Critical Chain Project Management


Critical Chain Project Management is a schedule network analysis technique that takes into account task dependencies, limited resources availability (people, equipment, physical space), and buffers necessary to successfully complete the project. The origin of Critical Chain.

In defense of Critical Chain

Kiron Bondale

One of the more subtle changes in the Sixth Edition of the PMBOK Guide is the elimination of all references to Critical Chain Method (CCM).

Top 13 Project Management Methodologies and Styles


5 – Critical Path. Critical path is a step-by-step method that works well for projects that have tasks which are dependent on one another. With the critical path managing style, interdependent activities are easily managed. 8 – Critical chain.

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Procrastination (See: manage slack)

Musings on Project Management

Do you understand the concept of schedule buffers and the critical chain methodology? Are you a procrastinator? Do you manage schedule? Do you think of yourself as a risk manager? Then, you'll understand that handling your tendency to put things off, and managing slack and schedule buffers are not that much different. In fact, what I see most of the time is managers wasting slack by doing a Project Management risk schedule

2016 15

Is everything scheduled?

Musings on Project Management

Then you've got Henry Gantt's charts, the critical path, and precedence scheduling down tight. How about "The Critical Chain" by Goldratt? Have you read the PMBok? Correct? Read a bit about Taylor and "scientific management". Excellent, then you know that people doing defined tasks are just interchangeable parts, or they were in 1910. Do you understand buffers and milestone protection? schedule

Case Study: Rex Materials Group Uses LiquidPlanner to Optimize Entire Value Chain


Kohl applied Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain management techniques to the problem—the most effective way to re-architect how the company approached the multitude of steps leading up to the manufacturing phase of each project.

2016 13

O Pareto, Pareto! Whereforth art thou Pareto?

Kiron Bondale

Last week I wrote about the elimination of Critical Chain Method (CCM) by the PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition development team. Pareto Charts, which used to be called one of the Seven Basic Quality Tools in the Quality Management chapter of the previous edition have also been eliminated.

6 Ideas to Improve Your Project Resource Management


6 Definitions: Make sure you understand these six core principles of resource management – Resource Levelling, Critical Chain Planning, Resource Capacity Planning, Resource Tracking, Resource Communications, and Resource Commitments – before tackling your next project. Resource Management is all about getting the right people, equipment, and materials in the right place at the right time. This is a top challenge for project managers everywhere!

Top 12 Most Relevant Project Management Books You Need to Read


Each topic covers the most critical articles from the world’s top management experts, like: strategy and the five competitive forces by Michael Porter, building a vision by Collins and Porras, blue ocean strategy by Kim and Mauborgne, and the balanced scorecard by Kaplan and Norton.