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How to do customer acquisition the right way in 2024


Whether you’re a product manager, team leader, or marketer, you should be aware of how customer acquisition happens, what channels your company uses, and how to measure the success of their projects. 12 customer acquisition channels How to create a winning customer acquisition strategy in 2024 1. Identify your ideal customer 2.

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Trello vs. Asana: Side-by-Side Comparison

Asana is a likely matchup for anyone looking for the right project management software. They’re both well-known and popular project management tools. Asana, on the other hand, is a simple-to-use work management tool. ProjectManager has Gantt charts, unlike Trello and Asana, to better manage projects.


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10 Key Project Scheduling Techniques to Know in 2024


Project managers have a lot of different plates to juggle when scheduling projects—and there isn’t much room for error. They must schedule tasks to meet tight timelines, manage different resources, and keep clients happy. The reality is, 29% of project managers say an inadequate goal setting is the main reason for project failures.

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Problem-solving for Project Managers

Project Pulse Journal

By: Hajime Estanislao, PMP, CSM Are you a project manager facing the relentless pressures of deadlines, unforeseen issues, and changing project scopes? Imagine possessing skills that transform every challenge into an opportunity, enabling you to manage and lead projects efficiently. What is Problem Solving?

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In I.T. Together: How and Why to Lead Blame-Free I.T. Projects

Project Accelerator News

How an IT Project Management team handles and learns from mistakes and setbacks can significantly impact success, not just for the current project but across your whole current portfolio – and future projects too. Threats were made of placing the team in special measures, micro-monitoring performance and even talent dismissal.

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5 Agile Methodologies for Project Managers that are not Scrum Framework

Project Pulse Journal

Ready to transform your approach to project management and software development? Exploring Agile methodologies provides teams with flexible, efficient, and collaborative approaches to software development and project management. What are the Top 5 Agile Methodologies?

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3 Continuous Improvement Strategies to Boost Your Project Management Skills

Project Pulse Journal

Today, continuously enhancing your project management skills is beneficial and expected. Begin integrating continuous improvement into your project management today, and transform your approach into a proactive, innovative powerhouse ready for the future's challenges. What is Continuous Improvement in Project Management?