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7 Tips On Writing An Excellent Project Management Plan


7 tips on how to write an effective project management plan. Project Management

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Too Many Meetings, No Result? Here’s The Solution!


“A meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours wasted.” – James T. Kirk, Captain of the USS enterprise.

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Paid Time Off Study – 2018 Statistics & Whitepaper

Paid time off (PTO) policies are central to achieving work-life balance. PTO should be a refuge for people to unplug and re-center, so they can return to work feeling refreshed and productive.

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Connecting "What" with "How" - and the Failure to Understand the Principles of Systems Engineering and Systems Management

Herding Cats

It's been said by an agile voice that. Progress and value delivery are not the same thing. In the end, of course, value (to someone) is important. And in the standard-for-today structure of programming for money, we divide what What from the How. Also, trailing indicator.

Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

Download the 2018 PTO Study

We surveyed over 2,000 full-time workers and obtained some compelling insights and statistics that are sure to surprise you and disrupt a preconceived notion or two. Download the full study to learn everything you need to know about modern paid time off policies and attitudes in the United States.

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The 10 Must-Attend Marketing Conferences in 2019


Why and How Attend Marketing Conferences? Attending marketing conferences should be on the to-do list. Internet Marketing marketing marketing conference

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Top 6 Priority Matrix Features for Executive Assistants


Priority Matrix helps executive assistants manage all their responsibilities and priorities throughout that day. Here are six features that are specially helpful for this role: 1) Reminders.