Director & CEO Alex Marson, the organisation works with large FTSE 250 clients including some of the biggest companies in the world in the Asset Management, Professional Services, Software, Automotive, Finance and Pharmaceutical industry.

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What Are the Advantages of Waterfall Project Management?


However, it has also proven popular in other industries, like finance, marketing, and education. When leaders organize processes for software development and other teams, the waterfall project management model and the Ag ile method are among the most common approaches.

Insider Perspectives on Recruiting With Ronald Yoon

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There are conversations with clients in Finance, Telecom, health sector, Government, IT and engineering. In general, older technologies naturally gain less attention in the IT market and Finance which means declining in demand. How does recruiting work? What do recruiters want?

Add to the C-Level

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They experience the company as broadly as possible with experiences in finance and in sales and in marketing and in manufacturing and even sometimes in services perhaps.

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