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Top PM 10 Articles of All Time

Rebel’s Guide to PM

In 2008 I was living and working in Paris, France, which involved several office moves. Key success criteria, and, in contrast, what failure looks like, are still areas of projects where miscommunication leads to unhappy stakeholders, even if you deliver what you said you would.

2007 296
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Get Motivated: 10 Motivational Speeches That Will Change Your Life

Rowling, Commencement Speech, Harvard, 2008. Oprah Winfrey, Commencement Address, Stanford, 2008. She does that and more with these inspiring words for the Stanford class of 2008. He is probably Harvard’s most famous dropout, but he acknowledged that the university’s environment of energy and intelligence was inspiring.

2004 343

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Re-Defining Refining (Let’s make Backlog Refinement Meetings Engaging and Successful)

Jochen (Joe) Krebs pioneered Agile Portfolio Management in 2008 and has been active in the agile community for almost two decades. He is the founder and organizer of the local agile user group in New York City since 2008, the host of the Agile FM podcast, a Certified Professional Scrum Trainer and founder of Incrementor.

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Lean and Project Sustainability

PM Times

On July 18th, 2008, SPIEGEL quoted the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas on how sustainability is seen and understood by various people. Rem Koolhaas allegedly said that “sustainability is such a political category that it’s getting more and more difficult to think about it in a serious way”.

Lean 81
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Hello and I am here.

Stepping Into Project Management

There's no team behind it, no editor, and no brainstorming sessions- mostly been me running this since 2008 along with a full-time job and a family. My life updates have been mostly about work and I may have been doing this for too long.

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LiquidPlanner Acquired by Tempo


Beginning with a sketch on the back of a napkin in 2008 to the bold reimagining released in 2021, LiquidPlanner has a 15-year legacy helping teams maximize productivity, balance workload, and plan with confidence.

2008 78
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What Makes A Good Product Owner?

Judy & Krumin-Beens (2008) offer an interesting perspective on this in a case study. Judy & Krumins-Beens (2008) define collective Product Ownership as: “the development team is passionate about the product they are building, connected to business goals and empathetic to their end-users. 2008, January). is more effective.