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Agile 2014 - Final Thoughts

Zen Project Management

A number of themes surfaced during Agile2014. One of the big themes was scaling agile. There were a number of presentations on the SAFe model , Discipled Agile (DAD) and the new framework by Jeff Sutherland. There was also a lot of discussion on how Spotify scaled agile (be sure to download the paper).

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Management Yogi's CHAMP Certification: 5 Tips on Agile and Hybrid-Agile Management

Management Yogi

Long back in 2014, I wrote 5 important tips for MS Project. It has been one of the most read articles of this site. Today, after eight years, I’ve released a new certification: Certified Hybrid-Agile Master Professional (CHAMP), which comes with a number of hands-on tips to manage Hybrid-Agile projects.In

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How to Manage Auditability (and other non-functional, non-technical requirements)

Rebel’s Guide to PM

This article first appeared in 2014 and has been lightly edited to update it. About the author: Dave Gordon is a project manager with over twenty years of experience in implementing human capital management and payroll systems, including both premises-based ERP solutions and SaaS solutions.

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What Project Managers really need to know about leadership

Rebel’s Guide to PM

This article first appeared on this website in 2014. He works with senior people to solve complex business problems. Martin also writes regularly about project management, leadership teams and business change. This article first appeared at Rebel's Guide to Project Management.

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Get Motivated: 10 Motivational Speeches That Will Change Your Life

Jim Carrey, Commencement Address, Maharishi University, 2014. That change was first on display at this speech for the graduates of Maharishi University in 2014. Brené Brown, the Power of Vulnerability, 2014. From the sublime to the ridiculous, even comic actors like Jim Carrey can find inspirational words to motivate.

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Further Thoughts on the #Agile Australia 2014 Embracing #Disruption


T he four weeks or so that have now passes since the Agile 2014 Conference in Melbourne have given me the opportunity to reflect on the conference and consider some of the presentations and messages I have been exposed to.

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What Makes A Good Product Owner?

Sverrisdottir, Ingason & Jonasson (2014) interviewed Product Owners from different organizations that there are often multiple Product Owners for the same product, even though the Scrum Guide prescribes against this. . Sverrisdottir, Ingason & Jonasson (2014) also found no standard for how much time Product Owners spend with teams.