Transport for London’s Signal Failure – £886m more than planned*

Ron Rosenhead

Horrible headlines and a horrible situation. The above costs come from a report published by Budget and Performance Committee of the London Assembly. Some of the statistics and comments in the report are astounding and some are below: · ….TfL

EV charging stations: why we need more and how to deploy them


We are seeing a major overhaul in the transportation sector. The US is the world’s second-largest producer of greenhouse gases with transportation creating the largest share of emissions. You probably have noticed more EV charging stations in parking lots and on the side of the road.

See you at the Digital PM Summit

The Digital Project Manager

Now just over a month away, if I was going to cycle (my preferred method of transport) to San Antonio from Vancouver, I should probably start riding tomorrow. Posted in General. 3,828.7 km, that’s all that separates me from this year’s Digital PM summit. That said, I think I’ll settle for flying – after all, I want to be in tip-top learning shape and when I get there, not just a sweaty mess. I’m off to the Digital PM Summit.

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5 key benefits of streamlining your project management processes


At our recent annual user conference in London, we had the pleasure of going for dinner with one of our customers from the transportation industry. To find out more about how we work with this transportation giant, download the free Case Study here

Henry Ford and Design Thinking

Zen Project Management

Henry Ford wasn't solving a problem around horses, he was solving a transportation problem. By LibertyGroup25 (Own work) Henry Ford pioneered many of the ideas that are now commonplace in business, including ideas used in Design Thinking.

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Project Managers Change the World

Project Bliss

There have been amazing projects carried out in technology, healthcare, architecture, transportation, business, and many other industries. It’s not only visionaries and dreamers who change the world. It takes more than just an idea to make a change.

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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Project Health Check

Lean Six Sigma, a management buzzword that seems to persist and many don't understand. But what is it and how is it related to Project Management? Lean Six Sigma is an approach for Process Improvement Projects, combining many different conceptual tools depending on the situation.

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Six Sigma: A Simple Guide for Project Managers

Lean focuses on eliminating eight areas of waste: defects, overproduction, waiting, non-utilized talent, transportation, inventory, motion and extra-processing. It’s been around for three decades, but Six Sigma can still be somewhat of an enigma.

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Michael Myers—Performance Review


Successfully escape from mental hospitals or secure police transportation. In the workforce, everyone receives an annual performance review—even horror icons like Michael Myers.

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7 Logical Fallacies That Can Harm Your Decision Making (With Examples)

To distract you from this fact, they move the conversation to the vacancy rate in the area, great shopping nearby and how it’s a transportation hub sure to attract all those commuters looking for a place to live. Logic appears to have been thrown out the window nowadays.

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How To Lead Your Manager

Girl's Guide to PM

This does not end with the want of a new car, or the need of transportation. This is a guest post by Nick Nuss from VocationCultivation. Nick Nuss. You can’t tell from the picture, but he’s actually an Excel Wizard.

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Innovation in project management: Inspiration from Dubai

Susanne Madsen - Developing Project Leaders

To help achieve their vision the Dubai Future Accelerators Program is investing $275 million over a five-year period in companies spearheading innovative projects in healthcare, transportation, renewable energy, sustainability, education, security and urban planning.

Behind The Scenes: Conferences From An Exhibitor’s Perspective

Girl's Guide to PM

The lucky winner of the iPad was Mr. Subash Tavares, Head of Portfolio Management at Transport for London. I’ve always known the APM Conference is quite a draw.

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Challenges of Gender in Project Management

Arras People

Their first careers stemmed from the more traditional and male dominated sectors such as engineering, construction, manufacturing and transportation. Gender equality in the work place is a massive topic in today’s world.

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3 Ways to Manage Work to Stay Productive

Project Bliss

Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration created guidelines for Fatigue Risk Management Systems for aviation safety as a “fatigue mitigation tool that minimizes the acute and chronic sources of fatigue and manages the potential risks associated with fatigue.”

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What Everybody Should Know About Controlling Risks

Project Risk Coach

Old Blue was not the Starship Enterprise, but it was a reliable source of transportation. Many project managers do a great job of identifying risks. Some even evaluate risks and develop response plans.

A Beginner’s Guide To Backup For Project Managers

Girl's Guide to PM

While DVDs are easily transported around, tape drives can store very large volumes of data. This is a guest article by Mauricio Prinzlau. Are you backing up your project and personal files effectively? Today’s practical option is a cloud storage solution.

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The Project Management Consultant

Arras People

Change and Transformation across the Transport sector in particular. I’m intrigued. What is a project management consultant? Late last year I did a session for the PMI Virtual Talent Management Conference (it’s still available on demand until March 2016).

Free Professional Development in London in October

Arras People

John will illustrate his talk with examples and case studies drawing on international applications of these ideas in transport, water, utilities, social care, paper manufacturing, pharmaceutical research and professional services.

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Kanban vs Task Lists: How to Determine What’s Best for Your Team

Paymo App

— Jessica Barrett Halcom is a writer for , with specializations in human resources, healthcare, and transportation. Your team’s communication and productivity depend largely on setting clear expectations about goals and keeping individual team members accountable.

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How to Write your New Years resolution (And ways to keep them)

Stepping Into Project Management

I need to put aside x amount of every month for the next 6 months I need to start looking for accommodation by march/april and want it near available public transport I need to get my tickets done by May, so I get a good deal and its not a last minute buy.

