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Lean Construction Principles & Best Practices

There’s more than one way to manage a construction project. From the world of manufacturing comes an approach called lean construction. But lean manufacturing and lean construction are two different things. Let’s explore lean construction, defining what it is and its key principles. What Is Lean Construction?

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General Conditions in Construction: Definitions & Best Practices

The general contractor is responsible for all the construction contracting activities that occur on a construction site. These general conditions in construction are varied and costly. If you’re a general contractor working in construction project management, you’ll need to know about general conditions.


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Types of Construction Specifications: Key Things to Consider

Construction companies have to do some heavy lifting, and that’s not just the steel and concrete they use to erect buildings, bridges and other structures. There are many different types of materials and labor that go into their work that requires their contracts to have construction specifications.

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An Introduction to Construction Management

” They did it with construction management. Construction is, of course, a project, one that tends to be long, complex and involves many different parties to deliver. In order to control all those moving parts, construction professionals use construction management for all project delivery methods.

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Reimagining How Construction Companies Capture Progress Tracking

Speaker: Felipe Engineer-Manriquez, Christopher Gagliardi, George Hedley, and Jason Nichols

Construction is constantly evolving but not in the matter of building the biggest tower anymore-- it's about utilizing our technological advances to make sure we are doing our jobs better, faster, and more efficiently. How do we navigate the digital channels that the construction industry is in? Where do even begin?

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What Is a Construction Site? Site Planning and Site Inspection 101

There’s much to plan in construction. For example, the construction site. The building site requires site inspection, construction site safety and more. Let’s take a closer look at this often-neglected side of construction project management. What Is a Construction Site? What Is Site Planning?

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Construction Documents: Types of Construction Drawings

Construction projects come in all shapes and sizes, but all must be measured. This is why a project has many construction documents. Building a structure is a complicated job and every aspect of it requires construction drawings to plan on paper before the build begins. What Are Construction Documents? Learn more.

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Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders: Tips for Product People

Speaker: Roman Pichler, Product Management Expert and Acclaimed Author

Join Roman Pichler, product management expert and acclaimed author, as he shares tips to help you more effectively deal with difficult stakeholders and techniques for constructively resolving conflict. In this talk, Roman will explain: Why product managers often experience conflict and why conflict resolution skills are important.