Sustainable Development Goal #7 Renewable Energy and Project Management

Green Project Management

This week’s post focuses on SDG #7 of 17, Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. There are three key targets and two sub-targets with with this goal By 2030: Ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services to all people.

Creative Energy

The Tao of Project Management

We had our AGM at the rugby club this week. Good turnout (probably because we opened the bar and had free food) and there was a good bit of lively discussion. Creativity in projects often comes from the interaction between opposites. If everyone on the project is in total harmony and agreement things will be very peaceful but there will be no spark.

Manage Your Energy, Not Just Your Time

Project Risk Coach

It does not matter how much time I have if my energy level is low. Let me put another way: If my energy level is high and my mind is clear, my productivity skyrockets. The authors provided powerful insights on the need to manage energy and how. 7 Ways to Boost Your Energy.

2016 25

Personal Energy Audit: 5 Physical Factors [Video]


What if you have a huge amount of time but low energy? With that in mind, here are five physical factors you should keep an eye on in order to keep your energy levels high and your days productive. The post Personal Energy Audit: 5 Physical Factors [Video] appeared first on BrightWork. Then it’s very likely that you’re not going to get much done!

5 Emotional Factors Affecting Your Energy Levels?

Brad Egeland

First question: Are you happy with the career and work choices that you have made? Some people say to me, ‘Eamonn, work is not that important.’ ’ I am afraid that I cannot agree. ​ You work from pretty much nine am to five or six pm each day, and many of us probably longer.

10 tips for project success: start moving, keep moving, get momentum

The Digital Project Manager

Projects running successfully are like cycling downhill, they have momentum, an energy of their own which exaggerates your strengths and covers a multitude of mistakes. Posted in General Ten Tops Tips.

2016 88

Need to Drink Lots of Coffee? You're in Luck!

Brad Egeland

400 mg of caffeine/day = 4 cups of plain brewed coffee; 10 cans of caffeinated soda; two of those tiny energy shots or five Red Bull-type energy drinks. Good news! A recent study shows that our official coffee limit is quite high.

Leading with microknowledge

Musings on Project Management

Defense Secretary, wrote in his memoirs that a strong and effective leader in a big and complex organization needs to put the time and energy into acquiring "microknowledge" but refrain from "micromanagement. put in the time and energy. Robert Gates, former U.S. An interesting thought, to be sure. Let the emphasis lie on ". This stuff is not free. Didn't Gladwell say: 10,000 hours to be leadership

2016 12

Project Managers: Get out of that funk! Episode 33

PM for the Masses

Have you ever felt like you Had no energy? Have you ever felt like you Had no energy? Hello everyone! On today’s episode I share with you my experience as I returned from a great vacation to find myself paralyzed by the amount of work waiting for me.

2014 33

5 Mistakes Every Project Manager Should Avoid

Girl's Guide to PM

This includes everyone who invests time and energy into the project, and is directly affected by it. Meeting deadlines and quality standards takes time and energy. I’m delighted to be partnering with KnowledgeHut to bring you an article by Abhishek Gaurav today. To err is human.

2017 117

Tom Peters and Soft Skills

Zen Project Management

I recently had the opportunity to hear Tom Peters speak and I have to say that even at the age of 71, he still has a lot of energy and passion. He began the talk with his experience coming out of college with an engineering degree. He found the math and science classes did little to prepare him for the real world, the people part of the equation, or the “all important last 99%” of being successful.

2014 63

We’re gonna build a great, GREAT wall…


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Podcast 97 – How to hold a rock star project kick-off meeting

Fix my Project Chaos

Sara works alongside companies to bring energy and engagement into staff training. Let’s talk about how to hold a rock star project kick-off meeting Sara Sheedy specialises in bringing purpose, passion and creativity to learning. In this podcast, she speaks to Elise Stevens about how to hold a rock star project kick-off meeting. Her strategies […]. The post Podcast 97 – How to hold a rock star project kick-off meeting appeared first on Fix My Project Chaos. Podcasts

2016 17

The Potential of Agile

Tyner Blain

All of those investments are competing for limited resources – time, money, people’s energy. The pop-culture concept of a silver bullet – a simple solution to a hard problem – is a dangerous idea. It can be used to over-promise, and doom a team to under-delivery.

Agile 79

Managing Conflict as a Project Manager

Arras People

Don’t waste energy worrying about it just accept it comes with the territory. Conflict within most project teams is inevitable and effectively managing conflict is arguably the hardest thing a project manager has to do.

2017 52

Master Ego Depletion To Keep Out of Trouble At Work

Project Management Hacks

What about your own mental energy? Over the course of a day, there is a certain amount of mental energy available and various activities reduce it (e.g. Working with people, navigating complexity and developing creative solutions will tend to drain your energy. Know Thy Energy.

2016 12

5 Tips To Re-Energise Your Daily Standup Meetings

Girl's Guide to PM

Because after a few weeks I realised that the energy levels weren’t what they should be for such a creative, innovative agency. We needed to inject some energy. Regular readers will know that I’m not an expert in Agile, by any means.

2016 107

How to Be a Productive Project Manager: 7 Tips

Project Risk Coach

Imagine yourself as a more productive project manager, one with greater capacity and energy to complete each day’s tasks. The problem: I don’t have much energy in the day, particularly in the afternoon and evenings. I find exercise and sleep save me time by giving me greater energy.

