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No more initial estimates? NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Kiron Bondale

It’s unfortunately an all too familiar scenario.

Project initiation is like back to school…

Kiron Bondale

With persistent teams assigned to long-lived products, capabilities or value-streams, project initiation and closure activities could be significantly streamlined. Labor Day weekend marks the ceremonial if not precise end of summer.

Project Initiation Checklist [Free Download]

Girl's Guide to PM

This month’s free template is a project initiation checklist. This is the first page of the Project Initiation Checklist. It’s a quick way to speed up finding out what you need to know from your project sponsor when you meet for the first time.

Six things you should do when kicking off a project

Susanne Madsen

If you liked this post, you may also like : Initiating and Planning Your Project, Part I What makes a perfect Project Initiation Document (PID)? project initiation​What do you do when you’ve just landed a new project?

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Getting the Work Done with Project Management

Gina Abudi PM

Project Management accomplishing initiatives managing projects organization skills organizing work project best practicesA Client Story. For the last three years, one of Abudi Consulting Group’s clients, a global pharmaceutical organization, has been working with us to provide training for their employees at all levels in how to use project management best practices to accomplish work. This workshop, entitled, Taking a Project Management Approach to Getting the Work [.].

How good are you at starting off your project?

Ron Rosenhead

It is called “Initiating successful projects” and was first published in December 2011. We are therefore re-focusing our studies earlier in the project lifecycle to better assess the quality of, and to influence successful, project initiation.

2015 29

How to Manage a Project Like No Other

Project Risk Coach

When I had completed the initial manuscript, I had another editor perform a top level edit, helping me to identify gaps in the book as well as parts that should be deleted. 1=Initiation 2=Planning 3=Execution 4=ControlLife is filled with new adventures and experiences.

How to Facilitate the Resolution of Conflicting Ideas

Project Risk Coach

Stakeholders include individuals, groups, or organizations — internally and externally — that may be impacted by the change initiative. Identifying the initiatives to support the strategy. What change initiatives are you managing right now?

How to Create and Use a Stakeholder Register

Project Risk Coach

1=Initiation stakeholdersIf you can’t see this video in your RSS reader or email, then click here. Want to interact with other project managers on the topic of Stakeholder Management? Well, you’re in the right place!

Are you bridging the gap between vision and delivery?

Susanne Madsen

Project failure project initiation project leadership vision and missionAccording to Harvard Business Review (HBR), being forward-looking and enlisting others in a shared view of the future is one of the attributes that most distinguishes leaders from non-leaders.

How to Get Awesome Results Through Your Projects

Project Risk Coach

1=Initiation GoalsThe Power of Results-Based Goals Project sponsors send a message to their project teams and other stakeholders through the goals contained in their project charters.

Inputs for the Project Charter [Video]

Project Risk Coach

The value of the charter process is engaging stakeholders, discussing the issues, resolving conflicts, and getting agreement as you initiate the project. 1=InitiationIf you can’t see this video in your RSS reader or email, then click here.

Get Input into Business Process Improvement Projects

Gina Abudi PM

And Get Your Employees Engaged in the Initiative! Even what appears to be a simple initiative – involving only [.]. Reaching out to employees to get input into business process improvement projects enables for a number of benefits for both the organization and the employees. Consider that business process improvement projects are not easy to implement! The post Get Input into Business Process Improvement Projects appeared first on Gina Abudi.

Managing Sustainable Development Projects Sustainably, an Example.

Green Project Management

We just posted a media release to announce a partnership with Village Green Global, who will sponsor a series of initiatives in the Russel Island, Solomon Islands.

2016 UN Global Compact Leaders Summit Update

Green Project Management

The compact is a voluntary initiative based on CEO commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and to take steps to support Sustainable Development goals.

2016 62

The Cost of Too Many Projects in Portfolio

Pawel Brodzinski

Let’s talk about how much we pay for introducing too many concurrent initiatives in our portfolios. Let’s imagine that the same team is involved in four concurrent initiatives. Projects are, in fact, bigger than we initially assumed.

2015 54

True agility requires ruthless prioritization

Kiron Bondale

The greater the number of distinct initiatives someone works on, the greater the percentage of context-switching waste and quality impacts which will arise. Primary roles on agile delivery teams are expected to be fully dedicated to the one project or product that they are supporting.

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Boosting PMO's with Lean Thinking


This does not mean every font change of a Project Charter template needs CFO approval, but it does mean that all plans, initiatives and work are open and available for contribution or comment to anyone who is interested.

Lean 119

Recovery projects – Better with a bloody nose…?!


It is an example how an initially poorly performing project can be turned around to excellence. They were starting initially from a situation, which could hardly ever have led to success.

“When will this Software Project Ever Be Done?”


It did not take multiple years to build the initial product, instead after delivery the business wanted more functionality, more integration, more automation. Does this question sound familiar?

2017 85

6 proven strategies for evaluating and prioritizing IT projects

Moira Alexander

Regardless of business size, industry or structure, many projects today are unfortunately still selected and initiated in a siloed department-by-department manner, without considering the overall strategic impact. What are the risks of initiating projects in this manner? Businesses run the risk of more than one area competing for the same project resources, including people and technologies, and also conflicting deadlines and goals.

