MPP File Extension: What Is It & How to Open It

MS Project 2002 can open Project 98, Project 2000, and Project 2002 files. MS Project 2003 can open Project 98, 2000, 2002, and 2003 files. Managing a project is a team effort.

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Why Identifying as a Project Business is Critical For Success

The Lazy Project Manager

Prior to founding ADEACA, Daniel was a principal architect of Axapta at Damgaard Data, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2002 for $1.6B The following article is the first of four in a series on ‘Project Business’ and is authored by Daniel Bévort.

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Why Productivity in Project Businesses is Flatlining?

The Lazy Project Manager

Prior to founding ADEACA, Daniel was a principal architect of Axapta at Damgaard Data, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2002 for $1.6B

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Coding as a Founder

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I started my career as a software developer in 2002 after graduating in B.S. Mathematical Sciences/ Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at

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Top 10 Project Management Methodologies – An Overview

Schwaber formed the Scrum Alliance in 2002, a certified scrum accreditation series. What Is a Project Management Methodology? A project management methodology is a set of principles, tools and techniques that are used to plan, execute and manage projects.

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Scrum Methodology: Roles, Events & Artifacts

The Scrum Alliance was founded in 2002 by Schwaber, a chairman, with Mike Cohn and Esther Derbry.

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Burndown Chart: What Is It & How Do I Use It?

By 2002, the burndown chart was gaining in popularity within the Scrum community. At times it feels like there’s never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Often, the powers that be want things done yesterday, even though it’s an impossibility. Their intent is clear: get it done fast. Therefore, clever managers know that time is a constraint which they’re always working to control.

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The Top UK Project Management Certifications in 2019

Arras People

One of the top questions we have answered from our inception back in 2002 has been about project management certification. Back then there were fewer choices and the breadth of topics covered was much narrower, but the question remains as relevant today as it was back then. Taking data from the 2019 PMBR (Project Management Benchmark Report) dataset we were able to construct the table below which shows the take up (or not) of PM certifications in the UK.

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A Quick Guide to Business Process Mapping

There’s also compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 , also known as the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002. Work in the dark and eventually you’re going to hit a wall. While the myth of the entrepreneur who comes up with a million-dollar idea and then just sits back and watches the money roll in might be persuasive, it’s a fiction. Ideas are scattered across the business landscape like seeds.

Covid-19: Business as Usual at Arras People

Arras People

Fortunately, the Arras way has from day one back in 2002, embraced the call “ do it from anywhere ” so other than not having a full roster on the office, we are pretty much open for business as usual supported by our IT and telephony infrastructure.

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Service Science: The Missing Ingredient in Your Services Firm’s Strategy


The idea of “service science” was created by UC Berkeley Professor Henry Chesbrough and IBM's Almaden Research Center in 2002. The global services industry is in the midst of massive growth and evolution, with companies expanding their services and radically changing the way they do business.

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Misconception #3: “Project Desktop is Going Away and PWA with It”


platform in the early 1990’s, which means that Project Desktop was a staple for project managers for close to 20 years before Project Server 2002 and 2003 were launched.

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Risk Management: Known / Unknown Unknowns

Project Health Check

On February 12 2002, US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld made a now famous remark that has since went on to be commented on widely by critics and thinkers. It would become so famous that it would become the title of his autobiography "Known and Unknown: A Memoir", and provides a superb basis to discuss our approach to Project Risk Management: ". because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know.

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What Is MoSCoW Method, and How Does It Help Prioritize Tasks in Projects?


It gained popularity in the early 2000s and was used by the agile project delivery framework Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) from 2002. You deal with hundreds of tasks daily, and each task takes up a valuable part of your time.

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Quote of the Day

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Project managers can't predict the future, but accurately gauging the degree of uncertainty inherent in their projects can help them quickly adapt to it. - "Managing Project Uncertainty," Arnoud De Meyer , Christoph Loch , and Micheal Pich, Sloan Management Review , Winter 2002, Vol.

