16 Pre-Project Questions for Project Initiation Meetings

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The next step will be properly initiating the project. The Project Initiation Phase. You kick off the project through the project initiation phase. How Long is Project Initiation? So don’t let anyone tell you are taking too long for project initiation.

Initiative and independent action

Musings on Project Management

From Viscount Nelson, victorious British commander in chief at the naval battle of Trafalgar, we get this insight for initiative and independent action, as described by Admiral James Stavridis in his book "Sea Power": Nelson knew he would not have clear and instantaneous communication.

Project Initiation: How to Start Your Project Off Right


But if a project isn’t initiated correctly, then those hopes and expectations aren’t anchored in a solid foundation, and your project can drift off course and head for disaster. What Is Project Initiation? The first being project initiation. What is project initiation?

How to Initiate a Project Steering Committee

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Initiate a Project Steering Committee Sometimes, the person responsible for project management (e.g., The post How to Initiate a Project Steering Committee appeared first on Project Risk Coach. Someone decided that it was a good idea to bring project management into your organization.

Project Initiation Checklist [Free Download]

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This month’s free template is a project initiation checklist. This is the first page of the Project Initiation Checklist. It’s a quick way to speed up finding out what you need to know from your project sponsor when you meet for the first time.

How To Start Your Projects Right. A Complete Guide To Project Initiation

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A Complete Guide To Project Initiation appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. How-to Guides How-to Project Initiation PM Skills & Best PracticesThe beginning of a project: the calm before the storm or a manic rush to get things sorted ready for the core work to start?

How To Easily Make A Project Initiation Document

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Why bother going to the trouble of creating a Project Initiation Document? The post How To Easily Make A Project Initiation Document appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. How-to Guides How-to Project Initiation PM Skills & Best Practices TopicsYou’ve received sign-off.

No more initial estimates? NOOOOOOOOOOO!

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It’s unfortunately an all too familiar scenario.

Project initiation is like back to school…

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With persistent teams assigned to long-lived products, capabilities or value-streams, project initiation and closure activities could be significantly streamlined. Labor Day weekend marks the ceremonial if not precise end of summer.

Initiating Change Sucks


Often, taking action to initiate change isn’t a part of your routine or even your job description or tasks. Initiating change includes noticing an issue. You also know that you have tasks that you need to complete regardless of the change you are trying to initiate. What's even suckier, people can blame you since you were the one that initiated the change. While many variables can make you think about initiating change, most of them will make you feel strained.

How To Create A Project Initiation Document


How To Create A Project Initiation Document. STEP 1: UNDERSTAND YOUR OBJECTIVES In this “How To” example we will demonstrate MindGenius Online functionality using a pre-prepared Template outlining a process to help facilitate the preparation of Project Initiation Instruction (PII).

KeyedIn Spotlight - Project Initiation, Governance and Life Cycle Management


Join KeyedIn Solutions for 'Project Initiation, Governance and Lifecycle Management', the next installment of our KeyedIn Spotlight Webinar Series.

5 Ways to Lead a Change Management Initiative: Project Manager As Change Manager


I’ve observed quite a few change management initiatives fail, and some of them have failed spectacularly. While these are not all necessary for every change initiative you may be managing or leading, think of them as best practices to follow.

Reasons why PPM Strategies and PMO Initiatives Fail


In our recent eBook: Why PPM and PMOs Fail: Best Practices in Coordinating and Optimizing your PPM and PMO Strategy to Deliver an Active PMO - we explored the many reason why PPM strategies and PMO initiatives fail. The main consequences of a failed PPM Strategy or a PMO initiative, is losing control over your ability to impact the business in a positive way.

5 Major Benefits of Adopting an Effective Project Portfolio Management and PMO Initiative


Making sure that success not only happens today, but is more likely with future project initiatives. In this post we explore the five major types of benefits to be gained by adopting an effective Project Portfolio Management/PMO strategy.

Are You Making These 8 Stakeholder Mistakes?

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1=Initiation 4=Control Project Stakeholder ManagementHave you ever had someone torpedo your project? Did this individual have a motive to undermine your efforts? Or, did you make some stakeholder mistakes that gave rise to this event? Either way, it's hindering your progress.

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Learn how to select and prioritize projects based on organizational initiatives and objectives


Learn how to deliver rapid project initiation and ensure project governance and standardization


How To Manage Fixed Date Projects

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Complete the initial risk identification and assessment. 1=Initiation 2=Planning Project Schedule ManagementFixed date projects occur often these days. The project sponsor picks a date and hands you the project. So, what's a project manager to do? How can we manage fixed date projects?

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9 Simple Ways to Quickly Start a Project

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1=Initiation 2=Planning Project Risk Management Project Scope ManagementI wish I had a dime for every time that I have been handed a project with a deadline of yesterday. You've been there too? Well, let's talk about some practical steps that we can take to quickly start a project.

