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7 Essential Project Management Skills for 2017

The Digital Project Manager

The post 7 Essential Project Management Skills for 2017 appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. If you’ve started the year and committed to upping your project management skills to be a better project manager, what project management skills are the.

2017 119
2017 119

What You Need to Know About PRINCE2 2017

Arras People

The 2017 update introduces the whole concept at a much earlier stage, explaining exactly why it is so important in today’s working environment. Axelos announced that there will be a new update to PRINCE2 later this year.

2017 70

Starting your journey into 2017 – thinking it from the end


The year 2016 has ended and 2017 has just begun. Typically, we commence the new year by looking backwards, reflecting what happened in the past and try to establish a “wish list” for 2017, e.g. losing weight, spending more time with the family or saving money for the next car.

2017 76

Are we going to do things better in 2017?


And despite all the issues in the world around us, we’re really going to do things better and not repeat the same errors in 2017… isn’t that so. The post Are we going to do things better in 2017? “Well Mr. Buijnsters. Again full of good intentions for the new year?”

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Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs

The Essential Project Management Competencies: A 2017 Perspective

Girl's Guide to PM

Project Management Training To Help You Achieve Certification in 2017 Are you looking to go for a project management certifications this year? 2017 Project Management Trends To Watch There are a number of project management trends to watch for in 2017.

2017 37

Introducing Ground Control Conference: April 21, 2017 – London

Brett Harned

Ground Control Conference will take place on April 21, 2017 in my favorite city in the world, London. I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that I've been working with the fine team at White October Events to produce a brand new conference for people who lead digital projects. And, we'll host a set of pre-conference workshops […]. conferences event

2017 15

20 Productivity Experts To Follow in 2017, Part 1


The beginning on 2017 is the perfect time to stop struggling with keeping on track. That’s why today we present an extended list of people who don’t experience any problems with managing their time.

2017 18
2017 18

Five New Resolutions for PMs in 2017

The Clever PM

A couple years ago, shortly after I launched the blog, I posted my first New Year’s Resolutions for Product Managers, which was a big hit. Somehow it slipped my mind to update it for 2016, but here I am with an update as we roll into the new year…one as full of uncertainties as it […]. Product Management Agile Culture Do's Good PM Leadership Organization PM Psychology Top 5 Uncertainty

2017 17

Top 5 Project Management Report Templates

These FREE most popular templates will help you perform your role more efficiently

Hey Project Manager, are you a more of a Jedi or a Stormtrooper?

Green Project Management

This past week I was having a conversation with a colleague on what they should look for in a project manager. Out of curiosity, I did some digging across various organization’s standards at what they describe as the “role of a project manager”, here is what I found.

2017 83
2017 PMI 83

10 Microsoft Project Alternatives For Creating Gantt Charts

The Digital Project Manager

Find out with our newly updated article for 2017 with some. Is there really a viable Microsoft Project alternative for creating project plans and timing plans? The post 10 Microsoft Project Alternatives For Creating Gantt Charts appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. General Tools

2017 50

Boosting PMO's with Lean Thinking


Lean Thinking, described and popularized in the book “Lean Thinking” by James Womack and Daniel Jones, is summarized as: “focusing on delivering the most value from a customer perspective, while reducing waste and fully utilizing the skills and knowledge of those doing the work”.

Lean 119

The Business Analyst and the Product Owner


In my last article we talked about the role of the BA on agile projects , reviewing what stays the same and what changes from traditional approaches. In this article, we will review the contentious topic of how the role of the BA varies and overlaps with the Product Owner (PO).

2017 128

BA's on Agile Projects?


The role of the business Analyst (BA) in agile projects in some ways parallels the role of the project manager (PM). In that, some people believe these roles are not needed at all!

Agile 128

7 project management tips

How to manage projects within a fragmented workforce

10 Content Marketing Infographics for Your 2017 Reading List


We all know that infographics are in – according to the Google Trends data on infographics, their outstanding growth in search interest is obvious. Most of the marketers understand their role in delivering the best experience for content and the simplicity of sharing information this way.

2017 17
2017 17

Overcoming „projectitis“ in organisations


During the past fifty years projects became quite popular in organisations. Research indicates that in some countries more than one third of the GDP is performed through projects, with some organisations running more than fifty percent of their turnover through projects.

2017 86

2017 Project Management Trends To Watch

Girl's Guide to PM

This year I’m looking forward into 2017 to highlight some of the project management trends I think it is worth watching out for. Will 2017 be the year we get our first Chartered Project Professionals? Be brave, find your people and have a wonderful 2017.

