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I don't write about construction projects all that often, but lately that's been my thing: construction. roofing, HVAC, electrical, even some plumbing and floors, etc The PMO construction extension to the PMBOK is pretty much a non-starter in my opinion. And, it's not just for architects: general contractors, construction Project Management

Construction Project Manager Infographic


This construction project manager infographic shows, that construction projects vary, depending on whether they’re commercial, residential, institutional, agricultural, industrial or heavy civil projects. The construction project manager infographic.

How Construction Management Software Saves Time and Money


A construction project is consisted of a huge number of different processes. Here’s where the true value of a top performing construction management software can become apparent. A construction management software you can organize all the information around your project crystal clear.

Winning Tactics For Tracking Construction Projects

Project Management Hacks

On day two, there is a Q&A with the company’s masters of construction. What Can We Do to Better Track Construction Projects? Further Reading On Construction Projects. Construction projects tend to be in public view so we can learn from them.

Construction manager is the industry’s uncrowned king!


I can feed pigs with fancy titles, but I am having trouble finding a proper construction manager,” says Niels. Give me that person, who is proud of being a construction manager and who have had enough hands-on experience to know the workmanship, employees and profession.”.

It´s all about the impact of a project, not the deliverables!


Key Activities that are performed through the project are as follows: Designing a Train-the-Trainer Curriculum for earth-quake resilient construction of home and performing such trainings to the instructors.

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What is Your Strategy to Improve Construction Project Performance?


Yours is too improve your Construction Project Performance! On a commercial construction project most of the skilled tradesmen are on price work. What happens is that your construction project will probably be ready for hand-over before the contracted date.


Musings on Project Management

If you're in the construction industry you probably know about and have experienced "design-build". construction contract Project ManagementNotice that there's a word missing after "design", to wit: competitive bidding. Ooops, a typo? No, there is a body of knowledge around this that says that it's faster-cheaper for the same quality to go "design-build" than "design-competitve bid-build". In effect, one team -- architect, general.

Moving to the UK: PMI or APM?

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You say you have experience in the Built Environment which suggests construction. PRINCE2 is more applicable to business projects than it is to construction anyway so I wouldn’t worry about pursuing PRINCE2 practitioner.

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Managing collaboration in virtual project teams


A paradigm shift changing destructive battle to constructive battle. Due to global workshare many projects are performed through teams scattered all over the world.

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How Mobile Project Management Can Improve Jobsite Efficiency


Construction sites are infinitely complicated places that require multiple projects working at once to deliver the project on time and under budget. Find also here: Robots On Jobsites: The Future Of Robotics In Construction.

Recruiting Project Managers Continuously

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Provide meaningful feedback – be constructive – people remember which companies make the effort. Encourage constructive feedback back.

No more initial estimates? NOOOOOOOOOOO!

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This funding should be enough to help the team clarify scope, develop solution options and perform sufficient construction to explore the scope elements which they believe will pose the greatest threat to project outcomes. It’s unfortunately an all too familiar scenario.

Don’t forget n*(n-1)/2 when scaling agile!

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Of course, there is the need for some ongoing coordination between teams in a “team of teams” construct but with a thoughtful allocation of work items most communications will be isolated within each team.

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The Project Management Consultant

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Mechanical & Electrical Construction Projects. Construction management CDM / OHAS Mangement. I’m intrigued. What is a project management consultant?

Excellent Finalists and Winners of IPMA Awards 2016 have been decorated by IPMA


Bronze: SSR International Airport Expansion Project, China State Construction Engineering Corp. Managing projects and programs often means dealing with ever-increasing complexity and volatility.

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“When will this Software Project Ever Be Done?”


The hashtag #NoProjects is a shorthand title for a movement that thinks the construct of a project with a defined beginning, middle and end is harmful to software product development. Does this question sound familiar?

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Megaprojects in Australia


According to the results of KPMG′s 2015 Global Construction Survey, Australian projects compare favourably with the world′s best in terms of projects delivery processes. Infrastructure has a central role in the development of an emerging economy or sustenance of a mature economy.

Delivering criticism

Musings on Project Management

In a recent posting, I read some advice on delivering constructive criticism that seem pretty sensible, given my own experience of being on both the receiving end and the delivering side of such encounters. It was famously said, in a paraphrase: lead people, manage things. I buy into this advice, so I'm always on the alert for something that plays into it.

What’s Another Name for a Project Director?

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You’ll see the Project Director role in a lot of construction organisations – the title often means they’re heading up a new build or development and they are responsible for an entire project delivery organisation. It goes without saying that these Project Directors have worked in construction for a long time. There are so many different job titles in project management – some of them are obvious – project manager for one!