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How To Improve Schedule Estimates

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Use this technique during the project initiation or early planning. 1=Initiation 2=Planning Project Schedule ManagementHave you ever had an executive ask how long a project will take before the project started? Yeah, I've been there too. When asked, PAUSE.

The What, Why, and How of Projects

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Whether you are initiating a project, or you are in the middle of your project, consider these questions: What is the project team trying to achieve? 1=Initiation 2=Planning Project Integration Management

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Are You Tired of Missing Big Project Risks? 3 Ways to Stop It

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Work with your project sponsors to identify stakeholders with high power and high interest as you initiate your projects. 1=Initiation 2=Planning 4=Control Project Risk ManagementI have had the privilege of managing two PMOs, both composed of several project managers.

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How good are you at starting off your project?

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It is called “Initiating successful projects” and was first published in December 2011. We are therefore re-focusing our studies earlier in the project lifecycle to better assess the quality of, and to influence successful, project initiation.

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10 Ways to Keep Your Project Stakeholders Happy

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As you are initiating your projects, start identifying your stakeholders. I invite key stakeholders to my initial project meetings as we are developing the project charter. 1=Initiation

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How to Develop a Stakeholder Register

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1=Initiation 2=Planning Project Stakeholder ManagementProject Stakeholder Management Last week, we looked at 15 awesome ways to manage your project stakeholders. Today, let’s explore the development and use of the stakeholder register.

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How to Get Awesome Results Through Your Projects

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1=Initiation GoalsThe Power of Results-Based Goals Project sponsors send a message to their project teams and other stakeholders through the goals contained in their project charters.

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How to Facilitate a Successful Project Launch

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1=Initiation Project Integration ManagementWhat does it take to facilitate a successful project launch? Let’s look at two scenarios, one that results in potential failure and one destined for success.

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How to Facilitate the Resolution of Conflicting Ideas

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Stakeholders include individuals, groups, or organizations — internally and externally — that may be impacted by the change initiative. Identifying the initiatives to support the strategy. What change initiatives are you managing right now?

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Inputs for the Project Charter [Video]

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The value of the charter process is engaging stakeholders, discussing the issues, resolving conflicts, and getting agreement as you initiate the project. 1=InitiationIf you can’t see this video in your RSS reader or email, then click here.

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How to Create and Use a Stakeholder Register

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1=Initiation stakeholdersIf you can’t see this video in your RSS reader or email, then click here. Want to interact with other project managers on the topic of Stakeholder Management? Well, you’re in the right place!

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How to Manage a Project Like No Other

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When I had completed the initial manuscript, I had another editor perform a top level edit, helping me to identify gaps in the book as well as parts that should be deleted. 1=Initiation 2=Planning 3=Execution 4=ControlLife is filled with new adventures and experiences.

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How to Share Your Project in 60 Seconds

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1=Initiation communicationsYou get on the elevator with someone who asks you about your upcoming project. Can you clearly describe your project in 60 seconds? Photo courtesy of AdobeStock (edited in Canva).

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How To Write A Statement Of Work The Easy Way (With A Free, Editable Template)

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Agile How-to Guides How-to Project Initiation How-to Project Planning PM Skills & Best Practices Risk Management Scope Management Stakeholder Management TopicsThe SoW (statement of work or scope of work) is one of the best, and worst weapons in a project manager’s arsenal of tools. It’s the best because a statement of work (SoW) is so often the one piece of documentation that saves you from a world of trouble.

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Jerry Ihejirika: Bringing Laughter to Project Managers Everywhere


Becoming a PM Project Management Career Clinic Project Management for Africa Initiative The Comedy Project Manager's BlogGet to know Jerry Ihejirika, project management blogger with a sense of humor.

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Six things you should do when kicking off a project

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If you liked this post, you may also like : Initiating and Planning Your Project, Part I What makes a perfect Project Initiation Document (PID)? project initiation​What do you do when you’ve just landed a new project?

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Are you bridging the gap between vision and delivery?

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Project failure project initiation project leadership vision and missionAccording to Harvard Business Review (HBR), being forward-looking and enlisting others in a shared view of the future is one of the attributes that most distinguishes leaders from non-leaders.

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Getting the Work Done with Project Management

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Project Management accomplishing initiatives managing projects organization skills organizing work project best practicesA Client Story. For the last three years, one of Abudi Consulting Group’s clients, a global pharmaceutical organization, has been working with us to provide training for their employees at all levels in how to use project management best practices to accomplish work. This workshop, entitled, Taking a Project Management Approach to Getting the Work [.].

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Linky van der Merwe

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Linky van der Merwe talks about project management in South Africa and her Success Stories Shared initiative. No related posts. Expert Views Women This article contains affiliate links

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Why You Need To Say 'No' At Work (Hint: Your Work Will Get Better)


Despite this, your boss comes up with a new initiative and is asking you to spearhead it, knowing full well you’re already overloaded. Here’s a familiar scenario: You’re up to your ears in projects.

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