Manufacturing Cycle: A Quick Guide

By the time a product shows up on the shelf, it’s been through a much longer journey called the manufacturing cycle. Each product is manufactured from raw materials that need to be procured before the product hits the market. Manufacturing Cycle Definition. Manufacturing.

What Is Advanced Manufacturing? A Quick Guide

For as long as there has been manufacturing, people have been working to increase efficiency. Using technology to achieve efficiency is called advanced manufacturing. As technologies have become more innovative, advanced manufacturing technology also improves. Manufacturing


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Manufacturing Resource Planning: A Quick Guide

Everything you need for your manufacturing process is a resource—people, materials, equipment, software, facilities, etc. That process is called manufacturing resource planning (MRP II), and it’s a method that used to work more effectively. How to Make a Manufacturing Resource Plan.

What Is Contract Manufacturing? Examples & Types

Contract manufacturing lets businesses, which may not have the resources or the funds to invest in heavy machinery, collaborate with other companies to fill orders. Let’s take a closer look at the types of contract manufacturing and some examples of how it works!

Reshoring – The Future of Supply Chains

Speaker: Rosemary Coates - Board Member & Founder at Reshoring Institute, Best-selling Author, Host of the Frictionless Supply Chain podcast

In this webinar, Reshoring Institute founder Rosemary Coates will teach you about the top supply chain trends going into 2023 and how your business can take steps to prevent disruptions.

The Manufacturing Process: Steps & Types

The steps to getting the product to you is the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process is often taken for granted, but not by manufacturers. Let’s take a moment to look at the big picture of manufacturing, and then zero in on what the manufacturing process is.

Manufacturing Overhead: Definition, Formula and Examples

These costs are what is called manufacturing overhead. Let’s define manufacturing overhead, look at the manufacturing overhead formula and how to calculate manufacturing overhead. What is Manufacturing Overhead? What Is Included in Manufacturing Overhead?

Just-In-Time Manufacturing & Production (JIT): A Quick Guide

A key goal in manufacturing is to get products to market faster while keeping costs down. That’s why many manufacturing companies embrace just-in-time manufacturing. Just-in-time manufacturing is popular for a reason. What Is Just-In-Time Manufacturing (JIT)?

Modern Challenges of Hybrid R&D Teams in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is an all-encompassing industry that touches everything, from food production to biotechnology to building materials. From the moment you wake up from the moment you go to bed, you interact with the manufacturing industry.

What Is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing addresses one of the worst things that can happen to any enterprise: waste. These neglected resources include everything from manufacturing project management tools , to the skills of the staff members. Called lean manufacturing or lean production, the truth is that the lessons learned from this methodology can be universally applied. An Overview of Lean Manufacturing. History of Lean Manufacturing. How to Practice Lean Manufacturing.

2021 State of Analytics: Why Users Demand Better

As organizations become more data driven, their analytics requirements grow. Find out how knowledge workers use analytics and explore their needs and preferences.

Production Planning in Manufacturing: Best Practices for Production Plans

As the creation of products and services has become more extensive and varied, manufacturing has become more elaborate. Production planning is the process of deciding how a product or service will be manufactured before the process begins.

Integrating Products for Manufacturing Success


We found Microsoft’s recent publication, Modern Project Management for Manufacturing , to be an excellent read explaining how project management within the field of manufacturing can be streamlined with one connected platform.

2020 Trends and Challenges in Manufacturing

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As the manufacturing industry is one of the biggest and most important ones in every country, it should comply with the world standard and meet the customers’ requirements. Thus, every manufacturing field should comply with these rules, otherwise, they will lose the demand.

2020 77

How to Solve the 5 Top Challenges of Manufacturing Projects


When you work through manufacturing projects, you face some unique challenges, often with a lot at stake. It’s always tricky to manage a disparate set of demands, visions, and expectations on any project; but it’s even trickier in manufacturing. Manufacturing Project Ownership.

Project Management Trends in Manufacturing in 2019

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution revolves around technology, smart sensors that collect real-time data, artificial intelligence that increases production efficiency, and better manufacturing quality, security, and transparency. However, despite all the positive trends, industrial manufacturers can no longer rely on stability and cost advantages from manufacturing in a certain country or sourcing from particular suppliers.

