Mon.May 20, 2024

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Incremental Delivery controls risk

I really can’t let this incremental delivery topic go. According to the 2020 Scrum Guide , “Scrum employs an iterative, incremental approach to optimize predictability and to control risk.” This means that Scrum teams deliver a done, usable increment of working product frequently. Here's an analogy to explain incremental delivery in a simple way. Imagine if you needed to deliver a giant hexagon.

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From Utopia to Reality: Project Management’s Origins in Literature to Our Mandate

Green Project Management

As a student of project management, it’s fascinating to explore the earliest discussions of projects and their societal impacts. Understanding the origins of project management provides some insights into how early thinkers conceptualized organized tasks for the benefit of society. This post shares the foundational ideas that have influenced modern practices, showcasing the evolution of […] The post From Utopia to Reality: Project Management’s Origins in Literature to Our Mandate app


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Mastering ITIL Practices: A Comprehensive Guide to Streamlining IT Services

Alan Parker Blog

Streamlining IT services requires a solid grasp of ITIL practices within the IT Service Management framework. Struggling with service disruptions, slow response times, and user dissatisfaction? You're not alone. The inability to efficiently manage IT services can spell disaster for your career and your organisation. The key to overcoming these challenges lies in mastering ITIL practices.

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Effective Project Communications Management to Avoid Misunderstandings and Delays

Project Pulse Journal

By: Meredith G. Malinawan, PMP They say a project manager spends 90% of their time on project communication. Thus, an effective project communication plan is the cornerstone of success. Yet, project managers struggle with keeping all stakeholders on the same page, leading to miscommunication that delays even the most meticulously planned projects. Everyone dreams of working on a project where every team member is in harmony, there are fewer misunderstandings, and progress is communicated clearly

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Your Guide To Transitioning Into Product Management: Essentials For New PMs

Speaker: Leslie Grandy, Product Executive & Drew Weaver, Senior Program Manager

Are you considering a shift to product management or just starting your journey as a Product Manager? Join Leslie Grandy and Drew Weaver for an insightful webinar designed to help you seamlessly transition into this dynamic role. Whether you're looking to pivot your career or enhance your existing skills, this session will equip you with the knowledge and tools to succeed!

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Death March Projects Explored

Alan Parker Blog

Introduction to Death March Project In project management , the term “Death March” refers to projects that are almost destined to fail from the outset. These are characterised by impossibly tight deadlines, unrealistic expectations, scarce resources, and a stubborn refusal to acknowledge the looming threat of failure. Despite their ominous nature, Death March projects are alarmingly common in many organisations, often arising from a mix of over-ambition and poor planning.

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How to get the biggest benefits from project management


Whether you’re a smaller team, early-stage startup, or even an established enterprise, the success of your business depends on making constant changes to adapt to your customer’s needs. But making these changes without a proper project management approach inevitably wastes time, effort, and money. Project managers bring order to chaos, help align cross-team projects, wrangle budgets and schedules, and so much more.