2017 40

Managing collaboration in projects


In many sectors projects are performed together with partners, project management needs to be based on collaboration.

2017 85

Project Management Processes - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This free eBook will help you to identify the appropriate project management process to apply at any point in your own project

Top Productivity Blogs To Follow in 2017


We love reading blogs so much! Not just for staying up-to-date with the latest productivity tips, but also to compare the points of view of their authors. It’s hard to choose the one and only, which provides the most valuable hacks, but these 10 I included in this post, just deserve to be mentioned.

2017 12
2017 12

It´s all about the impact of a project, not the deliverables!


In trainings project managers are often told that the main focus of a project is to deliver in time and in budget. In fact, that´s only partly right, as we should measure success of a project rather based on the long-term impact than its deliverables.

2017 111

Managing collaboration in virtual project teams


Due to global workshare many projects are performed through teams scattered all over the world.

2017 72

The Program Canvas – A useful tool for designing programs


During the 2014 IPMA World Congress in Rotterdam, Theo van der Tak, Björn Prevaas and Hans Cremer introduced a new concept for designing a program by using a “Program Canvas”.

2017 89

Project Manager's Guide to Getting Things Done

9 tips on how to manage your team’s workload

12 Project Management Related Tools to Check Out for 2017

Brad Egeland

2017 is right around the corner so maybe it's time to try something new. In this presentation, I'd like to share 12 such products that are definitely worth checking out for your 2017 project management needs.

2017 34

Can Project Management Transform Our World?


In September 2015, countries adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years.

2017 77

How to: Be a more consistent project manager

The Digital Project Manager

I’ve talked a lot about the importance of being flexible, but that doesn’t mean we can overlook the importance of being consistent as well. The post How to: Be a more consistent project manager appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. General How-to Guides

2017 86
2017 86

12 Project Management & Resource Scheduling Tools

The Digital Project Manager

You’re probably asking – do we really need project management tools or resourcing and scheduling tools? The answer is probably no, and yes. No, you. The post 12 Project Management & Resource Scheduling Tools appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Features General Tools resourcing scheduling software

2017 88

Secrets of an Elite Project Manager

Fast track your way to the top by learning the secrets of the trade from three top project management experts

Agile In The Agency. Is It Possible?

The Digital Project Manager

Managing agile projects in an agency setting can be challenging, but with the following processes, it can be done. As a Project Manager, you have. The post Agile In The Agency. Is It Possible? appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. General

2017 61

Scenario analysis and wild cards – dealing with ambiguity in projects


Planning and performing projects means always dealing with ambiguity. We need to look forward and predict the future developments, which is quite a difficult tasks as we often do not have a clue about what is coming.

2017 82

“When will this Software Project Ever Be Done?”


Does this question sound familiar? If you get asked it regularly then you may be part of the mainstream transformation from software projects to products. It’s coming and it's going to turn many roles, certifications and in some cases entire companies on their heads.

2017 85

10 Ways To Kick Start Your Career In 2017

Fix my Project Chaos

We’re going to share with you 10 ways to kick start your career in 2017. The post 10 Ways To Kick Start Your Career In 2017 appeared first on Fix My Project Chaos. Are you stuck in a career rut and feel unsure of what your next move should be?

2017 28
2017 2016 28

Agile Adoption: Decreasing Time to Market

This Refcard is focused on helping you evaluate and choose the practices for your team or organization when getting to market faster is of prime importance

The World in 2050 – and some implications for project management


New results of a PwC repor t sets out the latest long-term global growth projections to 2050 for 32 of the largest economies in the world. The research was started in 2008 and updated every second year from 2011 onwards.

2017 77

The RASIC-Chart – a key tool for collaboration in projects


One of the key factors for successful collaboration in projects is having clear roles and responsibilities assigned.

2017 53

Competition first, collaboration second?


Competition first, collaboration second? During his Inauguration Speech Donald Trump he made the following statement: “ From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first, America first.

2017 75
2017 75

How to: Use team building to deliver project results and develop a positive team culture

The Digital Project Manager

Managing teams as a project manager can be tough. Check out our 5 simple team building tips, to show your team some love & develop a positive team culture. The post How to: Use team building to deliver project results and develop a positive team culture appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. How-to Guides

2017 68
2017 68

The Third Wave of Agile

The third wave of Agile is here