Transport for London’s Signal Failure – £886m more than planned*

Ron Rosenhead

Horrible headlines and a horrible situation. The above costs come from a report published by Budget and Performance Committee of the London Assembly. Some of the statistics and comments in the report are astounding and some are below: · ….TfL

Which risks were realized for my campaign project?

Kiron Bondale

The city staff had provided multiple early voting dates, the ability for residents to vote at any of the eight polling stations across the city on election day, and free public transit access for residents who didn’t have transportation to get to a polling station.

2022 262

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Review: TeamHeadquarters IT Project Service Delivery Platform

Brad Egeland

TeamHeadquarters supports organizations in Healthcare, Municipal, Manufacturing, Education, and Transportation. TeamHeadquarters has a clean interface with simple navigation providing all the functions required to manage small and large projects effectively.

2022 150

Review: TeamHeadquarters IT Project Service Platform

Brad Egeland

TeamHeadquarters supports organizations in Healthcare, Municipal, Manufacturing, Education, and Transportation. As part of my new Project Management related software review series, I am reviewing a great entry from Entry software - TeamHeadquarters.

2022 149

Reshoring – The Future of Supply Chains

Speaker: Rosemary Coates - Board Member & Founder at Reshoring Institute, Best-selling Author, Host of the Frictionless Supply Chain podcast

In this webinar, Reshoring Institute founder Rosemary Coates will teach you about the top supply chain trends going into 2023 and how your business can take steps to prevent disruptions.

How to Create an Event Budget

Depending on where the event is, transportation and accommodations will be required. Producing an event, whether virtual, in-person or hybrid, is hard enough. Having to make an event budget adds another layer of stress.

Budget 290

Go slow (to go fast later)

Kiron Bondale

The January 2020 issue of PM Network provide a case study for one of the 2019 PMI Project of the Year finalists, the Société de transport de Montréal’s (STM) eight-year project to modernize the underground Montréal rail system.

2020 253

5 key benefits of streamlining your project management processes


At our recent annual user conference in London, we had the pleasure of going for dinner with one of our customers from the transportation industry. To find out more about how we work with this transportation giant, download the free Case Study here

7 Tips for Better Time Management

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Track your work hours , how long your commute takes, how much time you spend on your computer, in your car, using public transportation, resting, socializing, working out etc.

2022 290

20 Years & 20 Success Stories: InLoox Anniversary E-Book


Transport and logistics. The hands-on success stories describe the challenges companies from various industries faced, how they structured their project management and which advantages they achieved by using InLoox.

The Frog Project: Saving wildlife one bucket at a time

Rebel’s Guide to PM

This data is in turn shared with the European Network for the Protection of Amphibians and Reptiles from Transport Systems (ENPARTS) to inform ways of protecting wildlife across Europe. In 2012, Helen Mason stood outside her home and looked at the road.

2022 296

How to Get Ready for Next Week

Rebel’s Guide to PM

There might be other things that could stop you: strike action on public transport, weather warnings, an important board meeting being rescheduled…anything. Sunday nights in this house are a buzz of activity. For me. Everyone else seems chilled out after the weekend.

2022 293

Why are projects often delivered late?


The people I was meeting, and transporting, were not ready when I arrived. Why are projects often delivered late? Missed deadlines or missing deadlines – both can challenge your project and cause late delivery.

2022 120

Modularized megaprojects: What we can learn from Tesla (Part 2)


However, the construction of the Madrid subway has shown that a modular approach can also be effective for complex megaprojects in transportation infrastructure.

2022 175

Chess and Business Strategy

International Institute for Learning

Entry into the market for large transport aircraft. Industrial policy in the transport aircraft industry. By Luigi Morsa, Ph.D. Undoubtedly the chess game is fascinating because it implies deep thinking, strategy, and prediction ability.

Top 11 Cities for Project Management

Rebel’s Guide to PM

With more transport links moving underground, the plan is that in the next 10 years this old road becomes a planted walkway through the city. What are the top cities for project management in the world?

2020 361

Balance Your Work and Life Priorities | 4 Guiding Principles

International Institute for Learning

When there were significant events or meetings, I would alter my plans by getting a ride with a colleague or using public transportation. By Alan Zucker. Balancing our work and home lives is a challenge that nearly everyone faces.

2022 56

See you at the Digital PM Summit

The Digital Project Manager

Now just over a month away, if I was going to cycle (my preferred method of transport) to San Antonio from Vancouver, I should probably start riding tomorrow. Posted in General. 3,828.7 km, that’s all that separates me from this year’s Digital PM summit. That said, I think I’ll settle for flying – after all, I want to be in tip-top learning shape and when I get there, not just a sweaty mess. I’m off to the Digital PM Summit.

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Construction Budget: A Quick Guide (with Examples)

Transportation can be another cost. Construction projects will never get off the ground without financing. Money sets the gears of construction management in motion. Creating a construction budget, therefore, is one of the most important pieces when developing a construction plan.

IWAS PCH WC 2022 Entry 0: Introduction

Gunther Verheyen

It means I help him dress, undress, wash and daily hygiene, eat, get in/out of bed, visit the restroom, change chairs, transportation. Entry 1 of an assistant’s web-log of the IWAS Powerchair Hockey World Cup 2022 Sursee.

2022 80

What Is Marketing Management? An Essential Introduction

That means coordinating the marketing program elements such as marketing research, sales forecasting with product planning and development, including logistics such as transportation and storage. Marketing can feel more like an art than a science.

