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What Is an IT Budget? IT Budgeting Basics (Template Included)

Information technology (IT) runs most businesses. Managing information costs and managing information security for those costs are part of making an IT budget. First, we need to understand what an IT budget is, how often they’re made and what is the best size for one. What Is an IT Budget?

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How to Create a Powerful PMO Mission Statement

Rebel’s Guide to PM

There’s a lot riding on getting your PMO mission statement right. After all, the mission statement is what will guide the PMO as it strives to achieve its goals and objectives. Creating a powerful PMO mission statement doesn’t have to be difficult – but it does require some thought and careful planning.

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The Rise of the AI-Powered PMO: Skills and Strategies for Thriving in an AI-Augmented Project Landscape

The IIL Blog

The Project Management Office (PMO) is no exception. In this article, we will explore the rise of the AI-powered PMO and provide actionable strategies for project managers to thrive in an AI-augmented environment. Here is a foundational Generative AI PMO Template, along with guidance on how to customize and use it effectively.

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What are the Risk Management Roles in Projects and Programs?

Project Risk Coach

This often comes in the form of completing the project on time, within budget, and within scope. Organizational Structure Type Project Manager’s Authority Project Manager’s Role Who Manages the Project’s Budget? Information Technology) or in a Project Management Office (PMO). There are different types of PMOs.

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Project Manager Job Description (with free copy+paste examples!)

Project managers plan, budget, monitor and report on the project with project management tools , sometimes pitching the idea of the project or being assigned to it once it’s already been approved. A project can begin and certainly is designed to fail if there first wasn’t a plan devised to see it through, on time and within budget.

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PMO in a Professional Services Firm


The project management office (PMO) is typically an operating unit of a professional services firm. The writer worked for an extended period in two firms that may broaden the concept of the PMO. The writer worked for an extended period in two firms that may broaden the concept of the PMO. Introduction. Was it project-based?

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What Is an EPMO? (Enterprise PMO)


PMO vs. EPMO: what is the difference? While PMO has greatly helped many organizations, EPMO is the way of the future. . While PMOs are on the ground taking care of day-to-day activities, EPMOs have a high-level view of the project. . They actively work to correct many of the now outdated practices of the traditional PMO role.

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