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The Benefits of EWMS For Telecom Companies


In this article, we’ll be going over some of the ways EWMS can work effectively for the telecom industry and overcome some of the issues they face today. EWMS For Telecom Companies. This system of organization would be extremely effective for large telecom companies.

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Opportunity knocking. Telecom Infrastructure Provider Outlook


The Outlook includes Growth in 2020: Promises and pitfalls Impacts from increased project volume The real cost of meetings and reporting COVID-19 industry insights Sitetracker, the global standard for managing high-volume infrastructure projects, is excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated 2020 Telecom Infrastructure Provider Outlook. Telecom Infrastructure Provider Outlook appeared first on Sitetracker.

The City of Sacramento goes live with Sitetracker to manage telecom asset reservations


Sitetracker has been selected by the City of Sacramento to manage the reservation for and the timely deployment of telecom assets. All municipalities across the US can work more closely with telecom providers to generate additional revenue and meet new FCC guidelines.

Sitetracker opens the first-of-its-kind telecom infrastructure survey


The post Sitetracker opens the first-of-its-kind telecom infrastructure survey appeared first on Sitetracker.

Vendor Management for telecom project managers


The post Vendor Management for telecom project managers appeared first on Sitetracker. The difference between a good and a bad vendor can significantly increase the time it takes to complete a project.

Project management is at the core of maintaining safety standards in telecom


Work accidents and customer safety are a major issue in the telecom industry. The telecom industry has a 3.87% Annual Injury Rate, which is quite high compared to other industries. Telecom field … Continue reading. The post Project management is at the core of maintaining safety standards in telecom appeared first on Sitetracker.

Sitetracker Announces the Winners of the Heroes of Telecom Awards


Award categories included: Best Company Culture, Most Innovative Telecom Company, Corporate Responsibility, Most Influential Woman in Telecom, Judges’ Choice, and the most coveted award: Project Manager of the Year. News heroes of telecom

2019 is telecom’s tipping point. Here’s why.


The post 2019 is telecom’s tipping point. The telecommunications industry has reached a tipping point. Network densification is a requirement for increased and more ubiquitous connectivity. Up to this point, the telecommunications industry has been able to utilize existing fiber and build new fiber in an ad hoc, as needed, manner. This is no longer enough as the demand for small cells and DAS is increasing exponentially in the race to 5G.

5 tips telecom industry leader Victoria Lamberth, CRO and Co-Founder of ZenFi Networks wants you to know


This week the Women@Sitetracker group had the opportunity to sit down with Victoria Lamberth, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of ZenFi Networks, for a discussion about leadership in the telecom industry. The post 5 tips telecom industry leader Victoria Lamberth, CRO and Co-Founder of ZenFi Networks wants you to know appeared first on Sitetracker.

Five Highlights of the 2020 PMI Job Report

Arras People

The report pulls out four industry sectors that deserve special mention as potential opportunity areas for jobs – these include telecoms and 5G; financial services technology (fintech); renewable energy and healthcare.

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Will firms keep capitalizing on their new systems in a post-COVID 19 world?


Sitetracker’s own Telecom Infrastructure Provider Outlook found a correlating sentiment among Telecom executives and increasing project volume: 68% of participants surveyed anticipate increased or similar demand for telecom infrastructure.

Romain Tower partners with Sitetracker to scale their quickly growing business


The diversified communications company operates with in-house trained employees enabling them to be a turnkey telecom company … Continue reading. Originally posted via PR Newswire. Sitetracker, the project and asset management standard for innovative infrastructure owners and operators like Verizon, Nokia, Alphabet, and Panasonic, is proud to announce their partnership with Romain Tower to help the company scale their business as demand from their large carrier customers grows.

Projects are Life with Iris Dawson, Vice President of Site Development at inRange Solutions


How many people in the telecom industry can say they were professional dancers? We met with Iris Dawson, the Vice President of Site Development at inRange Solutions to learn how her career in dance prepared her for success in telecom.

