Sun.Oct 21, 2018

Does a Scrum Master have to be a techie?

Kiron Bondale

Recently I wrote an article about the potential for a Scrum Master to take on additional roles. While I was teaching a class this week, one of my learners voiced a concern about Scrum Masters who didn’t possess deep technical knowledge of the product solution.


Project Quality Management: All You Need to Know

Online PM Courses

Project Quality Management can often feel like an unloved part of project management. Too many basic books and guides to project management either mention is only in passing, or not at all. On the smallest projects, with few products, we can probably take quality for granted.

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Agile Project Management Methodology with Gantt Charts | TeamGantt


Learn how to use Agile methodology with gantt charts for a blended project management approach, & build an agile project plan that works better for you & your team

Spreadsheet Detox: How to Create a Project Plan Without Using Excel


When you’re trying to organize data into neat, logical, and formula-boosted rows, Excel spreadsheets are easy-to-use yet powerful tools. But for creating project plans? Not so much.

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Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

Pluralsight Review: Top 12 Compelling Reasons To Buy Its Subscription

PM by PM

You might be looking for information on Pluralsight review. Let me answer the following questions in this article. Is Pluralsight worth it? Do Pluralsight training courses and certificates provide any value? Should you take Pluralsight subscription?

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Program Management and Systems Engineering are two critical processes for the success of any product or project development endeavor. Programs are mechanisms for implementing the core strategy of an organization to maximize the value and benefits for the business, clients, stakeholders, and society.