Fri.Apr 20, 2018

Kanban and Scrum Together – Not So Fast


Continuing our theme of facilitating Scrum and Kanban, we’re honored to publish another guest blog post by Dave White on ‘Kanban and Scrum Together – Not So Fast’. Here Dave white has shared his thoughts on the article ‘Kanban and Scrum Together’ written by Steve Porter. Hope you enjoy reading it! KANBAN AND SCRUM TOGETHER – NOT SO FAST. A colleague of mine who works at now posted a blog about how Kanban and Scrum are stronger together.


So… What is a Project?

Green Project Management

“All is flux, nothing stays still.” ” – Heraclitus “The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order.” ” – Alfred North Whitehead When I ask “what is a project?”

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4 Tactics Business Analysts Can Employ To Keep The Project On Track

Brad Egeland

Who or what makes the big difference as to success or failure on a tech project? Is it the project manager? ​ Is it the business analyst? The tech lead? The customer? The budget? The timeline? The skill set of the project team? 3rd party vendors? Unknowns? Issues? Risks? Requirements?

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The Simple Reason Why It’s Time To Ban Laptops In Meetings


A professor walks into a lecture hall and glances around at a packed house of students typing away on screens. As the clock indicates it’s time to get started, she clears her throat and asks everyone to put their laptops away before class. Productivity

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Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

25% of Organizations and Projects have been Affected by Cybercrime or Data Breaches

Brad Egeland

Anything and everything can be hacked. You, me, your top competition, your favorite customers. Everyone.

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Fallacy of the Week

Herding Cats

Uncertainty exists and cannot be reduced or eliminated in complex systems. Estimation only gives you a false sense of certainty that can only be validated when it is too late to react (e.g. Estimating Fallacy), i.e. After the Fact. This fallacy seems to pervade the conversation of those unfamiliar with how estimates are actually made. Here's the starting point for learning how to make credible estimates in the presence of uncertainty. Related articles.

How to Measure Computer Activities


The way we work has changed drastically over the last century. Along with the technological. Time Management Uncategorized

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Quote of the Day

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It is not the world that is mysterious. Rather it is the way we view it that makes it mysterious.