Beware false accuracy with quantitative risk assessment

Kiron Bondale

The infamous Summer of the Shark in 2001 is a good example. Increased media hype occurred in spite of the fact that there were 76 shark attacks that year which was lower than the 85 attacks the previous year, and similarly, fewer shark attack-related deaths in 2001 compared to 2000.

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4 Ways Trello Enterprise Supports Agile Teams


The agile methodology , which a small group of software developers released in 2001, was designed to support collaboration between cross-functional teams working on projects in fast-paced, changing environments.

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20 Years of The Agile Manifesto

Girl's Guide to PM

The Agile Manifesto date was 11-13 February 2001. Martin Steve Mellor Ken Schwaber Jeff Sutherland Dave Thomas © 2001, the above authors this declaration may be freely copied in any form, but only in its entirety through this notice.

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Agile for Non-IT Projects

International Institute for Learning

Since seventeen people met in February 2001 at Wasatch mountains of Utah to discuss and draft the Agile Manifesto, software projects have been the main focus of Agile. By Mohamed Khalifa. Project Management Consultant, Coach & PMI Authorized Instructor.

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Pitfalls of referencing agile

Kiron Bondale

That implies that these might not have existed prior to 2001 and are only of use on those projects which are being delivered using an adaptive approach.

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Project Management: Agile and Waterfall Explained

International Institute for Learning

Since the Agile Manifesto was written in 2001 by a group of software practitioners, Agile approaches have been taking over the project management scene at a steady pace. By Karim Radwin , CAIA, PMP.

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Top 10 Project Management Methodologies – An Overview

That’s because what we think of as agile really appeared in 2001 with the publication of the “Manifesto for Agile Software Development,” authored by 17 software developers. What Is a Project Management Methodology?

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Let’s flatten five agile fallacies!

Kiron Bondale

None of these values and principles were revolutionary or novel in 2001 as they had all been identified before in one body of knowledge or another. In 2015 I wrote an article intending to debunk some common myths about project management. Like many of you, I spent a reasonable amount of time during my first few years participating in online forums correcting agile misconceptions.

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Top Project Management Conferences of 2022

The Global Scrum Gathering is produced by the Scrum Alliance, which is a member-driven nonprofit certifying body that has supported the agile movement since 2001. The project management industry, and our concept of what a project constitutes, is always changing.

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Why Agile?

Brad Egeland

are all part of the agile manifesto, which was introduced in the year 2001. In the year 2001, several agile principles were discussed and agreed upon under the Agile alliance. Agile methodology includes various methodologies in itself. Agile methodologies like Scrum, FDD, etc. Agile methodology is often compared with the waterfall model in the software development industry. However, agile approach is considered to be better.

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Announcing “PM Illustrated” – The Fun Way to Prepare for Your PMP® Exam

Leading Answers

When I studied for my PMP credential in 2001, materials were text-based, process-focused, and dry! I know, “Fun” and “PMP Exam” are rarely used in the same sentence. Unfortunately, not much has changed since then.

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5 Days to PMP Certification Explained

Brad Egeland

Cheetah has been teaching the class this way since 2001 and the first week Cheetah taught it was the week of 9/11.

Be the eye of the storm for your team members

Kiron Bondale

The 2001 “Summer of the Shark” was just one example of this phenomenon which subsided only when the 9/11 attacks occurred later that year. I’ve written a few articles over the past weeks which have touched on the current COVID-19 global outbreak.

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Time to turf these project management terms!

Kiron Bondale

The Manifesto for Agile Software Development was signed in 2001 and before its arrival launched agile into the mainstream, adaptive lifecycles had been used for many years. Project management practices have been used since human beings first started to work together to achieve greater outcomes than they could have accomplished as individuals.

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20 Years of the Agile Manifesto

The weekend at the snowbird in Utah Feb 11-13, 2001 was exactly 20 years ago. Agile Manifesto Poster Scrum just turned 25 with a big celebration last November. This week marks another big milestone in the agile community, the 20th Anniversary of the Agile Manifesto.

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5 Reasons to Get Your PMI-RMP® Certification

Project Risk Coach

I became a Project Management Professional (PMP) in 2001. I recently had a project manager ask me which of the PMI certifications he should pursue. That depends—it depends on your goals as a project manager. Certainly, the Project Management Professional (PMP) ® and the Project Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) ® certifications supercharged my project management career. And in 2012, I became in PMI-RMP. There were several reasons I choose the PMI-RMP certification.

