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article thumbnail Professional Scrum Product Backlog Management Skills (PSPBM Skills) Study Notes

Here are some study notes that I created whilst learning more about the Professional Scrum Product Backlog Management Skills (PSPBM Skills) course and assessment. These are shared as a revision resource intended to summarise the key elements. Product Backlog Ordering Many techniques can be used to order the contents of a Product Backlog. Here are some commonly used approaches: The Kano Model is a framework used to categorise and prioritise features based on their potential to satisfy c

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Making a prediction?

Musings on Project Management

Making a prediction?Something to forecast?Milton Friedman (deceased now), distinguished economist and notably conservative when it came to finances has this adviceIf you're going to predict, then predict often!Yes, it's a bit humorous. But it's also true, to wit: the future is uncertain, subject to change, and subject to change unexpectedly and perhaps even near-term.

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Simplifying Work: The Path to Greater Productivity

When we're inundated with tasks, our productivity plummets as we constantly switch contexts, akin to a computer bogged down by too many open applications. We tend to underestimate the time lost to this context switching, which, as Martin points out, can be up to 20% per task. This loss can be quantified using the theory of constraints, which highlights how multitasking is not just inefficient, it's counterproductive.