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Top Project Management Conferences of 2020

The conference serves developers, team leads, architects and project managers. Change Management 2020 Conference. Change management is changing, and this is the annual meet-up to stay updated on the shifting environment. For the agile enthusiast, this scrum gathering takes place twice a year since 2013.

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Introduction to Program Management - How to Manage Related Projects

Project Pulse Journal

Program Management, as defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI), provides a structured approach to managing a group of related projects that, when executed individually, might not deliver the same level of impact. What is Program Management?

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Success in Disruptive Times: PMI’s 2018 Pulse of the Profession

Online PM Courses

The PMI has titled its 2018 Pulse of the Profession report: Success in Disruptive Times. You can download your copy of Success in Disruptive Times from the PMI’s website. The PMI’s Annual Project Management Survey: The Pulse of the Profession. Terrific Insights from the Annual PMI Project Management Review 2016.

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43 Learning Resources for New and Experienced Project Managers


Silber presents a new methodology, Adaptive Project Management, in this book. He explains how to succeed or fail fast for projects that are too uncertain to use waterfall project management and too complex to succeed with agile project management. The Lazy Project Manager. PMI: Essentials of Project Management.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Improving Your Resource Management

The IIL Blog

This will enable your organization to plan, manage, and deliver work – utilizing a range of methodologies such as traditional or milestone-driven, iterative, Agile, and even collaborative work. Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and Controlling, 12th Edition. Project Management Institute, Inc.

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Complete Collection of Project Management Statistics 2015


Benefits of Project Management. —1A. Project Management Methodologies. —1B. Project Management Best Practices. —1C. Agile Project Management. Project Management Salaries. Project Management Training & Certification. Project Management Software & Tools. 19% say Agile techniques.

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Webinar Recap: Agile Series Part 1 – Understanding & Incorporating Agile Project Management


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Tim Runcie’s Agile Series Part 1 webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. Kyle: Hello everyone and welcome to today’s MPUG training series, part one, Understanding and Incorporating Agile Project Management. It’s not all or nothing.

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