Fri.Mar 17, 2023

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Online Marketplace Metrics: How to Track


An eCommerce marketplace is a platform that connects buyers and sellers. The marketplace model has grown in popularity for two reasons: It allows companies to tap into new markets outside of their traditional reach and reduces some costs associated with operating an online store. However, running an eCommerce marketplace involves more than just setting up a platform for others to sell on; online marketplace metrics matter if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

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Business Agility Examples: 4 Companies Who Weren’t Agile And What We Can Learn

Sometimes a business needs to re-examine their products and services in the context of their relevance in a changing world. Missing signals from the market can be disastrous. In this video, Professional trainers Gregory Crown , Jason Malmstadt and I discuss four companies that failed to change quickly enough when faced with massive market changes and how that failure led to their downfall.

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4 Best Practices for Effective Resource Management


Almost 20% of US businesses fail within the first two years. With the right strategies in place, though, you can avoid this. In order for your company to be successful, you will need to have a comprehensive understanding of how to manage resources. To achieve this, researching resource management best practices is essential. We’ve put together a brief guide full of tips in managing resources effectively.

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Scrum im Selbststudium – Teil 10: Scrum Events erlauben, die Artefakte zu überprüfen und anzupassen

Willkommen zum 10. Artikel der „Scrum im Selbststudium“-Artikelreihe. Solltest du den letzten Artikel verpasst haben, findest du ihn hier. Scrum ermöglicht Unternehmen, regelmäßig und häufig neu zu entscheiden. Um zielführend entscheiden zu können, was als Nächstes getan werden soll, müssen das Product Backlog, das Sprint Backlog und das Inkrement häufig mit allen, die daran beteiligt sind, betrachtet werden.

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From Predictive to Agile: How to Choose the Right Project Management Methodology

Our profession is undergoing a transformation, moving away from rigid, one-size-fits-all methodologies. Instead, project managers are embracing dynamic and adaptable frameworks that carefully consider project and product variables to determine the most suitable development approaches and project life cycles.

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10 Problems Users Sometimes Have With Cloud Storage

Productivity Land

Cloud storage has become increasingly popular as businesses and individuals seek out a secure, convenient method for storing and managing their data. Clouds offer a variety of advantages, but users may experience certain issues that can impede the overall performance of their cloud storage system. 1. Security breaches: One of the biggest concerns with cloud storage is the risk of security breaches , particularly when it comes to sensitive data.

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Hybrid – The Future of Project ManagementWith Cyndi Snyder-Dionosio

International Institute for Learning

The best project practitioners tailor their leadership approach to meet the needs of the deliverables, the environment, and their stakeholders. Both waterfall and Agile methods rely on process. With waterfall you might have detailed scope definition, robust schedules, and rigorous change control processes. With Agile you might focus on three stand-up questions, iteration planning, demonstrations, and productive retrospectives.

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8 Essential Soft Skills For Project Managers To Succeed.


Project managers must possess various soft skills to manage projects successfully from start to finish. Soft skills are less tangible but no less important. These skills are essential for project managers to complete the project on time, within budget, and with high-quality results. This article will cover 8 essential soft skills for project managers to deliver projects successfully.

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Strengthening the Foundation for Business Agility


Copyrights: © Scaled Agile, Inc. The first theme among the six primary themes of SAFe® 6.0 is- Strengthening the foundation for Business Agility. Everything moves fast in the digital age. Customer desires, competitive threats, technology choices, business expectations, revenue opportunities, and workforce demands now happen at blistering speeds. To address these challenges, Business Agility must compete and thrive in the digital age by quickly responding to market changes and emerging opportunit

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Virtual Agile Teams with Keith Wilson

International Institute for Learning

The goal of the webinar is to provide you with Tips and Tricks for Successful Virtual Teams and to enable you to execute Agile Scrum methods in a virtual project team environment. What You Will Learn After this one-hour session, learners will be able to: Define Virtual Teams Communicate Virtual Team Success Guidelines Know how to work with Virtual Agile Scrum Teams Keith Wilson Keith Wilson is a Trainer, coach, course developer, and consultant with International Institute for Learning (IIL).

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ERM Program Fundamentals for Success in the Banking Industry

Speaker: William Hord, Senior VP of Risk & Professional Services

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is critical for industry growth in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing risk landscape. When building your ERM program foundation, you need to answer questions like: Do we have robust board and management support? Do we understand and articulate our bank’s risk appetite and how that impacts our business units? How are we measuring and rating our risk impact, likelihood, and controls to mitigate our risk?

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3 tips for bringing EV charging to rural communities


Rural communities can and should have a big say in how the national EV charging network takes shape The post 3 tips for bringing EV charging to rural communities appeared first on Sitetracker.