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5 Project Management Trends You Should Know in 2023


But what has been shaping the direction of project leadership in 2023? At the start of my career, it seemed that the decisions felt easy – perhaps because I wasn’t so involved with strategy, but also perhaps because the world felt like an easier place. Here are five project management trends that have been top of mind for me.

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How To Start A Successful Crypto Business In 2023

Productivity Land

In 2023, that world is the landscape of cryptocurrency, and starting a thriving crypto business has never been more enticing. Whether you’re an experienced businessperson or a newcomer intrigued by blockchain technology, we’ll explain the steps and essential tips to launch your crypto venture in 2023.

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Sunsetting Scrum Masters

A gradual decline in their effectiveness can be a subtle, insidious process heavily influenced by the size and culture of an organization. Criticality: This decline is significant as it can lead to our protagonist’s diminished role and influence within the team, questioning their effectiveness and relevance.

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The Benefits of Power Skills for IT Leaders, and How to Build Yours!

The IIL Blog

Lacking essential power skills such as emotional intelligence, empathy, communication, influence and directiveness can harm both reputation of the IT leadership team and the stability of IT departments. Here are some strategies for IT Leaders to develop or enhance their Power Skills: Ask for feedback.

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Why Employing Agile Coaches next to Scrum Masters Is Unnecessary

Join your peers for an advanced Scrum Master class: August 29-30, 2023: Professional Scrum Master II. ? Different organizations will require different strategies for effective Agile transformation, given their unique circumstances, culture, and history. Get notified when the Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide book is available !

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How to Navigate the Project Environment Even if You’re New to Project Management

Project Pulse Journal

Imagine possessing the ability to seamlessly integrate the intricate web of internal stakeholders and external factors into your project strategy. Envision your projects thriving amidst the chaos, fortified by adaptive strategies and an unparalleled understanding of every variable at play.

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How To Spot Successful Scrum Masters

Their ability to promptly and effectively address obstacles, be they technical, process-related, or interpersonal, is essential for sustaining team momentum. Team Health : Regular team surveys can provide insights into the Scrum Master’s influence on team morale and collaboration.