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4 Benefits of Using a Coding Test to Hire Great Developers


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics , the demand for software developers will grow by 21% between now and 2028. Some of the best companies use a coding test to turbocharge how they hire software developers – and in this article, we’ll show you why. A coding test is different. Read on below!

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The Best 6 Tools For The Maintenance Of A Positive Remote Work Culture


Upwork has predicted that the percentage of people working remotely is expected to rise to 73% by 2028. Coming back to the main point, let us review some of the best tools that promote a positive remote work culture. The software offers a variety of features that make remote work a walk in the park. Allows you to share files.


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2020 Trends and Challenges in Manufacturing

Epicflow Blog

The Amazon effect puts forward the following requirements to the services manufacturers suggest: Convenience (you can find everything you want with user-friendly services and consider customers’ reviews). Just think of the plants where everything is connected with software and works as a united mechanism. Doesn’t it sound great?

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5 Most Anticipated Gadgets in 2023

Productivity Land

For those who are fans of technology, gadgets, fast cars, and even robot software assistants, then stick around. The VR/AR industry’s booming success is due to these gadgets’ overall usefulness and dynamic implication across many industries, from healthcare to gaming and even to real estate. What kind of updates will we get?

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