Project Management, Performance Measures, and Statistical Decision Making

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There is a current rash of suggestions on how to improve the performance of software projects. Figure 1 - Planned Estimates versus Actual Performance from [1]. Each of these, while well meaning, are missing the means to confirm their credibility.

Increasing the Probability of Project Success

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These charts are an extract from the book Performance-Based Project Management: Increasing the Probability of Project Success and the abstracted training materials Handbook. Increasing the Probability of Project Success Simple in Theory, Complex in Practice.

Five Immutable Principles of Project Success

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Without these measures, Done will usually mean . Without these measures, Done will usually mean we ran out of time and money. . Measuring the effectiveness of these resources is needed to take corrective actions to assure we have enough to finish the project on time.

Risk Management in Five Easy Pieces, with Apologies to Jack

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Managing Cost, Schedule, & Technical Performance Risk Is The Basis Of Good Project Management. Certain information about key project cost, performance, and schedule attributes are often unknown until the project is underway.

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Definition of Done

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These Measures have Little meaning to the Decision Makers. Do those capabilities meet the Measures of Performance that characterize physical or functional attributes relating to the system operation, measured or estimated under specific conditions?

Principles, Processes, and Practices of Project Success

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What does Done look like in units of measure meaningful to the decision makers? What impediments will be encountered along the way to Done and what work must be performed to handle these impediments? What are the units of measures of progress to plan for each deliverable?

Performance-Based Project Management®

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Performance–Based Project Management ® integrates five critical program management process areas with – Cost, Schedule, and Technical Performance Measures. Done” is always defined in units of measure meaningful to the decision maker.

From Mission Capabilities to Done

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No matter the project domain or the technical development method, project success is dependent on knowing what Done looks like in units of measure meaningful to the decision maker. These measures are stated in units, meaningful to the buyer.

Misinterpretations of the Cone of Uncertainty

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The Cone of Uncertainty as a Technical Performance Measure. Active reduction requires we have a desired reduction goal, perform the work, and measure progress toward the rduction goal. Closed Loop Control, has a goal, an action, a measurement, and a corrective action.

5 Ways to Track and Measure Employee Performance

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Monitoring performance is a matter of setting the right performance indicators, based on the type of work they do as well as the responsibilities have and tasks they perform to ensure the company’s continuous and successful operations.

Cone of Uncertainty Bibliography

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I work in a domain where the CoU is baked into the Integrated Program Performance Management (IPPM) processes flowed down from the buyer, in this case, the Federal Government. The CoU paradigm defines the needed reduction in uncertainty is some performance metric.

Increasing the Probability of Program Success

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Top Four Sources of Unfavorable Program Performance. Unrealistic Performance Expectations. Impacts of Risk on Program Performance. Be Clear About What the System is to Do in Units of Measure Meaningful to the Decision Makers.

Integrated Master Plan - Revisited

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Transparent – Comprehensible display of what needs to be done and how completion is measured. It is essential that the IMP represent the work that must be performed. The IMP shows the Accomplishments and the measures of Accomplishments that are essential to get through a design review.

Performance-Based Project Management®

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Principles and Practices of Performance-Based Project Management® from Glen Alleman. Books Business Capabilities Decision Making Earned Value Economics Estimating Management Performance-Based Project Management® Planning Principles Project Management Root Cause Analysis Scheduling Technical Performance MeasuresSuccessfully managing projects, not matter the domain, the size, the development or engineering method starts with a set of Principles, Practices, and Processes.

Value First, Requires Margin and Contingency

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NoEstimates Agile Decision Making Estimating Governance Planning Principles Scheduling Technical Performance MeasuresThere's a popular notion in Agile that says Focus on Value.

Work Performance Data, Work Performance Information, and Work Performance Reports

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In 2009, I did a series of posts on Work Performance Information, Work Performance Measurements and Performance Reports, highlighting how the PMBOK® Guide, Fourth Edition was utterly confusing. Commonly Confused Concepts Executing Monitoring and Controlling PMBOK Process Groups Study Notes

Does your organization truly support project management?

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Organizational project management support can be either a blocker in lower maturity companies or an accelerator to project performance in higher maturity ones. Objectives and performance measures for these staff should include a healthy balance between operational and project success metrics.

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6 Tools and Techniques for Controlling Risks

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Technical performance measurement. The technical performance measurement is a measurement of the technical accomplishments. And they regularly perform the control activities to keep the project healthy. Changes in project risks are inevitable.

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Misquotes of Deming

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It is wrong to suppose that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it – a costly myth. Technical Performance Measures. It's common to misquote famous quotes. The #NoEstimates advocates love to use a Deming quote.

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Assessing Value Produced in Exchange for the Cost to Produce the Value

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A target Value must be measured in units meaningful to the decision makers. Measures of Effectiveness and Performance that can monetized this Value. Without these measures attached to the Value there is no way to confirm that the cost to produce the Value will breakeven.

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Without a Root Cause Analysis, No Suggested Fix Can Be Effective

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Without determining which root cause is the source of the unfavorable performance of the projects shown in the first chart, no suggestion for corrections can be made. . Herding Cats: Project Management, Performance Measures, and Statistical Decision Making.