How Eric Got A PM Job (And How You Can Too)

Girl's Guide to PM

About Luis: Luis Peluffo, PMP, has over 10 years’ experience in the telecoms industry and is based in Panama. Luis Peluffo, a career coach who helps people get their dream project management job, shared this in our Facebook group. With his permission I wanted to pass it on here.

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Live from Product404, in Atlanta: Agile RoadMapping

Leading Agile

Scott brings B2B2C and B2C perspective across multiple industries including eCommerce, aviation ecosystems, telecom equipment and services, mobile devices, insurance and financial services.

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Behind The Scenes: Conferences From An Exhibitor’s Perspective

Girl's Guide to PM

Besides being a marketer he has past experience in Telecom industry where developing new products, managing diverse teams and holding few roles as a Project Manager. I’ve always known the APM Conference is quite a draw.

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Horizon chooses Sitetracker to harness the power of data to revolutionize service delivery


Originally posted via PR Newswire. Horizon is partnering with Sitetracker to optimize the service delivery process Extensive automated reporting and analytics will enable data-driven decisions Horizon regards Sitetracker as essential for growing and scaling the business PALO ALTO, Calif.,

Understanding the Importance of Effective Project Management on Project Profitability


It applies whatever field you’re in, from marketing to consulting, technology, telecoms, public sector, private sector, creative, healthcare, even internal IT services…the goals are the same or similar – to increase client satisfaction and drive profitability.

Understanding the Importance of Effective Project Management on Project Profitability


It applies whatever field you’re in, from marketing to consulting, technology, telecoms, public sector, private sector, creative, healthcare, even internal IT services…the goals are the same or similar – to increase client satisfaction and drive profitability.

Avoid extinction: modernize your project management processes in the era of network densification


The telecom industry is facing a similar cataclysmic event right now network densification. Extinction level event: Network Densification Network Densification is an extremely powerful force that will shape the telecom industry and mobile networks over … Continue reading. 65 million years ago dinosaurs once roamed and ruled the Earth. Suddenly, everything changed. When a meteorite hit, the climate changed, the world changed, and the dinosaurs went extinct.

Sitetracker invests in the success of people deploying critical infrastructure around the world


Palo Alto, CA, January 29, 2020— Sitetracker, the global standard for managing high-volume telecom projects, announces the launch of Sitetracker Certification. Originally posted on PR Newswire.

The Spotlight on the Programme Manager

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With 72% of Programme Managers working in the private sector – it’s financial services, professional services, IT delivery and telecoms where you’ll find them working the most.

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Strategy Implementation Needs Great Portfolio Management

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

With the right portfolio management process, as well as an execution mindset in place, Nokia would still be one of the leading telecom operators in the world, I believe.

Reach Your Business Goals Faster with Epicflow

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They connect continents with advanced telecom solutions, they change the automotive industry with new technologies, contribute to nutrition innovations, provide people with modern medical centers, give the shipbuilding industry unlimited technical opportunities. Epicflow clients create the most advanced products you can imagine.

If It Was My Organization

Agile Coach

Free wifi wouldn’t destroy big telecom revenue? Taking an idea from The Feedback Wrap , this post was written on a beautiful Sunday night by the pool on the eve of Agile 2016, and after a skimming of “ Why Business People Speak Like Idiots “ I’m in a mellow mood, but feeling a little annoyed with whole world of Agile lately. Remember when good leadership was good leadership? Now it HAS TO be Agile leadership. I spent a good chunk of the day chasing Pokemon (Pokemen?)

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AGL Summit Top Takeaway: Overcome the challenges of tower colocation in the race to 5G


It’s a topic of great importance as the telecom industry races to 5G in this era of network densification. Brett Cupta, Vice President of Customer Success at Sitetracker, participated on a panel on the technical challenges of tower colocation last week at the SoCal AGL Local Summit. The demand for greater coverage and throughput is aided by advances in wireless technology. As technology progresses, the processes of operating cell towers change.