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Cutting Through the Chaos

Project Smart

The Standish Group has identified 10 areas in their Chaos Manifesto 2013, which looked at 50,000 projects since 2002. Over the years, IT project management has gained a reputation for failure, with many high-profile projects being abandoned mid-stream, costing millions or even billions of pounds. We can focus on these areas to understand how we can improve IT project performance. Best Practice

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Who is the Cassandra on YOUR project?

Kiron Bondale

Donald Rumsfeld brought the phrase “unknown unknowns” into the mainstream with his February 2002 response to a question about the evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq: “ …We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. I’m currently reading Richard A. Clarke and R.

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Creating a Risk Register: All You Need to Know

Epicflow Blog

2002). Project management goes hand in hand with uncertainty and risks. The present-day disruptions caused by the pandemic bits and pieces, military conflicts, and geopolitical tensions can only increase the number of risks that projects will be exposed to. .

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A History of PMI & Its Role in Project Management

Following Carter, Gregory Balestrero directed PMI for a decade, starting in 2002. Every trade has its trade association, an organization that represents the industry and offers training or networking. Project management is no different. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a nonprofit organization for those working in project management across the globe. If you have even a passing interest in the field, then you’ve bumped up against PMI.

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How Project and Portfolio Management Drives Better Executive Decisions on the Corporate Battlefield


There is a gripping scene in director Randall Wallace’s 2002 We Were Soldiers, which dramatizes the 1965 Battle for Ia Drang during the Vietnam War. Colonel Hal Moore (played by Mel Gibson) is a riveting portrait leader who can make tough decisions under extreme duress. In this telling scene, his unit is being overrun by a much larger North Vietnamese force.

How Project and Portfolio Management Drives Better Executive Decisions on the Corporate Battlefield


There is a gripping scene in director Randall Wallace’s 2002 We Were Soldiers, which dramatizes the 1965 Battle for Ia Drang during the Vietnam War. Colonel Hal Moore (played by Mel Gibson) is a riveting portrait leader who can make tough decisions under extreme duress. In this telling scene, his unit is being overrun by a much larger North Vietnamese force.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Improving Your Resource Management

The IIL Blog

She was Financial Vice President of PMI® Mexico Chapter in 1999 and 2002, member of PMI® since 1996 – present. By Analuz Montejano | IIL Instructor and Sr. Consultant. Project Managers and their teams carry out planned projects on a daily basis, such as the development of new applications. To be successful, they must be able to evaluate and allocate resources necessary to complete deliverables on time, with quality, and without exceeding the budget.

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Cognitive Blind Spots in Team Collaboration

Liquid Planner Collaboration

From the early 1970s, behavioral scientist and 2002 Nobel prize winner, Daniel Kahneman, has been working to help us better understand our cognitive blind spots, specifically when making judgments (or forecasting) under conditions of uncertainty.¹

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Project Management At Google: My Key Takeaways

PM Basics

“ In 2002 Google got rid of all managers. What does project management at Google look like? One thing for sure, different teams use different approaches and various tools. However, all managers use data-driven “ Google Manager Behaviors.

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Focusing on Results, Not Agile Approaches

Leading Answers

I received more training in Scrum by Ken Schwaber in 2002 and offered a training role (before they were called CSTs)  but I have never offered Certified Scrum Master training. Quarter Century. 2019 marks the 25 year anniversary of Scrum and DSDM. I was involved in the creation of DSDM in 1994 and was an early adopter of Scrum and FDD shortly afterward. Now, having been at this for a quarter of a century I am reflecting on where my journey has taken me compared to others.

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Ten Trends in Project Management Recruitment in the UK

Arras People

Since we started the business back in 2002, the UK marketplace for project management has increased quite dramatically. At last month’s Project Challenge , we got asked a lot of questions, the most popular by far is, “ What is the market like at the moment?

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Scrum: A Brief History of a Long-Lived Hype

The book “Agile Software Development with Scrum” by Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle (2002). Scrum has been around for a while, they say. The Scrum Guide holds the definition of Scrum, they say. The first, official version of the Scrum Guide was released in February 2010.

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How to Set Your Project Goals?