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Why PMPs Should Actually Read the PMBOK 6th Edition

Project Risk Coach

I got PMP in August of 2001 and my PMI-RMP in December of 2012. Four Reasons to Read the PMBOK 6th Edition The Project Management Institute (PMI) released the PMBOK 6 th Edition on September 6 th , 2017. Some certified project managers may respond with, “Ho-hum. I’m glad I got my certification behind me.” However, I think PMPs and other certified project managers should actually read the PMBOK 6 th edition. If you can’t see this video in your RSS reader or email, then click here.

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The Agile Manifesto, Explained

The phrase agile software development was first used in 2001, but agile was in fact being applied to projects since the mid-1990s. In 2001, a group of 17 people working in the industry, codified the approach at a ski resort in Snowbird, Utah. Any good movement has a manifesto, which is a public declaration of policy and intention. There have been manifestos for art movements, political movements and just about anything you can think of.

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Smells Like Scrum Spirit

In 2001, a manifesto was born. . Smells Like Scrum Spirit (parody of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana). Chad teaches many courses - whether you are new to Scrum or ready to take Scrum to the next level. He may even play a song or two at the end of your course!

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The Latest Trends in Project Management Discussed


Instead of comparing this artificial intelligence-based helped to Hal, the evil computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey , think of them as being closer to Siri, the virtual assistant in Apple devices, or Cortana, Microsoft’s version. Project management is a growing field. While it isn’t its own degree program yet, courses in project management appear on the curriculum of many different business schools.

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The Complete History of Agile Software Development


After the Oregon meeting, Jon Kern and the 17 groups of developers (Kent Beck, Ward Cunningham, Arie van Bennekum, Alistair Cockburn, and twelve others) met at a snowbird ski resort, Utah in 2001. In 2001, Agile started its journey, but the legacy of agile had only just begun.

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What does it take to launch agile software? Q&A with Jordan Husney, CEO and Founder of Parabol

Girl's Guide to PM

The Agile Manifesto was written in 2001—which was the same year Rally Software was founded. Why would you launch a new project management software tool when the market is so crowded already? And why focus on improving agile retrospectives?

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Agile vs Waterfall: What’s the Difference?

In 2001, a group of 17 software developers got together in a resort in Utah, and together came up with the “ Manifesto for Agile Software Development ” as a reaction to what they deemed as heavy project management methodologies—like waterfall.

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Agile project management: A beginner's guide

Moira Alexander

Later in 2001, the agile manifesto , a "formal proclamation of four key values and 12 principles to guide an iterative and people-centric approach to software development," was published by 17 software developers. If you're new to project management and the agile methodology, the answers to these 10 questions will arm you with the information you need to get started. And if you're a project management veteran, these frequently asked agile questions are a good refresher. What is agile?

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What Does Agile Mean in the Job Market?

Arras People

In 2001 representatives of all the leading ‘agile’ methods got together in the USA and, over two days, created the manifesto for the newly formed ‘Agile Alliance’. What does Agile mean? And how on earth do we distinguish this in the job market? I have been asked this question three times over the last week which has prompted me to try to clarify the term “Agile”.

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Why PMPs Should Actually Read the PMBOK 6th Edition

Project Risk Coach

I got PMP in August of 2001 and my PMI-RMP in December of 2012. Four Reasons to Read the PMBOK 6th Edition The Project Management Institute (PMI) released the PMBOK 6 th Edition on September 6 th , 2017. Some certified project managers may respond with, “Ho-hum. I’m glad I got my certification behind me.” However, I think PMPs and other certified project managers should actually read the PMBOK 6 th edition. If you can’t see this video in your RSS reader or email, then click here.

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The 4 Essential Agile Tools for Agile Teams

While the roots of incremental development methods of working stem back to the 1950s and into the 1970s, it wasn’t until 2001 that a group of software developers published the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. Agile is a way of working that comes from software development. It’s iterative and incremental in its approach, working in short “sprints,” and building on a foundation of trust, flexibility, empowerment and collaboration.