Increase market share and gain new business by embracing change in the era of network densification


There has been a shift in the telecom industry. Everyone is talking about the race to 5G, but are we taking it’s effect seriously? Billions of dollars are being invested in mobile network infrastructure to keep up with capacity and speed demands. These investments include fiber installation, traditional tower builds, and small cell deployment. Network densification is creating an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

How to Frame the Start of Any Work Conversation

Brad Egeland

He has extensive experience in multiple sectors and industries including aerospace engineering, defence, telecoms, web hosting, the travel industry, sports equipment design and healthcare.

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Pulse of the Profession 2018: Success in Disruptive Times by Managing Projects Effectively


The 2018 edition of the Pulse highlights feedback and insights from 4,455 project management practitioners, 447 senior executives, and 800 project management office (PMO) directors from a range of industries, including government, information technology (IT), telecom, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and construction.

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Leankor is coming to Dreamforce!


We had a great time meeting with the community and presented at Industry Partner Theatre Sessions, where we showcased some of our premier customers in solar, telecom, and manufacturing, and how they use Leankor for their Enterprise Work Management. Leankor is coming to Dreamforce!

Managing Cross Country Work with EWMS


For telecoms, managing work across numerous time zones is par for the course. In larger companies, work silos can start to form which break down the efficiencies necessary to keep a telecom profitable. Enterprise Work Management Solutions (EWMS) are well suited to assist telecoms with this challenge. In the highly competitive telecom industry, early adoption and adaptation of new technologies requires excellent internal team communication and collaboration.

Leankor Announces Executive Team Expansion to Drive Global Sales and Customer Success Operations


Leankor is used by many of the world’s leading brands with focused solutions for Manufacturing, Construction, Solar, Energy, Biotech/Pharma and Telecom. Two Vice President Hires Brought on to Support Ongoing Corporate Growth Initiatives. July 09, 2020 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

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Project Cost Management – The Essential Things to Know and Do

Online PM Courses

telecoms charges. Project Cost Management often puts people off. It feels complicated and has the mystical air of mathematical magic and wizardry.

The Secret to Finding a Job as a New Scrum Master

Agile Advice

You’ll not find them easily in the big employers (banks, telecoms, etc.) It appears to me there are more jobs available for Scrum Masters than ever before! Why is it so hard for some people to find employment with Agile teams? The problem is entirely predictable.


How to Identify, Analyze and Eliminate Muda From Your Kanban System?


In other domains like marketing, IT, software development, telecom etc.,

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Leankor + Salesforce = The Ultimate Formula for Success


Enterprise Work Management for Telecom: Achieve Faster Customer Project Delivery. * Wednesday, 11/8 at 1pm – 1:20 pm Moscone South Industry Expo Theater. Like most early-stage tech companies, Leankor needs to gain an edge on competitors while delivering break-through value propositions to its customers — the sooner we achieve these goals, the better.

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Insider Perspectives on Recruiting With Ronald Yoon

Project Management Hacks

There are conversations with clients in Finance, Telecom, health sector, Government, IT and engineering. How does recruiting work? What do recruiters want? These are some of the thoughts that prompted me to interview Ronald Yoon, Technical Recruiter at EXPERIS ManpowerGroup.

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Awesome Leankor Moments from Dreamforce 17


Telecom Session with Mike Oliver from SOLUS Network Solutions. Awesome Leankor Moments from Dreamforce 17. Dreamforce 17 is another Salesforce conference that is now behind us but not easily forgotten.

Knowledgeline: A favorite quote:: by Tom Baldwin


By Anonymous , at 10:47 PM Hi, We may share some interest part of telecommunications story or update, so visit my website **Telecom** site/blog. Knowledgeline Monday, October 25, 2004 A favorite quote Just when you feel like the cycle of projects never ends, keep this quote in mind. Im not sure who was first to use it, "The rewards for doing something well is the opportunity to do it again." posted by Tom Baldwin - Chief Knowledge Officer at 9:27 AM 15 Comments: Great blog here!

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