Podcast 78 – How to find a mentor

Fix my Project Chaos

Heath Suddleson has more than 25 years experience in managing projects in the design and construction industry where he has led teams in managing billions of dollars worth of projects. […]. How to find a mentor with Heath Suddleson In this podcast US project management and leadership expert speaks about mentoring and how to find a mentor.

GenieBelt New Features: Our Platform Develops and so Do We


In other words, Baseline is a broadly used static concept in construction that highlights different parts of a project both in the past and the future. It is one of the most widely used construction features, since it ensures that a project is processing on the right way.

It is not the Process, Stupid


Agile methods aim to shorten the time to value and build high quality, positively received products or services by intelligently adjusting behaviors and employing good construction practices. In fact the notion of a sprint seems an artificially restrictive and wasteful construct to manufacture. The Nokia Test and the  Scrum Test are good starting points but they still ask if ceremonies like daily stand ups and constructs like iterations exist.

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Projects and project management in China


Especially in the infrastructure area investments reach trillions of Dollars for new roads, railways, airports, dams and other kinds of construction megaprojects. The People´s Republic of China has a population of over 1.4 billion and this is the world’s most populous country.

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To See or Not to See?


This robs the project of the vast experience in constructively making this project work. It is not enough to Visualize. You need to be willing to See! A genuine fear lurks while putting final changes to this article a few weeks before the 45th President of the United States takes office.

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". means are authorized"

Musings on Project Management

means are authorized" so long as they are: Morally and ethically constructed Conform to legal and regulatory constraints Actually Project ManagementJames Madison, one of the intellectuals of the American revolutionary period, writing in Federalist* 44 in the pre-constitutional period of the late 1780's, said this: ". wherever the end is required, the means are authorized" Whoa! Not so fast! What about ".

Megaprojects in Latvia


It is planned to start project construction in the period from 2015 until 2018, completing it until 2022. It is a big challenge for a small country like Latvia to perform megaprojects and thus needs to build-up specific competences.

Inspiring Women in PM: Christine Unterhitzenberger

Girl's Guide to PM

I studied industrial engineering and management with the focus on construction and worked for three years as a construction manager at an architectural office in Switzerland. Construction could be seen as an unusual choice of career.

Governance models for Non for Profit Organisation: From theory to Practice


Indeed, social constructivist theory argues that reality is socially constructed and that an interpretative framework can help to understand organizations and their behavior. Exemplary board team, constructive board culture and processes, stakeholder-oriented board performance criteria.

Projects and project management in Sri Lanka


Master Programmes for Project Management are offered in the IT sector by the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology and in the construction industry by the Colombo School of Construction Technology.

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Why I pursued IPMA Certification


Richard is an experienced Civil Engineer and Project Manager within the construction industry. I have spent over 20 years working in the construction industry, with over 10 of those years in a project management capacity.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution … and what it means for project management!


A first (industrial) revolution was triggered by the construction of railroads and the invention of steam engines. Klaus Schwab, the founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, has published a new book with an attention-grabbing title: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

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Megaprojects that we admire


Today we are witnessing an explosion in the number of $1 billion+ projects with some , like the artificial archipelago being built in Azerbaijan, Turkey’s massive Urban Renewal project in Istanbul, and the new construction of Masjid Al Haram in Saudi Arabia each exceeding $100 billion.

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The element of trust in project management


In information system projects trust is built within core business more than it is the case in construction industry. Construction industry is rather known for distrust between partners. applications of trust in construction industry has not been forthcoming as wished.

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What Are the Advantages of Waterfall Project Management?


Then comes construction , in which software is developed and integrated. The waterfall model comes out of the strict processes used in industries like construction and manufacturing.

Principles, Processes, and Practices of Project Success

Herding Cats

From software systems to heavy construction, to metal bending companies, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, drugs, consumer products, industrial products, and intellectual property. In the project management world, everyone is selling something to solve some problem.

Agile project management: A beginner's guide

Moira Alexander

Agile is also used in industries like marketing and advertising, construction, education and finance. If you're new to project management and the agile methodology, the answers to these 10 questions will arm you with the information you need to get started. And if you're a project management veteran, these frequently asked agile questions are a good refresher. What is agile?

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Project Management – Where to Find the Jobs

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The announcement of a major order; construction of a new building; and/or development of a new product all require project staff. Everyday dozens of new project management jobs are created and filled.

Against all odds – learning from great projectors: Nikola Tesla


Tesla brilliantly adapted the principle of rotating magnetic field for the construction of alternating current induction motor and the polyphase system for the generation, transmission, distribution and use of electrical power. In 1896, Tesla constructed an instrument to receive radio waves.

Quality Project Management


In 1956 the construction was estimated to take about five years at a cost of A$7 million. How do we define quality as a project manager? Is it managing a project really well, or managing a successful project? How about managing a successful project really well, that sounds pretty good.

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