2021 354

Project Managers Change the World

Project Bliss

There have been amazing projects carried out in technology, healthcare, architecture, transportation, business, and many other industries. It’s not only visionaries and dreamers who change the world. It takes more than just an idea to make a change. The idea must be put into motion – it must be executed. And that’s what Project Managers do. Ideas Without Action Have No Impact. People come up with ideas every day. Most people don’t act on them.

2017 176

ERP systems explained simply


Supplementary functions such as transport and foreign trade management or goods receipt and goods issue processing can be useful. The origin and meaning of ERP systems The first predecessor of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) was developed and established in industry more than 100 years ago.

2022 179

Just-In-Time Manufacturing & Production (JIT): A Quick Guide

Transportation waste. A key goal in manufacturing is to get products to market faster while keeping costs down. That’s why many manufacturing companies embrace just-in-time manufacturing. Just-in-time manufacturing is popular for a reason.

The 5 Lean Principles: Definitions & How to Use Them

Transportation. Lean management originated in Japan, where it grew out of the Toyota Production System. This led to lean manufacturing, but today lean is used in more industries, such as project management, software development, construction and more.

Lean 212

5 key benefits of streamlining your project management processes


At our recent annual user conference in London, we had the pleasure of going for dinner with one of our customers from the transportation industry. Usually, a wait of almost an hour for main courses would be highly frustrating; especially on an empty stomach, but on this occasion it gave us a great opportunity to understand how cloud-based project management software had helped their business.

What Is a Site Analysis for Architecture Projects? Checklist & Steps

The city or county in which the site is located will have property records that are often online including maps, zoning information, land ownership, school districts, transportation, utilities and more.

2022 300

European Defense Industry 2021: Challenges and Trends

Epicflow Blog

The industry was actively engaged in supporting citizens in terms of redefection (returning foreigners home during the pandemic), logistics, transportation of medical equipment, and disinfecting. There’s probably no industry in the world that hasn’t been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

2021 83

US strategic advantage depends upon addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities of weapon systems

Brad Egeland

Russian state-backed actors have employed cyber operations to disrupt, degrade, and deny Ukrainian infrastructure, including its power grid , transportation networks , and satellite communications.

2022 152

A Beginner’s Guide To Backup For Project Managers

Rebel’s Guide to PM

While DVDs are easily transported around, tape drives can store very large volumes of data. This is a guest article by Mauricio Prinzlau. Are you backing up your project and personal files effectively? Today’s practical option is a cloud storage solution.

2020 351

Remote Project Management: A Quick Guide with Best Practices

No longer do they have to spend money on commuting, whether that’s public transportation or gas and the normal wear-and-tear on their cars. At the beginning of project management, everyone was physically working together. But work management is no longer under one roof.

2021 308

What Everybody Should Know About Controlling Risks

Project Risk Coach

Old Blue was not the Starship Enterprise, but it was a reliable source of transportation. Many project managers do a great job of identifying risks. Some even evaluate risks and develop response plans. However, project managers get busy as their projects progress and fail to control risks, resulting abandoned or wrecked projects. So, what does it mean to control risks? Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock (edited in Canva).

Why People Are the Most Important Resource in the Company


As an example, they include an adequate workplace, easy access to public transport or a reliable internet connection. What do you think of when you hear the word resource? Perhaps natural resources in the form of oil or gold, hidden in the earth beneath our feet. Or do you have a project budget in mind that is running low?

2021 159

11 Tips for Value Stream Identification


Identifying any possible efficiencies or setbacks in the system can be aided by listing each person responsible for transporting material from one strategy phase to another. Value stream identification is a crucial step in the Lean process.

2022 52

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Project Health Check

Lean Six Sigma, a management buzzword that seems to persist and many don't understand. But what is it and how is it related to Project Management? Lean Six Sigma is an approach for Process Improvement Projects, combining many different conceptual tools depending on the situation. Essentially Lean Six Sigma is a fusion of two ideas: "Lean" and "Six Sigma": Lean Lean is a approach that seeks to eliminate Waste during a production process; it originated in Japan on the production lines of Toyota.

Lean 139

What Is Lead Time? How to Calculate Lead Time in Different Industries

Transportation time is the time it takes to move the product from the warehouse or factory to the customer. Projects are all about delivering a product or service.

2022 195

The Manufacturing Process: Steps & Types

By that, we mean that the product started as an idea, was created using materials and labor and was transported to the retail location in which it can be purchased. When you buy something new, it’s already been around for a while.

Intelligent Collaboration for Predictive Insight & Competitive Advantage

Liquid Planner Collaboration

Flyvbjerg et al, “Five Things You Should Know about Cost Overrun,” Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, vol. In the COVID recovery era, many people and organizations are no longer distinguishing between office-based, remote or hybrid work.

2022 82

3 Ways to Manage Work to Stay Productive

Project Bliss

Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration created guidelines for Fatigue Risk Management Systems for aviation safety as a “fatigue mitigation tool that minimizes the acute and chronic sources of fatigue and manages the potential risks associated with fatigue.” This week I’m on vacation with my family and featuring a post by Ari Farrow of Cerri. .

2018 131

Project Management vs. Program Management


If a project is an airplane, then a program is a transportation hub. If you are frustrated with trying to clearly understand the differences between project management vs. program management, then be assured you are not alone. There are a couple of reasons for this ongoing confusion.