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Creating a Risk-Adjusted Backlog

Mike Griffiths

This article explains what a risk-adjusted backlog is, why they are useful, how to create one and how teams work with them. What is a Risk-Adjusted Backlog? The Economics of Risk Management. Negative risks are called threats, and positive risks are called opportunities.

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The Virtuous Cycle of Trust and Influence

Leading Agile

In today’s environment, organizations are striving for business Agility, or else they risk being put out of business. In today’s blog, a continuation of the first in this two-part series, we’ll talk about building trust and influence, and initiating the trust-influence loop.


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Project Communication Management: What is it all about?

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Did you know that 56% of your project budget might be at risk due to poor communications? Perhaps that number (from research by PMI ) surprises you, but I’m sure you aren’t surprised by the fact that good communication management on projects leads to higher success rates.

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How To Become a Successful SAFe Agile Coach?


All frameworks for scaling agile share five main components: inspiration from the 12 Agile Manifesto principles, cadence, synchronization, Scrum, and quality development practices. The organizational culture focuses on learning, allowing for mistakes, and taking controlled risks.

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How to make a project schedule you’ll stick to in 9 steps (with free template)


The schedule will also help you see if you’re overloading your team or putting people at risk of burnout. The plan includes a series of documents that guide the execution and control stages of the project, such as: Risk management. Risk mitigation.

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A Word on Velocity

Leading Agile

What ensued was an excellent reminder that, even in pursuit of the continuous improvement, there is always a risk that any conversation can go sideways with even the best of intentions getting lost in translation.

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6 Project Management Trends to Expect in 2022


While we all want to see into the future of project management trends, these current industry ideas are sure to influence project management teams for months to come: Improving communication across blended teams. Project management will undergo significant changes this coming year.