2016 40

15 Clever Ways to Save Time at Work

Girl's Guide to PM

Sometimes, just let it go and save your time and energy for a day when you have to step up. You’ll come back refreshed, with more energy and a clearer head to face the rest of the day.

2017 128

A Project Manager Needs Time To Think

Arras People

So, understandably, PMs devote time and energy to making sure team members are working efficiently – but the project manager’s time is rarely factored into a project schedule.

2016 77

How To Read Like A Project Leader


Employees in high-trust organizations are more productive, have more energy at work, collaborate better with their colleagues, and stay with their employers longer than people working at low-trust companies.

2017 16

Cut, Cut, Cut: Elimination Strategies To Boost Productivity

Project Management Hacks

In project management, it’s easy to fall into the trap of allocating most or all of your energy in the “manager” mode. What will you do with the extra time and energy? Elimination is an underrated productivity strategy we all need to practice.

Is Your Project Sustainable? Episode 47

PM for the Masses

Yet, I don’t think we think much about it when talking about projects – unless the project happens to be related to environmental, sustainability, green energy, or other related topic. Yet, I don’t think we think much about it when talking about projects – unless the project happens to be related to environmental, sustainability, green energy, or other related topic. Sustainability is such a buzzword today.

The Basics for a Happy and Productive Day on Projects

Arras People

Having lunch with colleagues, taking time to eat and sharing in casual conversation revives employees’ energies and helps them to feel more inclusive.

2016 66

Successful Stakeholder Management Needs Teams

Girl's Guide to PM

Not all stakeholders are equal and so you may choose to communicate with each of them differently in order to save time and energy. Winning stakeholder support when time and energy are limited This is a guest post by Jo Ann Sweeney. This is a guest article by Isidora Roskic.

2016 105

Is Agile Really Cheaper?

Tyner Blain

If you’re building the wrong product, investing in your ability to build more cost effectively is a waste of energy. There are several ways to answer the question “is agile cheaper than waterfall?” ” Here are two of my favorites: “It depends.

2013 97

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Pam Shergill

Girl's Guide to PM

Pam has amazing energy and is the kind of person who grabs every opportunity. Invest time and energy with a coach or mentor to keep you on track.

2017 87

How to Engage Participants in a Project Management Workshop

Project Risk Coach

Keep your energy level high. The longer the workshop, the greater the chance that energy levels will wain for both the presenter as well as the participants. Manage your energy, not just your time. John, Sally, and Bill just left a full-day project management workshop.

2017 16

10 Simple Ways to Revitalize Your Project Meetings

Project Risk Coach

schedules permitting, to leverage greater energy in the mornings. Monitor energy levels. Recognize that energy levels will likely diminish in the afternoon. What can you do to improve energy throughout the day?

2017 12

When is a Good Time to Look for a New Project Manager?

Arras People

A recent anecdote, recounted by a colleague, highlighted how little energy can be put into resource management in project organisations. In the worst extremes this results in reactive recruitment with little account taken of the timing of the activities.

2016 56

The Yin-Yang of Productivity


Though the brain weighs only less than 2% of the body weight it consumes more than 20% of the total body energy. The amazing energy efficient system that human body is, it tries to conserve energy. System 2 type of thinking is hard work and energy consuming.

2018 17

10 Reasons Projects Fail: Lessons from the Death Star


And sure enough, without the protection of Endor’s energy shield, the Death Star’s vulnerabilities made it easy pickings for the Rebel fleet. Here I am.

2017 31

Three Questions Recruiters Ask and What They Mean?

Arras People

Spend your energy understanding what it is you would ideally like in this job or the next one – and learn how to articulate that with passion and enthusiasm.

2017 62

3 Ways to Cope When Your Project Goes Off The Rails

Girl's Guide to PM

12 ways to create positive energy on projects This is a guest post by Anna Erdmanska, PMP. If I’m honest it has been a while since I’ve worked on a project that has gone totally off the rails. We’ve had little disasters here and there.

2016 120

2017 Project Management Trends To Watch

Girl's Guide to PM

If project success rates are going to go up – and they really should – then value and business benefit are where we should be putting our energy.

2016 105

What Should a New Project Manager Focus On?

Girl's Guide to PM

A new project manager, like any other, needs to focus their energies on these four things, in that order. This is a guest article by Dr Mike Clayton, who is the well-known author and trainer behind Online PM Courses.*. It was about 17 years ago. I sat opposite the new project manager.

2016 108

Take Your Questions From Good To Great: 15 Examples

Project Management Hacks

Even if you have a great mentor, they have limited time and energy to help you. What questions do you use most often in your work? You may be focused on squeezing out incremental gains – how can we process 2% more transactions per day through this system?

2017 44

The Four Essentials of Project Team Leadership

Online PM Courses

So, these pressures can mount up and suck the energy out of you. Invest your time and energy in helping each one to develop and grow as a result of involvement in your project. Team Leadership itself is not hard.

6 Ways to Manage Projects Like a Nordic

Girl's Guide to PM

12 ways to create positive energy on projects This is a guest post by Anna Erdmanska, PMP. This is a guest article from Kayleigh Töyrä, coming to us from Bristol but with her roots firmly in Finland.

2016 109

Are we losing it?


This mode consumes less energy and is restorative in nature. This mode consumes a lot of energy. Switching between tasks makes the prefrontal cortex and striatum to burn up a lot of energy. This very energy is vital to focus our attention on tasks at hand.

2017 25