2019 55

Everything You Need To Know About Just In Time Manufacturing


If you are familiar with the world of supply chain and logistics, you must be aware of the buzzwords such as Just in Time (JIT) inventory and Just in Time manufacturing.

What Are Lean Manufacturing Concepts & How’re They Incorporated in Projects?


Lean manufacturing concepts have been around for quite a while now. With lean manufacturing, these companies were able to eliminate waste […]. These concepts have helped companies to increase productivity, improve efficiency and get the most out of their resources.

Lean 85

Top 8 Manufacturing Workflow Software Tools In 2021


Manually managing manufacturing workflow has become a tale of olden times, the world has transitioned to more efficient, digital tools of workflow management. What Is a Manufacturing Workflow Software? Manufacturing workflow software is a digital tool that streamlines your workflow.

2021 78

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): A Quick Guide

It’s everything from manufacturing the product to marketing it. That includes every stage of the process, from development to manufacturing and marketing to customer segmentation. Manufacturing Planning ProjectManager Blog ToolsProducts have a lifespan just like everything else.

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Manufacturing in the Cloud—Why Now?


Editor’s note: This is the second part of our series “Manufacturers and the Switch to Cloud-Based Software.” As shown, manufacturers are moving to the cloud… finally. For many manufacturers, the ‘kicks’ come from government agencies. In manufacturing, a big push to the cloud is in response to a mundane challenge—paperwork. Deliberate, even reluctant, cloud adoption was a logical path for manufacturers, given the government and societal forces at work.


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Agile Maturity & Change Management: 3 Steps for Achieving Executive Buy-In

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Manufacturing ERP. Skip to main content. Skip to navigation. Solutions. Agile Portfolio Management. Project & Portfolio Management. Professional Services Portfolio Management. Success. Services. Customers. Resources. Resource Center. New Features. Pricing. Free Trial. Overview.

Operational Efficiency: A Quick Guide

Operational efficiency is another way to look at work when you’re delivering a service or product, particularly popular in manufacturing. Manufacturing involves coordinating different departments in your company with suppliers and outside vendors. Manufacturing ProjectManager Blog

2022 284

6 Top Project Management Books for Engineers and Manufacturers


To compile this list, we dug through Amazon listings, forums, blogs, and review websites to identify the best project management books specifically for those in the manufacturing and engineering industries. While this book focuses on megaprojects, many of the insights can be applied to engineering and manufacturing projects of any size. The book covers a wide array of industries, including medical and pharmaceutical, aerospace, manufacturing, and more.

5 Stats You Need to Know from the 2017 State of Project Management in Manufacturing Report


In manufacturing, time is money. To better understand how manufacturers practice project management, we surveyed more than 100 executives, engineers, and project managers, resulting in the 2017 State of Project Management in Manufacturing report. It details project stats and methodologies, the lowdown on major challenges, and a look at manufacturers’ plans for cutting costs and building revenue in the coming year. Featured Manufacturing Project Management Teams

2017 71

How Big Data Can Give Project Managers The Edge In Manufacturing


Now, manufacturing is getting up-to-speed as companies recognize the value in the vast amounts of data that they create and hold. Manufacturers across a range of industries now have the capability to take previously isolated data sets, aggregate and analyze them to reveal important insights. Further Reading: AI, IoT, and the Future of Manufacturing]. Demand for Big Data Analytics in Manufacturing. Risk to any stage of the manufacturing process is a threat to output.

Project Management Tools for Manufacturing


Therefore, to successfully manage projects in manufacturing and make sure that results follow, one needs professional software to aid them in the matter, special project management tools for manufacturing, some of which we present below: TimeCamp 3.0 Nowhere else will you find so many projects as in goods production industry, geared towards efficiency in production and output.

5 Project Management Tips for Manufacturing Teams


Project Management + Manufacturing = Perfect Match. Manufacturing can, however, benefit greatly from project management ideas. The manufacturing environment comprises a lot of beginnings, middles and ends. Every project, whether in a manufacturing environment or any other, will involve requirements and goals. There are many methodologies and approaches to use to manage projects, and all of them are being used by manufacturing teams.

Embracing Digital Transformation for Manufacturing Companies


Embracing Digital Transformation for Manufacturing Companies. There are many challenges facing today’s manufacturing companies. These issues are magnified exponentially in industrial and commercial manufacturing , where products are not simply fabricated and delivered: each is a massive project that requires customization and re-engineering to the specifications of each customer. Want to see how Leankor can transform your manufacturing operations?

