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Production vs. Manufacturing: Key Differences

Production and manufacturing are often seen as the same thing. It’s important to understand the differences, especially if you’re involved in the manufacturing industry. Let’s explore production vs. manufacturing. We’ll also highlight many free templates that can help if you’re involved in production or manufacturing.

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Manufacturing Process Planning: Steps, Types & Benefits

Manufacturers need to have a process by which to make or assemble their products. This is an important step before manufacturing and must be thoroughly understood. Then find out the steps to process planning and see what a manufacturing process plan is and why it’s beneficial to production. What Is Process Planning?


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10 Free Manufacturing Excel Templates

Manufacturing requires a lot of attention to detail and coordinating various moving parts to deliver the final product. In order to accomplish those goals and meet a tight deadline and an even tighter budget, you need these 10 free manufacturing Excel templates. ProjectManager has dozens of free templates to download.

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10 Manufacturing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Manufacturing is based on delivering quality and quantity products to the market on schedule. Using manufacturing KPIs can help you determine strengths and weaknesses that can direct you toward improvements in all phases of your production cycle. What Are Manufacturing KPIs?

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Reshoring – The Future of Supply Chains

Speaker: Rosemary Coates - Board Member & Founder at Reshoring Institute, Best-selling Author, Host of the Frictionless Supply Chain podcast

Companies can lower the risk of disruptions by shortening the supply chain and moving manufacturing close to the points of sale to reduce the need for expensive and time-consuming transportation. Re-shoring is one solution that is gaining popularity as a result of pandemic-related issues.

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Manufacturing Cycle: A Quick Guide

By the time a product shows up on the shelf, it’s been through a much longer journey called the manufacturing cycle. Each product is manufactured from raw materials that need to be procured before the product hits the market. The manufacturing cycle is an essential part of all types of manufacturing. Learn more.

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Quality Control in Manufacturing: A Quick Guide

Simply put, quality control in manufacturing is important. Quality control in manufacturing means your customers get what they’ve paid for. Let’s learn what quality control is, some of the methods to employ it and the roles of your team to ensure quality control in manufacturing is delivered. What Is Quality Control (QC)?