Tue.Jan 24, 2023

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Pomodoro Technique - Set Timer for 25 Minutes


What do you think, in which way tomatoes and project management are connected? No idea? Well, let’s reveal a little secret. Ever heard of the Pomodoro technique? Pomodoro in Italian stands for tomato.) This technique has been around for quite some time, and millions swear by it.

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8 Free Risk Management Templates for Excel


If there’s one thing you can be certain of when managing a project, it’s change. If only you knew ahead of time what those issues would be, you could better address them.

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Password Managers for Small Businesses

TrustRadius Project Management

Options for sharing your small business’s passwords were once limited to unprotected emails or post-it notes scattered around the office. Luckily for both security and convenience, those days are behind us. If you’re still using the old ways, no shame, we won’t tell.

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The Fallacy of SMART Goals

PM Times

I recently read a news story about how to keep our New Year’s resolutions. The article was about the use of simple time management techniques, the center of which was setting SMART goals.

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Unlocking Business Agility: Leveraging the Power of Strategy Execution

True business agility is impossible if execution is disconnected from strategic planning. Download this eBook to learn about the key capabilities every organization must adopt to more effectively & strategically execute all work across the enterprise.

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What is UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service)?

TrustRadius Project Management

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about UCaaS lately. With more and more companies working in offices again, video conferencing products like Zoom have been rebranding. They want to emphasize that they can do more than let you see your remote coworkers’ pets during meetings.

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The 2023 DPM Salary Survey Is Now Open!

The Digital Project Manager

Contrary to popular belief, knowing how much your peers get paid is critical. If you don’t know the going rate for your job title, you can’t be sure you’re being paid you’re actually worth—and project managers in particular are worth a lot.

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How To Create A RACI Chart: What Project Managers Need To Know

The Digital Project Manager

In my previous company, we hired a project manager to handle a complex new venture, one that would involve multiple stakeholders from across the organization.

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