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Agile Project Management Principles - MOving from Principles to Practices

Herding Cats

1] Collins, Jim, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Other’s Don’t, Harper Collins, 2001. [2] “Only those general principles and attitudes that result from clear and deep understanding can provide a comprehensive guide to action.” [1]. Agile Program Management contains practices found in traditional program management, delivered through the principles of agile. For the traditional program manager, this description is likely meaningless.

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Can We Still be Agile?

Leading Answers

We should also remember when the agile principles were developed in 2001, video conferencing was not as straightforward or familiar as it is today. How does work from home impact our use of agile approaches? If co-location is no longer possible, can we still be agile?

2020 123

What Is the Definition of Done for Agile Teams?

Agile has been around since 2001, when a small group created the Agile Manifesto in response to traditional approaches of managing software development. These days, it seems like everybody is all about doing things agile.

2019 283

Laughter & Leadership – How Humor Can Make You a Better Leader

According a 2001 report , 40 percent of job turnover is due to stress. Don’t think humor is a serious business? It’s more than the best medicine: it’s good business. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you how leadership is bolstered by laughter. Here’s a screenshot of the whiteboard for your reference. In Review – Laughter & Leadership – How Humor Can Make You a Better Leader. Humor is a double-edge sword. It can harm as easily as it can shield.

How To Motivate Your Project Team

Girl's Guide to PM

2001.). Ruth Pearce knows everything there is to know about motivating your project team. She’s even written the book on it. I caught up with Ruth to find out more about how to motivate teams and why it’s something you should be actively doing. Ruth, let’s start at the beginning. Why do you think motivation on project teams is so important? Because motivation is intrinsic. It is the reason people do the things they do.

2019 264

Agile Illustrated – Sample #1

Leading Answers

Let’s start with the Agile Manifesto: The Agile Manifesto was created during a meeting in February 2001 that brought together a number of software and methodology experts who were at the forefront of the emerging agile methods. Over the next few weeks, I will be featuring samples from my new Kindle book “ Agile Illustrated: A Visual Learner’s Guide to Agility ”. The book is a graphical introduction to the agile mindset and the best servant leadership behaviors for supporting agile teams.

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Can you be Agile with fixed-bid Projects?

Compared to 2001, only one company on the list, Microsoft. I always get one question from the candidates: Can Agile be applied in a fixed-bid project? When I ask them more information, their context is. They have. Fixed Date: A new or change request must be delivered by a defined deadline.

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Project Management and Leadership Competencies: A Snapshot

The IIL Blog

For example, The Global Accreditation Center (GAC) established in 2001 for Project Management Education Programs is an academic accreditation body with policies, procedures, and standards for project, program, portfolio management and related programs at the bachelor’s, postgraduate and doctoral degree levels that operate independently from PMI. By Dr. Willis H. Thomas, PMP, CPT .

Top Scrum Certifications You Need to Know in 2021


Founded in 2001, Scrum Alliance was the first to offer a Scrum certification. The 15th State of Agile Survey is out. The results have revealed some surprising findings but one thing has been the same. Any guesses? And, the winner is Scrum.

2021 70

4 Steps for Advancing Your PM Career

Brad Egeland

I've had mine since around 2001, but I it expire once and had to wait a year or so to get it back because someone else grabbed it and wanted big dollars for it. Ready for the next career step? There are several ways you can get noticed. There are several ways to get your information out there.

2020 156

What is Agile and Scrum?

The IIL Blog

The Agile philosophy is best described in the Agile Manifesto , written in 2001. LeRoy Ward, PMP, PgMP, PfMP, CSM, GWCPM, SCPM | Executive Vice President – Enterprise Solutions, IIL . The Nuts and Bolts of Agile and Scrum. Agile and Scrum: What’s the difference? It seems like almost every company, regardless of their industry, is practicing Agile and Scrum in some way and at some level of proficiency.


Agile: Use This Flexible Management Style To Transform Your Team’s Productivity


But no one talks about “agile” until 2001 when 17 developers practicing agile project management techniques get together and make up the Manifesto for Agile Software Development (Agile Manifesto). Agile is more than a management methodology.

2021 95

Cómo conectar la entrega con la estrategia

Estoy hablando de los 4 valores del manifiesto ágil del 2001. Me ha pasado varias veces cuando una organización me ha llamado para comentarme cómo conectar la estrategia con la entrega. Cuando he llegado ahí siempre me han dicho que ya hacían agilidad.

2021 64