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A Balanced View of the Competing Demands through the Lens of Evaluation

The IIL Blog

parking space vs. neighborhood park), a study may be performed to determine the short and long-range benefits of each option, using different evaluation approaches, such as transportation traffic analysis. By Dr. Willis H. Thomas, PMP, CPT .

Biases in Project Management and How to Remove Them

Herding Cats

1] "What Causes Cost Overrun in Transport Infrastructure Projects?" Buhl, Transport Reviews, 24, 1, 3-18. [2] There is always lots of complaining about the biases introduced into managing projects and making the estimates needed to make project decisions.

The 'triple threat' work skills for the future

Lynne Cazaly

These are a triple threat because they are adaptable, flexible and transportable. Trying to make sense of the ongoing changes in the world seems like a tough ask sometimes; as soon as you’ve got your head around one shift or change. ‘thud’, along comes another, and then another. This is the world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity ( VUCA ) after all. So what are we to do? And the emphasis is on ‘do’ We can’t just sit and wait things out.

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Why Use Ganttic Instead Of A Free Resource Planning Spreadsheet Template?


Managing global resources from people, to transport to machinery can be a global affair. Failing to plan is planning to fail according to the father of time management, Benjamin Franklin. This popular adage is true of any size business. It doesn’t matter if the organization is 10 people or 10 thousand people, without insight and forward thinking, companies risk financial and productivity losses.

Super Bowl vs World Series: A Project Manager’s Point of View


construction, transportation, outdoor events), it always adds uncertainty and requires mitigation plans.

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Where Did All the Project Managers Go?

Leading Answers

Not just technology companies (like Google, Apple) but every sector is being disrupted by software including retail (Amazon), banking (PayPal, cryptocurrencies), transportation (Tesla, Uber), and travel (Airbnb).

What Puts Manufacturing Teams Ahead: Lean Six Sigma


The Lean community looks for waste in Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Over-processing, Overproduction, and Defects (abbreviated as TIMWOOD). In any given year, I attend a lot of project management conferences.

What is a Kanban Board?


Ohno also proposed seven actionable ways in which organizations could identify and cut down on ‘wastes’ caused by transportation, over-processing or spending time on non-value added activities, inventory mismanagement, long waiting time with no-value being added and production defects.

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7 Productive Things to Do When Bored


The best thing about these podcasts is that you can listen to them taking a break, driving to your next meeting or commuting to work in public transport.

What to Look for in an Agile Project Management Tool


Jessica Barrett Halcom is a writer for , with specializations in human resources, healthcare, and transportation.

Biases in Project Management and How to Remove Them

Herding Cats

1] "What Causes Cost Overrun in Transport Infrastructure Projects?" Buhl, Transport Reviews, 24, 1, 3-18. [2] There is always lots of complaining about the biases introduced into managing projects and making the estimates needed to make project decisions. In Kahnemann's Thinking Fast and Slow there are three biases. †.

6 Steps Every Team Should Follow?—?A Project Management Guide for 2019


ProofHub features Discussions and one-on-one chats Custom Roles Workflows and Kanban boards Gantt chart tool Time tracking API access to data transport Project and resource reports Advanced activity logs Project calendars and stand-alone calendars Priority support ProofHub pricing Essential?—?$50/month

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A Seriously Challenged Project

The Tao of Project Management

Another one from the Why Do Projects Fail website: Edinburgh City Council: Tram Network (Sep 2003 to May 2014) When originally conceived the project was intended to reduce traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions and help the city cope with the increased demand for public transport in the next decade.

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Creed Over Greed: Motivation and Purpose

Leading Answers

The Tesla vision and mission statement used to be: “ To accelerate the world's transition to sustainable transport. There have been a couple of news stories in the news recently that reveal some important facts about motivation and purpose. Ex-Tesla Workers Are Still Believers.

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10 Reasons Projects Fail: Lessons from the Death Star


If I hadn’t been reassigned to a transport ship as punishment for getting ambushed by Solo and Skywalker, I’d be a sprinkle of space dust right now. Here I am.

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An Introduction to Operations Management


Plus, all kinds of industries need talented operations managers, which means you can have a varied career working in retail, transportation, technology, healthcare… whatever field strikes your fancy. .

Agile or Waterfall: How to Choose Which is Best for Your Project

Project Bliss

Much like trying to determine which is the best form of transportation for your travel, there are various considerations to take into account. Yet different modes of transportation and routes could be good for different reasons.

Vietnam War Helicopter Memorial

Herding Cats

Helicopter pilots and crew members risked their lives, again and again, to lead offenses, transport troops and save lives. Helicopter pilots from Vietnam War finally get their due with Arlington memorial. ‘To To the men fighting the war, it was the sound of hope … to carry them out of hell!’.

Do You Need A Resource Planning Tool Or Is A Whiteboard Enough


People generally help to lift strollers to public transportation. I’m going to be honest here. I would prefer a whiteboard over any software for planning anyday. Not because I don’t believe there is a software out there that is good enough for me. I know there is a lot of good planning tools out there whether you need something to create to do lists for yourself, need to make plans for a small team, manage a project portfolio or plan hundreds of resources.