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Understanding the Organizational Governance System as Project Managers

Project Pulse Journal

Is it challenging to navigate the complex landscape of project governance frameworks? In this article, we will dive deep into organizational and project governance and systems in project management. At the heart of this lies the robust framework of Organizational Governance Systems.

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How to Create a Powerful PMO Mission Statement

Rebel’s Guide to PM

There’s a lot riding on getting your PMO mission statement right. After all, the mission statement is what will guide the PMO as it strives to achieve its goals and objectives. Creating a powerful PMO mission statement doesn’t have to be difficult – but it does require some thought and careful planning.

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Pulse of the Profession 2018: Success in Disruptive Times by Managing Projects Effectively


The 2018 edition of the Pulse highlights feedback and insights from 4,455 project management practitioners, 447 senior executives, and 800 project management office (PMO) directors from a range of industries, including government, information technology (IT), telecom, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and construction.

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Project Prioritization


Increasingly, companies have full-time project-management offices (PMO) with staff and budgets to pursue project planning, management, and evaluation full time. Where the list is long, this is work for the PMO or an ad hoc project-prioritization committee. Another difference is how project prioritizing is built into the company?

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What Is an EPMO? (Enterprise PMO)


PMO vs. EPMO: what is the difference? While PMO has greatly helped many organizations, EPMO is the way of the future. . While PMOs are on the ground taking care of day-to-day activities, EPMOs have a high-level view of the project. . They actively work to correct many of the now outdated practices of the traditional PMO role.

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Complete Collection of Project Management Statistics 2015


Government – Federal. Information/. Technology. Government – City/State/Local. Information/Technology – 67%. Project Management Offices (PMOs). PMO Popularity by Company Size: 61% of small organizations (<$100M) have a PMO. 88% of mid-size companies ($100M-$1B) have a PMO.

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