ProProfs Project Management

People started to boycott the brand and eventually, the product was discontinued in July 2002. Setting accurate and realistic project management goals is essential to ensure a hassle-free execution.

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Free Jira Plugins to Use In 2021 (Updated Guide)


JIRA is a popular software created by the Australian company Atlassian, which was created in 2002. There are many reasons why JIRA is a popular task management and issue tracking software. This post will highlight the best free Jira plugins available.

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When projects go wrong and it's the worst possible moment

Susanne Madsen

When the bridge was reopened in 2002 it had cost an additional £5million ponds. ​A project is a unique undertaking that’s full of risk and uncertainty, because it has never been done before in that exact way. Project management, as a discipline, is a response to this ambiguity. It’s a way to control the unknown.

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Auditing and Analytics in Big Data

Brad Egeland

Other regulatory bodies that dictate the use of data include the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX). An increase in cybersecurity threats characterizes the growth of an organization. As such, institutions endeavor to improve their risk management techniques to ensure that all the information is protected from malicious individuals. One such measure involves the automation of most of the company’s documentation processes to comply with various security regulations.

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The Consolidation Endgame Curve of Industry Development

The Strategic Project Manager

Further resources: “ The Consolidation Curve ” in the Dec 2002 Harvard Business Review. Nature, industries, and companies go through stages of evolution.

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Six Sigma Methods and Project Management [Guest Post]


Application of Six Sigma In 2002, Adem Anbar pointed out that Six Sigma was more comprehensive than various prior quality initiatives such as Total Quality Management (TQM) & Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) in an organization. In the late 1980s, the Six Sigma method gained popularity amongst various project management systems across the globe.

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Thinking By Sprinting: What Cognitive Science Tells Us About Why Scrum Works

It is a mental process and a limited mental resource (Ashcraft, 2002). In fact, simple heuristics can actually lead to better, quicker decisions than theoretical optimal procedures (Gigerenzer, 2002). 2002). 2002). Want to listen instead of read?

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Gantt Chart Wizard: A Blast Out of the Past


In fact, as an aside, the Gantt Chart Wizard was documented in the first book in which I was a co-author (technically a contributing author), which was the Special Edition: Using Microsoft Project 2002 book, published by Que Publishing. Background.

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Risk Management Resources

Herding Cats

3, March 2002. 11 November 2002. 10, 2002. Conrow, Cutter IT Journal , February 2002. “A 240, 2002. 852, 2002. Nilsen, Reliability Engineering & System Safety , Volume 5, Number 1, January 2002, pp. Book, Business Cases and Acquisition Strategies, Ground Systems Architectures Workshop (GSAW 2002) , 13?15 15 March 2002. 1, 2002. Pich, INSEAD, January 2002. “A 190, 2002.

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MS Project: An Ever-Evolving Solution


MSP 2002 was another system transition featured upgrade that ran on Windows XP, and for the first time, came in two editions. From DOS to Windows 10. I started using Microsoft Project (MSP) in its earliest DOS beginnings around 1986, and it reminded me of Microsoft’s Excel.

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The Definition of Done


In 2002, Bill Wake published in his article the inconsistencies that arise from certain terms that are used within teams, including that if “done.”.

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Top Solutions to Project Failure – Epicflow Research Part 2

Epicflow Blog

Glass ( Addison-Wesley Professional, 2002), also recommended by Giorgio Locatelli. We all dream of reaching maximum success with our teams and projects, even though project failure is common. We’ve surveyed members of LinkedIn PM communities to find out what leads to project failure. Over 200 PM experts from ExxonMobil, INEOS, DXC Technology, and other companies have shared their experience and proved that it’s a super hot topic.

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Black Swans

Herding Cats

Loch and Arnoud De Meyer, Management Science, INFORMS, Volume 48, Number 8, August 2002 pp. 1008–1023 and “Managing Project Uncertainty: From Variation to Chaos,” MIT Sloan Management Review, Winter 2002, in the category of “Chaos.”. One of the books used by a vocal No Estimates advocate is Black Swans by Nassim Taleb. This advocate continually confuses Macroeconomics of financial markets and sovereign finance with Microeconomics of software development.

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