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Everything You Need to Know About Release Managers

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Release managers are responsible for coordinating the release of new software versions and ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of and prepared for the changes. They work with development teams to track progress and identify potential risks, as well as liaise with other departments such as QA, ops teams, service management, and support.

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Map Your Route to Mastering Agile Fluency

Agile Fluency® Model is a fantastic model. With this model, you start seeing your journey as a series of paradigm shifts and stages toward higher fluency in Agile: The Agile Fluency model has been as an inspiration for us, when we were designing Org Topologies. Without defining value, no agile transformation is possible.

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Do We Need Risk Management in Agile Projects?


In this article, we’re addressing a common question in modern project management: Do we need risk management in agile projects? Do agile projects have risks associated with them? So, yes, of course, we need risk management in agile projects. Why is Risk Management in Agile Projects Even a Question? Of course not.

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Are These DevOps Obstacles Getting in the Way of Your Agile Transformation?

Leading Agile

Today, Agilists must have a plan for incorporating DevOps practices into the early stages of Agile Transformation. But what if we told you there’s a whole class of DevOps considerations that no one is talking about that’s secretly killing your ability to unleash the potential of Agile? We’ll also discuss the lack of automation.

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How Agile Testing Can Improve Business Outcomes

Leading Agile

They depend on the software or product they produce and their audience or market. The goal of adopting Agile is always about achieving the desired business outcome unique to the organization that is pursuing it. Improved Quality of Software or Product. The Agile mindset can be adapted to fit many industries or businesses.

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Unlocking the Power and Mastery of Development Approach and Life Cycle

Project Pulse Journal

This domain facilitates strategic alignment, optimized delivery cadence, methodology customization, increased flexibility, and improved risk management. The desire for a project management framework that sustains deliverability, supports the required cadence, and remains faithful to an adaptable methodology is now within reach.

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Use MVIs for team improvements

Kiron Bondale

But what about changes to the team’s way of working (WoW)? Whether a team uses a scheduled cadence for reviewing their WoW such as the use of retrospectives in Scrum, or they use a just-in-time approach they will come up with improvement ideas. Some of those ideas will be all or nothing.