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Planning before Scheduling

Herding Cats

Planning is an unnatural process, it’s much more fun to get on with it. The real benefit of not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise and is not preceded by months of worry. ‒ The mechanics of the Integrated Master Plan and Integrated Master Schedule looks like this.

Tool Review: 10,000ft Plans

The Digital Project Manager

The post Tool Review: 10,000ft Plans appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. There’s an ongoing debate about how project management tools will fit into the future of work. As digital PMs, we’re needing to adapt to the.

Planning Balance


Planning is similar; the adages of “ Look before you leap ” and “ Cross that bridge when we come to it ” speak to the differing views towards project planning. Why would you not always do as much planning as possible before starting a project?

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When you shortcut your project planning

The Digital Project Manager

The post When you shortcut your project planning appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Posted in The PM life. The PM life

How to Develop a Quality Management Plan

Project Risk Coach

Let’s look at the project risks when there is no quality management plan. The Quality Management Plan. Before we discuss the quality management plan, let’s get our arms around the concept of quality. What is a Quality Management Plan?

When there is no plan B


There is no time to waste because as Ban Ki-moon of UN has said, “there is no plan B because there is no planet B.” ” The post When there is no plan B appeared first on IPMA Blog - Learn more about project management.

Have You Left Anything Out of Your Project Plan?

Project Risk Coach

The Project Plan Checklist Have you left anything out of your project plan? Check out this project plan checklist to help you identify the baselines and plans that will be most helpful to each of your projects. I like to keep my project plans as simple as possible.

Making Better Business Decisions with Continuous Planning

Arras People

The PMO community have often discussed the problems in portfolio management surrounding planning. If only if was so simple to effectively plan a portfolio of programmes and projects which fit neatly into an organisation’s financial year – life would be so much simpler but alas no.

Progressive elaboration is the only sane approach to planning!

Kiron Bondale

Imagine that you are planning a multi-day road trip across the country to a town which you’ve never visited before. What are the odds that you will plan your trip down to the hour? The allure of detailed plans is compelling because they reinforce the illusion of certainty.

Take Control of Your Project Plan Calendar


Getting everything done on time and under budget calls for strategy and forethought, and that’s why you need to maintain a clear project plan calendar. While some leaders may opt for an Excel project plan template, that means they miss out on some major opportunities.

Project Planning- A complete tutorial


Meticulous project planning is something that anybody who wants to succeed in managing projects should strive for, but few really achieve it. If you make a list and in it you write 10 items that you plan to do in a day or a week, it is a good start but it is not good planning yet.

What determines when project planning is just right?

Kiron Bondale

I’d written previously about some similarities between baking and project management , but a key difference between the two is that even a novice baker can procure the right ingredients, follow a plan step-by-step and still manage to achieve a reasonably tasty outcome.

Tax Planning for PM Contractors in 2016

Arras People

Getting ahead and planning your tax in 2016 is vital, especially in an environment that is constantly evolving. Those who receive income from dividends are advised to renew and income plans with a tax planning specialist. Tax planning is naturally a highly specialised area, and if you are to minimise your liabilities while maximising your wealth over the coming 12 months, it will be vital for you to receive the most informed expert advice.

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Dilbert on the challenges of project planning

The Digital Project Manager

The realities of any complex digital project – imperfect planning and clients that don’t get it. The post Dilbert on the challenges of project planning appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. General The PM life

Quote of the Day - Planning is Everything, Plans are Nothing

Herding Cats

Plans are nothing, Planning is Everything- General Dwight D. That was "No Battle Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy" - General Helmuth von Moltke. . The quote in full context reads: I tell this story to illustrate the truth of the statement I heard long ago in the Army: Plans are worthless, but planning is everything. But all Plans and Forecasts must have the ability to adapt to the emerging situation . Of course the people who built the plan!

Unravelling PI Planning


There is a quote introducing PI Planning content on the Scaled Agile Framework website. But if there is one common denominator between all SAFe implementations, then it has to be the PI Planning. So what is PI Planning? And what does the ‘PI’ in PI Planning mean?

Planning is King

Herding Cats

There has been lots of buzz in the project management space lately about the benefits of planning. Planning is one of the Five Immutable Principles of project success. Planning tells us, in units of measure meaningful to the decision makers, what Done looks like. No Plan?

Project Management Career Q&A – Not Enough Planning Experience

Arras People

I’m currently looking for a job and I’m concerned that I don’t have enough experience in the initiation and planning of projects – my experience has always been in implementation. Just because your experience has focused on the implementation side of projects, does that really mean your initiation and planning experience is lacking? In relation to questions about initiation and planning, you can talk with authority about planning skills in implementation.

How to Make a Strategic Plan ? – { Part 1 }

Do you know that strategic planning undergoes a stage? This article is divided into five parts and the first article will tackle the following questions to ask yourself if strategic planning is right for you, the right committee, and the reasons of strategic planning implementation. A plan is a roadmap when and where your plan and organization are headed. Just like in strategy , you cannot let it exist without strategic planning. Strategic Planning

How to Build Your Own Event Planning Template in Wrike


Whether it’s a trade show, conference, corporate event planning, sales kickoff, or even just a team outing, managing an event is a different from managing a project. There are a ton of event planning tools out there. . Event coordination can be a monster to take on.

