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Top 10 Project Management Methodologies – An Overview

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM). The Kanban methodology helps reduce inefficiencies, and is a great project management tool for many purposes such as lean manufacturing or agile projects. The car company applied it to their lean manufacturing model, known as the Toyota production system. Lean Methodology.

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Embracing an Innovative Mindset

Tony Adams

of project investment through delivering outcomes over budget, behind schedule and without meeting business expectations (PMI, 2017). Globally, companies waste approximately 9.7% The “way we’ve always done things” doesn’t work anymore.


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Agile Unplugged: EP 02 | Mike Cottmeyer and Dennis Stevens

Leading Agile

And then tying that together into a network and then applying Lean principles to designing an organization that can get stuff done. And then you start to measure some of the lean stuff that we’re doing at the time, from some of the con bonds. – Critical chain project management? – Yeah. – Right?

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The Definitive Guide to Project Management Methodologies


Any iterations you make will have to comply with the budgeting and scheduling constraints set up front. Mostly, this would be medium-sized projects with moderately high complexity but fixed budgets. Scope creep: Since there is no fixed end-date, nor a project manager for scheduling and budgeting, Scrum can easily lead to scope creep.

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The Complete Glossary of 614 Project Management Terms


Audit: The process of analyzing a project to ensure that it is being governed as intended. Budget : The sum total of all the money allocated for a project. Budget at Completion (BAC): BAC is the sum total of all budgets established for the work to be performed. Note that the budget cost is not the same as the budget.

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Overview of the PMBOK® Guide Seventh Edition – Lesson 3 Transcription


Meaning to say creating value, organizational governance and systems, functions associated with projects, the project environment, and product management considerations all provide the context for how project management could be conducted. And it comes down to practicing effective documentation, elegant and lean.

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