Knowledgeline: Building e-Discovery Teams:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Friday, August 12, 2005 Building e-Discovery Teams There has been tremendous coverage, almost ad nauseam, about e-discovery issues lately. Vendors are popping up all over the globe to process data, on-line review tools are being heavily touted and more additional forums are now available to get religion on e-discovery. What I find to be disturbing is that very few people are talking about how to practically apply and disseminate this information within their firm.

2005 40

Knowledgeline: New Google mapping tool:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Wednesday, April 06, 2005 New Google mapping tool dodgermapdetail Originally uploaded by tbaldwinusc. While not a pure law firm technology tool, the new Google Mapping tool is just too amazing to pass up. The core technology behind this is based on a product called Keyhole , which Google recently purchased.

2005 40

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Knowledgeline: Desktop search gains momentum:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Thursday, January 27, 2005 Desktop search gains momentum E-mail has become a most unwieldy tool. posted by Tom Baldwin - Chief Knowledge Officer at 8:35 AM 8 Comments: And KM Worlds Steve Barth has written an overview of the Desktop Search world for knowledge workers in the February 2005 KM World: [link] By jackvinson , at 9:37 PM Great Blog! Much has been made about this in various blog postings, legal technology conferences and within the hallways of most law firms.

2005 40

Knowledgeline: Extranets help separate firms, for now:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Tuesday, January 04, 2005 Extranets help separate firms, for now It looks as though collaboration tools, such as extranets, are not only on the cusp of becoming an integral part of how law firms work with their clients, but also as a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

2005 40

Knowledgeline: Law Firm Inc. Recognizes Blogging Trend:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Wednesday, December 21, 2005 Law Firm Inc. Recognizes Blogging Trend Business Week magazine ran a May 2, 2005 cover story on blogs, Webster proclaimed that the word blog was the most looked up term in 2004 , so it was only a matter of time before blogging make its way to the cover of Law Firm Inc.

2005 40

Knowledgeline: Knowledgeline makes Technolawyers "BlawgWorld 2006" list:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Thursday, December 01, 2005 Knowledgeline makes Technolawyers "BlawgWorld 2006" list From the Technolawyer site , "According to various studies, approximately 80,000 new blogs launch every day, including dozens of legal blogs (blawgs).

2005 40

Knowledgeline: Richard Susskinds Slam on US Firms:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Monday, November 28, 2005 Richard Susskinds Slam on US Firms Richard Susskind recently authored an article in the Times Online titled, Backroom boys lead positive disruption. In the article, he briefly talks about US firms general lack of interest in innovative technology.

2005 40

Knowledgeline: And the Legal IT Innovator of the Year award goes to.:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Tuesday, November 08, 2005 And the Legal IT Innovator of the Year award goes to. You guessed it! The blogging initiative weve put together at Sheppard Mullin was submitted to the Legal IT Forum for consideration of an award. This award could be not entered directly. Instead, the judges looked through all the entries and rewarded any special projects or initiatives that we deemed to deserve recognition.

2005 40

Knowledgeline: 9-year-old earns accolade as Microsoft pro:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Wednesday, July 20, 2005 9-year-old earns accolade as Microsoft pro Okay, so this is a bit off topic, but I couldnt resist. An MCP at 9 years old? I know that kids this age are now getting cell phones, IMing each other, etc. but come on. I was trying to master my Atari at 9. Ive got a 2 1/2 year old at home, Im wondering if shes ready for MOUS certification? For more on this wiz kid with no future of a social life, click here.

2005 40

Knowledgeline: Blogs to replace newsletters?:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Monday, February 14, 2005 Blogs to replace newsletters? While Ive tried to refrain from touting specific projects at my firm, this one I just couldnt resist. We finally made the plunge and spun up the first, of what should be many, blogs for the firm. As has been discussed before on Ron Friedmanns blog and Dennis Kennedys blog , we felt it was time to take the next step in our marketing efforts and this seemed like the most logical choice.

2005 43

Knowledgeline: New KM Survey:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Monday, September 26, 2005 New KM Survey A group of KM professionals recently gathered by conference call to discuss the need and interest of forming a national/international group focused specifically on legal KM. We agreed that it was logical to form such a group but wanted to solicit feedback and gauge interest from a larger segment of KM professionals before taking the next steps at organization. Please take a few moments to complete this survey and provide your opinion.

2005 40

Knowledgeline: KM Competitive Advantage Matrix:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Monday, May 16, 2005 KM Competitive Advantage Matrix One of the first projects I undertook here at Sheppard Mullin, was to develop a menu of potential knowledge management projects that a department or practice in the firm could take interest in.