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Value and the Needed Units of Measure to Make Decisions

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Without units of measure of Value beyond time and money, there can be not basis of comparison between one value based choice and another. In the Systems Engineering world where we work, there are four critical units of measure for all we done. They include projected performance.

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Physical Percent Complete: Knowing When You Are Done

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The goal of every program manager is to have a set of practices that connect all the programmatic planning, risk, and performance information in a single unified view needed to support the decisions that increase the probability of success of any project or program.

Acting Like an Adult in the Presence of Uncertainty

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For customers paying for the development of software, these things include - cost, schedule (time cost of money), market timing, and performance of the product to name a few. Herding Cats: Project Management, Performance Measures, and Statistical Decision Making.

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Next Generation Project Management Software

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It covered identifying requirements, interconnecting tasks, resources, planned values, actual values, baselines, performance measures, forecast techniques and timesheets. Digitalization and Collaboration. The project and portfolio management (PPM) software market is changing.

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Communications Management: PMP Study Guide (PMBOK 6th Edition)


Performance reporting. Includes collecting and distributing project performance information. Project communications components include: Performance reports, Deliverables status, Schedule progress.

From Strategy To Execution and Delivery

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What are the units of measure of Value ? For these strategies to work, we need to define the Measures of Effective, Measures of Performance, Technical Performance Measures, and Key Performance Parameters for each of the outcomes that produce Value in exchange for the Cost and Time to produce that Outcome. There always talk about Focus on Value. But that does that mean? What does it Cost to deliver that Value ? When will that Value be delivered?

What Is Risk?

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risks that may prevent the end item from performing as intended or not meeting performance expectations. Measures of Effectiveness, Measures of Performance, Technical Performance Measures, and Key Performance Parameters describe the measures of these expectations. risks that affect the cost and schedule measures of the program. Ontological uncertainty cannot be measured directly.

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Wilo's Law and Mature Communications Processes

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Any successful technical communication needs to have: Measures of Effectiveness. Measures of Performance. Technical Performance Measures. Key Performance Parameters. Without these measures, there will always be someone who will interpret what you think you communicated in the wrong way. A popular quote in the agile community is Wilo's Law. It's one that states hey it's not my fault no one understands me, Wilo's Law says.

The Problems with Schedules

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Unrealistic performance expectations missing Measures of Effectiveness and Measures of Performance. There is a common chart used to show poor performance of projects that compares Ideal project performance with the Actual project performance.

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Systems Engineering and Software Intensive System of Systems

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Technical Performance Measures. There was a Twitter post mentioning Russell Ackoff YouTube about systems. A system is never the sum of its parts, it's the product of their interactions. This is a good start, but it needs to produce actionable outcomes , not just principles, but practices and processes. How do you define, design, represent, assess, analyze, and manage these interactions. The notion that systems are somehow unmanageable is fine in some domains.

Human Resources needs to be part of your company’s agile transformation!

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Companies are often organized into departments of distinct, specialized skills and performance measurement programs emphasize the individual instead of teams.

Invoking "Laws" Without a Domain or Context

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Its most popular formulation is: "When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure." What this says is again when the measure becomes the target, that target impacts the measure, changing the target. . Is this macroeconomic model a correct operational model for software development processes - measuring changes the target ? EVM is a project management technique for measuring project performance and progress in an objective manner.

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Advice for Project Managers: How do I measure the success (or failure) of my projects?


“Dear Elizabeth: I want to get better at measuring the success (or failure) of my projects. And how can I use these metrics to improve project performance?”. These measures will give you some interesting management information and might help you manage the team.

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Cone of Uncertainty - Part Cinq

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The Cone is a project management framework describing the uncertainty aspects of estimates (cost and schedule) and other project attributes (cost, schedule, and technical performance parameters). The Cone is NOT the result of the project's past performance.

What is an Estimate? What is Estimating?

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There are several partitions of this information that are common in building the Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB). I work in a domain where estimates are made every single week.

Do you know, really know….?

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The project manager had no view at all of his performance and no development needs were discussed. He told me that he had not had the usual performance management review nor sat with anyone to produce a personal development plan.

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Managing in Presence of Uncertainty

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This is an immutable principle that impacts planning, execution, performance measures, decision making, risk, budgeting, and overall business and technical management of the project and the business funding the project no matter the domain, context, technology or any methods.

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How to Delegate Tasks With More Confidence and Less Stress

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As recipient of the delegation you have a duty to: Confirm the performance criteria are mutually understood and agreed. Be Clear on Requirements and Confirm Performance Criteria. Requirements matched to agreed performance measurement criteria are a pair (or the same thing stated twice).

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Closed Loop Control and Granularity of the Estimating Process

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For software, this can be value produced (assuming we have a unit of measure for that value in the for of effectiveness, performance, key performance parameters, or technical performance measures ). For your Honeywell or Nest controller on the wall, that sample rate is measured in seconds. It can be the cost, schedule, and technical performance measures of the software project.