Sat.Sep 12, 2020

5 Tips for Organizational Transformation Under the COVID-19 New Normal

Brad Egeland

While the recession caused by COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on businesses of all sizes and industries, some are finding new ways to run daily operations, reach customers, re-shape their business, and stay relevant.

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What is Time to Fill: A Key Metric to Save Money and Time


Let’s dive deep into this metric, find out what it is and how it impacts your hiring, as well as how to improve it. What is time to fill? Simply put, time to fill is the total number of days that it takes to fill an open position in a company.

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The business of projects is Business

Musings on Project Management

The business of projects is Business. Don't believe it? Don't understand it? If the customer is not satisfied, they may not want to pay. If they are not successful, they cannot pay. If they are not more successful than they already were, why should they [pay]? Niels MalotauxParaphrased a bitNow, let's say your project doesn't directly touch the external customers. Maybe you're doing a. Project Management Project Value

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