Sun.Jul 07, 2024

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You can't skip Refinement

Some teams think that if they skip refinement, they're saving time, but that's not true at all. Teams must understand what is needed before they can deliver value. Refinement will happen. It's just a matter of whether it will be done in Sprint Planning, during the Sprint, or whether you will do it in advance of the Sprint as part of regular, planned refinement activities.

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Realtime Resource Planning and Optimization: How to Make Your Project a Success

Online PM Courses

There are many reasons why projects fail. One that many organizations underestimate is resourcing. So, let's take a look! The post Realtime Resource Planning and Optimization: How to Make Your Project a Success appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.


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The Importance of Resource Management Software in Project Management Offices (PMOs)


Resource management software equips PMOs with advanced capabilities crucial for meticulous resource planning, seamless scheduling, and strategic resource allocation.

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Zeitprobleme in der Retrospektive? So vermeidest du 3 typische Zeitfresser – ohne dein Scrum-Team zu hetzen

Zu Beginn meiner Karriere verliefen viele Retrospektiven so: Die Retrospektive war auf 90 Minuten angesetzt. Nach 45 Minuten sammelten die Teammitglieder immer noch Daten und Fakten darüber, wie der Sprint verlaufen war. In der Vorstellungsrunde stellte jeder unbeeindruckt seine Punkte vor, obwohl sie bereits mehrfach von anderen genannt worden waren.

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Demystifying DAPs: A Practical Guide to Digital Adoption Success

Speaker: Pulkit Agrawal

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) are revolutionizing the way organizations interact with and optimize their software applications. As digital transformation continues to accelerate, DAPs have become essential tools for enhancing user engagement and software efficiency. This session is your guide into the robust world of DAPs, exploring their origins, evolution, and the current trends shaping their development.

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ActiveCollab 8.0: Subtask Due Date and Batch Edit


Hello everyone, Welcome to the latest edition of ActiveCollab’s recaps! In April [[link] we talked about new ways to invite people to your ActiveCollab account and the improvements we made to the project expense tab. This recap will show you the changes to subtasks and batch editing. ACTIVECOLLAB 8.0: SUBTASK DUE DATE In one of our past recaps, we showed the new option of adding a due date to your subtasks.

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The User Story Format

The Product Backlog is a single source of requirements for the Scrum team. It is an ordered list of all of the work that needs to be done to add value to the Product. Each item on the Product Backlog is called a Product Backlog item. While there are various ways to write or format items on the Product Backlog, one of the most popular and effective methods is writing them in the user story format.