2005 40

Knowledgeline: Mea Culpa:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Thursday, April 14, 2005 Mea Culpa Its been almost a month since my last post. Weve been extremely busy around here and sometimes my day job does actually get in the way of me being able to discuss new and interesting developments in our industry :) That being said, there are several new projects underway here that Id like to share. 1) We are in the final beta testing phase for our new custom built extranet tool.

2005 40

Knowledgeline: ILTA Staffing Survey Results Now Available:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Tuesday, March 01, 2005 ILTA Staffing Survey Results Now Available As one of the authors of this survey, Im proud to announce that the results have now been made available from ILTAs website. Mal Mead was the mastermind behind the rich and in-depth analysis that is provided. This was our first stab at a survey of this kind, so there will probably be some tweaks to it the next time, but overall we are very pleased with the results.

2005 40

Knowledgeline: Aderant (formerly CMS) enters the CRM space:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Wednesday, February 09, 2005 Aderant (formerly CMS) enters the CRM space In something that was probably long overdue, Aderant recently announced its intention to enter the FrontOffice space with its first foray being CRM. While this can be viewed as a move to counter what Elite has long had available with its case management and Apex product, the timing is interesting with the recent Lexis acquisition of Interface Software.

2005 40

Knowledgeline: Project Management, why arent more law firm IT departments doing it?:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Thursday, January 06, 2005 Project Management, why arent more law firm IT departments doing it? Copyright © - 2005 Entireweb Players By BLANCHE , at 12:51 PM Hey, you have a great blog here! A while back I attended a webinar titled " How to Create a Successful Project Management Environment ". The webinar was hosted by Sally Hatchett, the Director of Project Management for Bingham McCutchen.

2005 40

Logic Software Inc. Announces the Launch of Birdview PSA


has been recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies for three straight years – with notable success coming from their award winning project management tool, Easy Projects – released in 2005. Logic Software Inc.

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Managing Up: How to Manage Your Boss

Girl's Guide to PM

Managing up is something people have been talking about for a long time, and it was brought to the attention of a lot of people back in 2005 with the now-classic HBR article on the topic. One of the questions I’m often asked is: “How do I get taken seriously at work?”

2020 318

Congratulations, MVPs!


Tim Runcie was first given the title of MVP in 2005. MPUG wishes to congratulate a few of our own contributors on being presented (yet again, for many) with the 2020-2021 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award.

2005 83

Easy Projects Ranks in Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies List 3rd Year in a Row


Founded in 2005, Easy Projects is one of the leading project management software providers in North America and empowers teams in 70+ countries to plan and deliver their best work, faster. Toronto, ON (October 16th, 2020) Canadian Business ranked Easy Projects, No.

2020 79

5 Insider Tips and Tricks for Working Well as a Remote Team

Girl's Guide to PM

Since 2005, the number of WFH employees had grown by 173%. This is a guest article by Jane Courtnell of Process Street. January 2020, I was in a minority. By March, I was joined by the majority of workers transitioning into a work-from-home lifestyle.

2020 381

Get Motivated: 10 Motivational Speeches That Will Change Your Life

Steve Jobs, Commencement Speech, Stanford, 2005. David Foster Wallace, Commencement Speech, Kenyon College, 2005. As professionals with targets, projects to manage and bills to pay, we must perform, whether it’s the beginning of the week or the exhausting end of a long, hard one. And it’s precisely when times get tough that a good motivational speech is most beneficial, inspiring us to clear any psychological and physical hurdles that are keeping us from our goals.

2018 283


Zen Project Management

Philip Tatlock did research for his 2005 book Expert Political Judgment: How Good Is It? I am still reading Daniel Kahneman's Thinking, Fast and Slow , and I came across an interesting quote People can maintain an unshakable faith in any proposition, however absurd, when they are sustained by a community of like-minded believers. He used the example of stock traders, who think they are successful in picking stocks even though evidence points otherwise.

2018 100

Agile Project Management Principles - MOving from Principles to Practices

Herding Cats

2, 2005. “Only those general principles and attitudes that result from clear and deep understanding can provide a comprehensive guide to action.” [1]. Agile Program Management contains practices found in traditional program management, delivered through the principles of agile. For the traditional program manager, this description is likely meaningless.

2018 104

Quote of the Day

Herding Cats

2005), “A Framework for Understanding Uncertainty and its Mitigation and Exploitation in Complex Systems”, Fifteenth Annual International Symposium of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), 10 – 15 July 2005. Uncertainty is the consequence of all complex systems. It is the lack of needed knowledge of the state of the system in the present or in the future that creates risk. [1], 1], [2] Adaptability, flexibility, and other systems “?illities”

2005 30

IT Governance: Definitions, Frameworks and Planning

AS8015-2005: A technical standard developed in Australia and published in 2005, this framework is a 12-page framework that includes six principles for effective IT governance. Information technology is prevalent in nearly every industry and organization across the globe.