2015 29

Overcoming „projectitis“ in organisations


And that´s not taking into account the vast number of internal projects, e.g. for IT, HR or Strategic Change Initiatives. During the past fifty years projects became quite popular in organisations.

2017 86

PMO of the Year Award Winner: An interview with Sarina Arcari

Guerrilla Project Management

The Project Management Institute’s PMO of the Year Award honors a PMO that has demonstrated superior organizational project management abilities by adding value to its organization through its support of successful strategic initiatives.

2015 40

It´s all about the impact of a project, not the deliverables!


Thanks to generous donations an initiative was launched to support the people of Nepal. In trainings project managers are often told that the main focus of a project is to deliver in time and in budget.

2017 111

Sensible Project Management with Mark Phillipy (@SensiblePM)

PM for the Masses

Mark Phillipy shares with me his thoughts on Project Management, and how it can apply to large corporate initiatives but also smaller, home projects. Mark Phillipy shares with me his thoughts on Project Management, and how it can apply to large corporate initiatives but also smaller, home projects. The post Sensible Project Management with Mark Phillipy (@SensiblePM) appeared first on Project Management for the Masses.

2014 25

Project Management Consultant or Freelance/Contract Project Manager?

Arras People

Typically, a consultant, in any business field, has been traditionally focused on advising organizations what to do in certain business areas that need initiating, changing or developing. What is the different between a project management consultant and a freelance/contract project manager?

Project Management Career Q&A – Not Enough Planning Experience

Arras People

I’m currently looking for a job and I’m concerned that I don’t have enough experience in the initiation and planning of projects – my experience has always been in implementation. Just because your experience has focused on the implementation side of projects, does that really mean your initiation and planning experience is lacking? In relation to questions about initiation and planning, you can talk with authority about planning skills in implementation.

Managing collaboration in virtual project teams


Every word, every action, every initiative can be utilized for building trust. Due to global workshare many projects are performed through teams scattered all over the world.

2017 72

Back to PMO School in September

Arras People

Building a Scorecard to Help Prioritise Initiatives. There’s quite a lot going on in September for those of you who are working in PMO in the UK. PMO Flashmob – the networking group for PMO people – is hosting three events in London, Southampton and Edinburgh.

Agile 74

When Outsourcing Makes Sense


The business case pitched to executives by outsourcing companies initially seems very compelling: Project Alpha needs 9 months of software development by a team of 5 people. Organizations do not undertake projects just to recoup their initial expenditure on them.

Are you just following up or are you micromanaging?

Kiron Bondale

Finally, reducing cross-initiative multitasking can enable staff to complete tasks quicker and with higher quality while eliminating the need for managers to have to constantly follow up with team members to ensure that priorities haven’t shifted.

2017 40

Hiring the Right People in Project Management

Arras People

It’s a simple question when you initially look at it. My initial thought was a combination of skills, experience, character and personality which fit the type of organisation that wants to hire them.

Does your organization truly support project management?

Kiron Bondale

The path to an executive role should include the engaged sponsorship of at least one successful initiative. The April 2016 issue of PM Network provided updated project management capability findings from PMI’s 2016 Pulse of the Profession ® report.

Agile Benefits Management


Agile is well aligned at CMMI levels 1 (Initial), 2 (Defined) and 3 (Managed), it also perfectly aligns with CMMI level 5 (Optimizing) that focuses on process improvement but runs afoul on the documentation and controls layer of CMMI level 4 (Quantitatively Managed).

2015 112

IR35 Changes – New Threat to Your Wealth?

Arras People

The latest initiative by the HMRC to collect additional taxes from the flexible workforce is going to further confuse the employment landscape in the UK. Whilst initially aimed at the Public Sector, if successfully implemented, it’s hard not to see it rolled out to the Private Sector too!

Portfolio Lane: Revolutionizing Portfolio Kanban!!!!


Kanban Boards can be set up at different levels of the organization to track a portfolio of initiatives, programs, or product releases and their underlying projects or work items can be visualized and tracked far more easily than ever possible traditionally. (To

Flawless Communication With Your Clients and Team – Best Collaboration Software!


But how to initiate the process? It is commonly known that the key to success is cooperation. The same can be applied equally to the life in general as well as a life of a company. A perfect solution is collaboration software. Using the right tools to work together helps teams to make improvements in […]. Project Management Asana catchapp collaboration collaboration software communication igloo moxtra Podio redbooth slack team communication TimeCamp timecamp integrations

Will PRINCE2 Help Me Get a Foot in the Door?

Arras People

To start, simply take a blank piece of paper and draw a line with the project lifecycle from start to finish and fill in the core areas with your own personal experience; i.e. areas such as writing the business case, project initiation document (PID), planning, gate reviews, benefits case etc.

The Project Management Benchmark Report 2016

Arras People

All of which makes PPM a great melting pot of ideas and initiatives, a great place to be. >>Download We launch the latest annual report on the UK and Global Programme and Project Management domain today.

2016 108

Project management for the good of society


Through a crowd sourcing initiative supported by IPMA an significant amount could be collected. The mainstream of project management focuses on projects that deliver value to a business.