Essential Tools for Digital Manufacturing


Digital Manufacturing Requires Innovation, Starting With the Essentials. As with any important project, executive alignment is key for successful digital manufacturing transformation. However, old-fashioned communication and project management methods hold manufacturers back. Transformed Collaboration, The First Step Towards Digital Manufacturing Success. He said that leaders in manufacturing need to revamp their project management approach: .

How to Solve the 5 Top Challenges of Manufacturing Projects


When you work on a manufacturing project , you face some unique challenges, often with a lot at stake. Here, we’re going to look at some of the challenges specific to project teams working in the manufacturing industry—and how to solve these problems using project management practices and a dynamic tool. It’s always tricky to manage a disparate set of demands, visions and expectations on any project; but it’s even trickier in manufacturing.

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What Puts Manufacturing Teams Ahead: Lean Six Sigma


Before we go any further, allow me to make a confession: I believe that Lean Six Sigma is the dharma path for much of manufacturing. It’s true for manufacturing projects , but innovators are also extending it to projects trying to create a standardized outcome for their service delivery. Manufacturing had a long, slow progression up until the industrial revolution when the shift from the craftsman to the assembly line changed everything.

[Upcoming Webinar] Leankor – Transforming Manufacturing Project Delivery


Upcoming Webinar - Transforming Manufacturing Project Delivery. Our CEO, Emilio Bernabei and Jon Billings, General Manager of SunCo Sunspaces Inc explain first-hand how Leankor & Salesforce helps manufacturing companies transform their commercial delivery operations. There are many challenges facing today’s manufacturing companies when it comes to successfully delivering to their customers. Leankor – Transforming Manufacturing Project Delivery.

Industry 4.0 Series: AI, IoT, and the Future of Manufacturing


series, which looks at the new technologies, techniques, and trends that are pushing manufacturers toward a new level of optimization and productivity. AI, which fundamentally converts large amounts of data into intelligence, is being adopted at an increasingly rapid pace across many industry sectors, most notably, in manufacturing. The Role of AI and IoT in Manufacturing. In addition to driving operational efficiencies, AI can reduce manufacturing operating expenditure.

6 Real-World Benefits of Using Project Management Software in Manufacturing


The post 6 Real-World Benefits of Using Project Management Software in Manufacturing appeared first on LiquidPlanner. Case Study Featured ManufacturingWhen Rob Welsh, a Development Process Manager at Lake Shore Cryotronics , went searching for a new project management tool, he was in the market for something that would help his team deliver projects on time and on budget. He wasn’t expecting a tool could do that and cut his admin time by two-thirds.

Why Is Six Sigma Important to Manufacturing Teams?


Anyone who has ever led a manufacturing project can attest to the fact that they have unique challenges. Nearly all projects iterate through some version of the “planning, execution and control” cycle, but manufacturing takes that to new levels. Now it is used in many of the best manufacturing companies around the world. When you are manufacturing a product, standardization matters. The post Why Is Six Sigma Important to Manufacturing Teams?

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5 Ways Project Management and Lean Manufacturing Speed Up Processes


Lean manufacturing has become a popular way to eliminate waste, reduce costs and improve efficiencies. This philosophy originated, largely, at Toyota and is used to better align customer needs with manufacturing operations. After 25 years of leading manufacturing operations, implementing lean principles and conducting hundreds of projects, I can assure you that the opposite is true: Lean is supported by the basic tenets of project management.

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Project Management in Manufacturing: Solving the Resource Management Issue


If you work in manufacturing, you’re likely familiar with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Materials Resource Planning (MRP)—the system used to manage product planning, inventory management, production, fulfillment, and other aspects of production management and control. What’s more, you probably have a decent appreciation of how ERP/MRP systems have enabled manufacturing companies to optimize core business processes. Why an Optimized Manufacturing Floor Isn’t Enough.

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22 Manufacturing Conferences to Attend in 2018


Looking to add manufacturing conferences to attend in 2018 to next year’s schedule? This article includes a wide assortment of manufacturing events that will meet your interests. . When working in an industry like manufacturing, obtaining more knowledge is paramount. One way to expand your knowledge is to attend manufacturing conferences in 2018. Manufacturing is a field with tons of conferences, summits, and expos occurring year-round, in all parts of the world.