What Makes Organisations Fail to Execute Their Strategy?

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Academy of Management Executive 2005. [4] I recently asked an executive where their organisation would be in 2 years’ time. After some tapping on their laptop, they proudly showed me their new corporate webpages, proclaiming their ‘strategy’, ‘vision’ and ‘mission’ statements. [1]

Sequencing Product Backlog


Cohn (2005) describes a “relative weighting” technique for sequencing a product backlog, which is similar to what we describe here. When modeling a project as a flow process, one objective is to deliver the maximum amount of value in the shortest amount of time.

2020 87

Quote of the Day

Herding Cats

2005), “A Framework for Understanding Uncertainty and its Mitigation and Exploitation in Complex Systems”, Fifteenth Annual International Symposium of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), 10 – 15 July 2005. Uncertainty is the consequence of all complex systems. It is the lack of needed knowledge of the state of the system in the present or in the future that creates risk. [1], 1], [2] Adaptability, flexibility, and other systems “?illities”

2005 28

A Quick Guide to User Story Mapping

He literally wrote the book about it, It’s All in How You Slice It , which came out in 2005. The idea of user story mapping can be traced back to Jeff Patton. Patton is a consultant who helps companies work in a way that’s focused on building great products, not just improving production speeds. He achieves this with a mixture of agile, lean and lead, UX design and design thinking startup frameworks. His holistic approach is about using stories, but not forgetting the big picture.

2019 258

New Trends in Online Learning

Leading Answers

The period from 2005 to 2010 brought YouTube, Twitter and iPhones. Finished Netflix? Done with “doom-scrolling” social media? Maybe it’s time to gain those skills you have been putting off. The expansion of online learning was booming before COVID-19 emerged.

2020 95

How to Improve Your Project Interpersonal Skills

Project Risk Coach

If you wish to be a great project manager, focus not only on your technical skills but seek to improve your project interpersonal skills. Extraordinary project managers know how to relate to others when things are going as planned as well as on days filled with undesirable events. Perhaps you’ve faced situations like these: A team member constantly treated other team members with disrespect. Your team was in trouble, but your sponsor was unavailable to help.

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PERT Guide For Project Managers and Productivity Gurus


Geo-scientific Software Development Projects- Dishansh 2005. Dishansh 2005 is a software that calculates spatial relations by plotting planer and linear structural features, for seismological and geotechnical interpretations. Dishansh 2005 development team used PERT for planning, scheduling, and control of activities during the software development process. Since we preach so much about project management and productivity, there aren’t a lot of case studies going on.

Basis of Estimating Software Development

Small Business CEO

Estimating Software-Intensive Systems: Projects, Products, and Processes , Richard Stutzke, Addison-Wesley, 2005. The estimating of software development is both straightforward and complex. When it is suggested that estimating is hard, of no value, and unnecessary, always ask what principle is used to support that claim? Don't hear one? Then it's likely just a personal anecdote made without any principles. .

Top 5 Tips for Going Remote


According to , remote work at home positions have increased 173% since 2005 and over 4.7 I recently made the leap from commuting 2.5 hours a day to a 15-second commute to my home office.

2020 96

Project Management is Still an Exciting and Growing Field

Arras People

About The PM Podcast: Cornelius Fichtner, PMP is a project management trainer who helps his students with their PMP Exam Prep , and since 2005 he has published hundreds of interviews with project managers from around the world. I was recently interviewed by Cornelius Fichtner from The Project Management Podcast about The Project Management Benchmark Report 2016.

2016 178

Next Generation Project Management Software

Girl's Guide to PM

Maria Cristina Barbero , PMP, PMI-ACP, SMC® has been the Director of the BU Change and IT Strategy of Nexen Business Consultants, the consulting company of Engineering Group, since 2005. Digitalization and Collaboration. The project and portfolio management (PPM) software market is changing. It is changing so fast that it’s hard for practitioners to keep up with the latest offerings.

2016 308

Route to Enterprise Scale Agility


While the results we’ve seen globally are tangible and significant, a reality is that nearly all of these are scratching the surface, and are yet to fully achieve the essence of the method that we first implemented at Microsoft’s IT department in 2005. The first Kanban system at Microsoft in 2005 produced productivity gains of 230%.

2017 83

Scrum Guide 2020 and 2017 Side-by-Side Comparison

His journey in Scrum began in 2005. On November 18, 2020 Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland published an update of the Scrum Guide.

2020 63

11 Ways Taking Notes Can Boost Productivity at Work


Take Dr. Sara W Lazar’s et al 2005 study where she concluded that meditation physically increases your brain’s density in the prefrontal cortex. While you won’t be fired for not jotting down everything that happens at your daily meetings, it will boost your productivity.

2020 111