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Brief comparison between MSP 5th edition and MSP 2011 edition

Henny Portman

Organization MSP 5 th edition MSP 2011 edition Sponsoring group Sponsoring group Programme board Programme board Programme office Programme office Senior responsible owner (SRO) Senior responsible owner (SRO) Programme Manager Programme Manager Business Change Manager (BCM) Business Change Manager (BCM). Two themes are more or less new.

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Commitments and forecasts when using Scrum

Scrum Guide 2011. Thankfully this use of commitment did not stay long and was updated in 2011. ".the If this has not come about from reading this version then could it be due to the culture and behaviours already inherent within the wider organisation? C ommit is now forecast ".


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20 Years of the Agile Manifesto

Jeff Sutherland (2011) Over the years, I had many guests on my podcast Agile.FM some of them that authored the Agile Manifesto. Let's go into the archives: Ken Schwaber (2012). Ron Jeffries (2018). Ward Cunningham (2013). Ken Schwaber (2015).

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Software Review: ITM Platform [2017]

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Software review: RationalPlan [2011] General information Name: RationalPlan Vendor: Stand by Soft Ltd Hosting options: Locally hosted. Software review: AceProject [2011] General information Name: AceProject Vendor: Websystems, Inc. It’s suitable for portfolio managers or programme managers on large programmes who have lots.

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All hands abandon plans!

Kiron Bondale

Naohiro Masuda’s management of the crisis at the Fukashima Daini nuclear plant in March 2011 provides a good example of how leaders might behave when planning under pressure. Planning is essential, the value of plans is ephemeral, so let’s treat them that way!

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20 Years of the Agile Manifesto Part II

Jeff Sutherland (2011) In the context of the Agile Manifesto, 5 episodes where I spoke with authors of the manifesto stand out today. Let's go into the archives: Ken Schwaber (2012). Ron Jeffries (2018). Ward Cunningham (2013). Ken Schwaber (2015).

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What are the focus areas of an Agile Coach?

The first Agile Coaching Competency framework was developed by Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spaydback in 2011. I want to define, Someone who developed deep expertise to help people, teams, and organisations enable better customer outcomes by focusing on an organisation’s internal and external orientation.

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