How to Develop a Simple Scope Management Plan

Project Risk Coach

5 Questions for Developing a Scope Management Plan How can you develop a scope management plan quickly that provides value to the project? Not familiar with terms such as a scope management plan, WBS, or scope baseline? 2=Planning scope management

Deliver Fast or Deliver as Planned (Update)

Herding Cats

Deliver as planned. The Plan for the delivery of value is shown in the Product Roadmap and implemented in the Cadence Release Plan, or sometimes in the Capabilities Release plan. Fast is a term replaced by Planned. The Plan is based on a Capabilities Based Plan.

No plan. no worry!

Musings on Project Management

Planning is an unnatural process, it’s much more fun to get on with it. The real benefit of not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise and is not preceded by months of worry. ‒ planning Strategic PlanSir John Harvey Jones My thanks to herdingcats for posting that bit of insight where I could find it. Read in the library at Square Peg Consulting about these books I've written Buy them at any.

?How Important is a Project Communication Plan?

Brad Egeland

​ Whether or not your project or your customer requires a delivered Communications Plan, you should still have one … especially if you are dealing with an external customer rather than an internal organization. How important is communication to project success?

Inaugural Regional Conference in Sydney – did you already plan your visit?


The post Inaugural Regional Conference in Sydney – did you already plan your visit? Sydney is a vibrant city and definitely worth a journey. In October, an exciting event is scheduled, the Inaugural Regional Conference hosted by the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM).

How to Develop a Human Resource Management Plan

Project Risk Coach

It starts with a little planning. Let’s look at the purpose of a human resource management plan, what’s included, and how to develop one. Human Resource Management Plan. Click here to grab a Project Human Resource Management Plan Template. Develops and manage project plan.

Plan your Stakeholder Engagement Campaign

Mike Clayton

So you plan meticulously, identify threats and take steps to mitigate them. You are a project manager. You care about getting things right. The only thing that can get in your way now is one thing: people. What all experienced … Continue reading → Brilliant Project Leader Change Management communication How to Manage a Great Project Stakeholder Management The Influence Agenda engagement campaign project communication stakeholder engagement stakeholder engagement management

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Just when you think a project is going to plan

The Digital Project Manager

The post Just when you think a project is going to plan appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. General The PM life

3 Step Process to Building a Project Work Plan Template in Wrike


Here’s a hint: your first step should be to create a project work plan. . . . But what is a project work plan , you ask? A project work plan allows you to outline the requirements of a project, project planning steps, goals, and team members involved in the project.

The 5 Reasons You Need Planning a Strategy

Planning a strategy is time-consuming; apart from exerting so much time and effort in it, you need to gather experienced people for the job. And the people should be devoted and not chicken out once the strategy plan is implemented. Another factor to take note is when planning a strategy; you cannot go wrong with specific and clear details. From the plan down to its tasks , the strategic plan should be free from vague information and confusing processes.

5 Reasons Why Capacity Planning Is The Secret to Successful Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

Not that long ago, a project manager – who, for the purposes of this article has asked to remain anonymous – was planning out Phase 2 of her project. She produced a project plan and resource plan, and kept timesheets so she could justify why she was doing so many hours on this project.

10 tips to meet your project planning goals

Moira Alexander

Plan for strategic alignment. If you’re a project manager, chances are your daily calendar is already filled from the moment you sit down at your desk to whatever time of day – or evening, most likely – you clock out. Many people at all levels of the enterprise rely heavily on you to have a solid grasp on all aspects of project management, including timing, status and direction of projects, at all times.

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Transport for London’s Signal Failure – £886m more than planned*

Ron Rosenhead

Optimistic planning bias strikes again? Horrible headlines and a horrible situation. The above costs come from a report published by Budget and Performance Committee of the London Assembly. Some of the statistics and comments in the report are astounding and some are below: · ….TfL

Are Your Project Plans Helping You Execute Successfully?


“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”. Project plans exist for a reason. And while your odds of success improve if you actually use them, plans are all too often consigned to the rubbish bin during the execution stage of a project.

Work Management: 10+1 Tools for Planning and Managing Your Work


Managing projects is rightly regarded as one of the most responsible types of job. Large companies employ only highly qualified professionals as project managers.

5 levels of Agile planning. and the DoD

Musings on Project Management

Some years ago I picked up this nice summary image of agile planning over several time cycles. It came from a white paper at " entitled "Scaling Agile Processes: Five Levels of Planning Fortunately, to give some credibility to his thesis, the author says right up front that agile methods don't scale to enterprise level without some changes!

Podcast 69 – Career Planning Tips for Project Managers

Fix my Project Chaos

About This Podcast: Do you have a plan for your career? Does your plan include your life goals? In this Podcast with Christine Litera discusses the importance of identifying what things are important to you (work goals, life goals) in setting your career plans. Not everyone needs a structured career plan. The post Podcast 69 – Career Planning Tips for Project Managers appeared first on Fix My Project Chaos.

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Improved project billing, planning and price estimates

Paymo App

The post Improved project billing, planning and price estimates appeared first on Paymo.

Planning Your Project - How Collaborative??

Brad Egeland

When in the planning stages of your project, questions you will need to ask include: How collaborative can or should my project planning be? And How much should I involve my team in planning the project?

Planning Poker – build accurate estimates for sprints on agile projects

The Digital Project Manager

Planning Poker is a great freemium agile estimation digital card game that enables a collaborative approach for consensus-driven estimating to guide sprint planning. The post Planning Poker – build accurate estimates for sprints on agile projects appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Play around. General Tools