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Startup CTO or Developer

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What does it mean to be a CTO for a startup? Should a startup CTO spend their time programming? Exploring new technologies? The role of a CTO varies as the company matures. That’s why the CTO’s attention is on programming for the earliest stage. A CTO can help you find the right answers.

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53 Questions Developers Should Ask Innovators

TechEmpower - Project Management

Still, if you’re a business leader and your developers haven’t asked you these questions, look for a Fractional CTO to help navigate the critical early stage of development. The innovator/developer relationship needs to be a conversation.


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9 Resume Screening Tools to Boost Your Hiring


The old ways of hiring candidates are outdated and stagnant, not to mention that they can lead to organizations hiring the wrong people. With the advancement of HR technology, it’s never been easier for companies to hire the right people for open positions. Discover more about the resume screening process.

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Skills Of A CEO – Within Reach Of A Strategic PM?

The Strategic Project Manager

” However, note that many organizations are very project centric – such as construction, engineering, and consulting – so PM skills are core and critical. These positions are very high level, involve significant responsibility, and contribute to shaping the company’s direction. PM skills will help!

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A Beginner’s Guide to IT Dashboard Management


From this, project managers or Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) can quickly identify smaller issues and address them before they grow into larger problems. Here is an IT management dashboard example that’s customized for a CTO. Save time and get more done when you use templates. IT dashboard examples.

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How to hire remote developers (with free remote job description template)


But while finding talented people isn’t hard–even when hiring remote employees–finding the right teammates for your company can be a battle. Jump to a section: How to hire remote developers (and other teammates) in 10 steps. Jump to a section: How to hire remote developers (and other teammates) in 10 steps.

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Cargo Cult Agile — A Checklist to Open the Discussion

Consequently, many consultants responded to the increasing demand for agile practitioners, particularly from corporate organizations, by rebranding themselves. Stakeholders bypass Product Owners by talking directly to developers or the CTO. Hiring: 47 Scrum Master Interview Questions To Avoid Agile Imposters.

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