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The Rhythmic Dance of Agile with Cadence


Now, you might be thinking what exactly a dance has to do with cadence in Agile? Let’s start first with the definition of cadence. Cadence – Definition and Basics. One can define cadence in Agile as follows: Cadence is a regular, predictable pattern of development work in Agile. Working with Single Cadence.

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A 2021 Guide to Kanban Cadences to help Align Your Business Communication


To many of the fans of project management out there in the market, these rhythms are known as Kanban cadences. What are Kanban Cadences? To learn about Kanban cadences, you need to know about cadences first. The latter is the closest to what we can say for certain that Kanban cadences relate to.

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To Fix Your OKRs – Go Back to First (Familiar) Principles

Figuring out the right Cadence . It’s all about finding the “goldilocks” cadence that provides frequent enough transparency and the opportunity to inspect and adapt at the right level. There can be a different cadence for everyone involved in achieving an OKR as compared to the cadence involving all stakeholders interested in that OKR.

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The Rhythmic Dance of Agile with Cadence

Management Yogi

Odissi (pronounced o-dee-shee) is one of the classical dances of India from the coastal state of Odisha. Based on archeological evidence, it’s possibly the oldest living classical Indian dance. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US, notes in its web-archives that Odissi is two to three thousand years old.

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Scaling Agile Practices – Improve Business Outcomes


Develop on Cadence; Release on Demand. In SAFe®, this is known as Develop on Cadence, a coordinated set of practices that support Agile Teams by providing a reliable series of events and activities that occur on a regular, predictable schedule. Agile Team and Agile Release Train Cadences. Release on Demand.

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Capabilities Release or Cadence Release

Herding Cats

So do we pick a Capabilities Release or a Cadence Release? Cadence release puts value out on a periodic basis. Cadence release puts value out on a periodic basis. Those capabilities don't always show up in the Cadence, but that's a separate issue as well. . Capabilities release provides the answer to Early and Often.

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Everything You Need to Know About Release Managers

Rebel’s Guide to PM

We had a fortnightly release (and therefore a giant scrabble to try to get your changes in before the cut-off and presented to the CAB in time), but your company might have monthly releases or use a different cadence. Key roles and responsibilities of the job. The role involves planning the release scope (the contents of what’s going in).