Sat.Jan 21, 2023

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How much Product Discovery Is Enough?

TL; DR: Evidence-guided Product Discovery Using Itamar Gilad’s Confidence Meter How much product discovery is enough? Figuring out what is worth building often feels valuable in and of itself.

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Scope Management Quiz: Test Your Knowledge now!

PM Basics

#1: What document sets initial boundaries for the project scope? Project scope statement B. Requirement traceability matrix C. Project charter D. Work breakdown structure Next Question #2: The requirements traceability matrix helps a project manager to do the following: A.

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Management Yogi’s CHAMP Certification: Seven Principles of Hybrid-Agile Management (Part – 1)

Management Yogi

Principles are important in life and learning, because principles don’t change; rather, the underlying practices change. Principles, by its very nature, are like natural laws, e.g., gravity, daily sunrise. Natural laws don’t change. Rather, practices underlying the principles change, e.g., waking up before sunrise or after sunrise.

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